Review: Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour In Tamara Red

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Tamara Red

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A happy, sunny Christmas afternoon to everyone! It was pretty windy and gloomy this morning and I thought the weather's not gonna cooperate with the cheerful mood of the neighborhood. Whew! Good thing it did because the rain would totally be the deal breaker today!

Anyway, while I am waiting for our lechon delivery, (OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT) I am reviewing one of my fave lipsticks for the holidays in detail--it's Laura Mercier's Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Tamara Red.

Let me start with the packaging: It's a brown steel case with a metallic finish. It's quite bulky, but it looks very elegant to me!

Creme Smooth Lip Colour is an individual Fall/Winter 2012 collection of Laura Mercier, and was released alongside Art Deco Muse and Cinema Noir. It is sometimes mistaken as either part of the two major makeup collections, but it isn't. Just sharing! :D

I digress. This pigment- rich, ultra moisturizing, and comfortable lipstick is infused with Vitamin E and Pure Olive Oil that keeps your lips protected and heals it at the same time.

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Tamara Red is described by Laura Mercier as a brick red shade. It's quite true to the description, although I've noticed that there is a strong brown undertone in it. Finish is satin to semi- matte, and it has no scent and taste. Pigmentation is fantastic: I get full coverage in one swipe. It also has a buttery consistency--it melts right upon lip contact yet the lipstick itself feels very solid. Staying power is very good too. The lipstick is very moisturizing upon initial application, yet I find that it dries out my lips for just a teeny bit during wear-it's tolerable though but for prevention, I prep my lips with a lip balm before using the product.

Tamara Red compliments my skin tone so well! I can wear it during daytime and nighttime so it takes out the guessing on what lipstick I should wear depending on the time of day. The color selection is very good, especially the berries and plums so I suggest you check out this line! :)

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  1. naguluhan ako sa kulay nung whole face ate would def love this lipstick, illshare this to her when she comes home :)
    you look pretty as always :)

  2. I will surely try this, I so love red lipstick.:)

  3. Love the color but its so bold that I can only have the guts to wear it at night

  4. Hi girls! thank you for the lovely comments! :)


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