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Here's a review on Benefit Speed Brow

Price: P1,000.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Benefit Cosmetics Greenbelt 5; Benefit Cosmetics counter in Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La Mall, Ortigas


Today, I am going to talk about Benefit's only brow setting gel. According to Benefit: 

Tint, tame and set brows in record time! This brush-on gel dries to a natural-looking finish for instantly beautiful brows. One natural shade dresses up all brows.


 Speed Brow only comes in one shade, Neutral. If I'm not mistaken, this is the replacement of the discontinued clear brow gel from the same brand.

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 It comes with a traditional brush wand. The even spacing in between the bristles lets me comb my brow strands into place neatly and evenly, and prevents the product from clumping on the wand.

 Here's a swatch of the product: It's a midtone brown shade. Consistency is a watery kind of gel, and I like how it transfers easily onto my brows. This is a lil' unnecessary, but I just wanna say that I like its cooling effect. :D 

Anyway, the product is not as opaque as Majolica Majorca's Brow and Lash Colorist and M.A.C's Brow Set--it just imparts a VERY sheer tint on the brows. Here are photos:

 Bare Brows

 Three layers of Speed Brow

It took me around three swipes to achieve this little difference on the tone of my brows.

On top of brow powder

Upon application, the watery gel consistency breaks the flatness of the brow powder by giving it a dewy, youthful finish. Eventually, after a few hours of wear, Speed Brow helps soften the striking, matte look of the powder. It dries up quickly, enhances the color of my brows for just a bit, and gives it an au naturel look.

The good thing about this brow gel is it does not make my brows feel and look stiff. It also holds hair strands in place all day--no reapplication needed. It doesn't even require any expert technique to make it work which makes it newbie- friendly. However, I just find that it's too sheer for my liking as I like my brow gels a wee bit opaque.

It's not the best thing for ladies who have sparse brows as this product cannot enhance its shade nor fake thickness. But if you want a brow gel that gives your brows a clean, soft, all- day hold, I would recommend this. It's best for ladies who have bushy brows as it will keep long strands from being entangled and keep 'em tidy for the whole day.

For more information about this product, visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. how do u think this fares against etide house brow mascara?

  2. It looks great with brow powder though!

  3. if you do 3layers a day, i think this product will not last long on you~
    im on a dilemma on buying majorlica or mac? which do you think do the job more on oily skin?

  4. Methinks its good for natural brow but it doesnt really alter the color unlike MM. Its kinda expensive since like mascara brow gels santitary wise can only be used for 3-5 months unlike etude which is just around hundreds
    Jaja of Beauty Colada
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  5. Miz eloise: Haven't tried that yet. Sorry. :)

    Jaja: Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Jenny: I think so too. :) But I have a lot of brow mascaras so I alternate speed brow with the. :)

    Dar: true that! :) Welcome to TBJ! :D

  6. I think it's sheer so it wouldn't be too bad if one messes up. It's "speed" brow after all, you wouldn't want to be stalled.
    very newbie-friendly :)


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