Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed with Jergens Overnight Repair Lotion

I keep on talking about the importance of nourishing our facial skin right before hitting the sack but I just realized that I haven’t been talking about how equally important it is to moisturize the skin on our body as well, simply because I don’t do it myself. (Guilty as charged!) Thanks to Jergen’s new Overnight Repair lotion, I’m reminded of how I’ve been neglecting the rest of my skin all along!

Jergen’s new Overnight Repair lotion is a rich and creamy moisturizer that is laced with the powerful healing properties of Evening Primrose oil and other nocturnal flowers for healthier skin every waking morning. It claims that it can repair a week’s worth of damage on skin (e.g. dryness, dullness, flakiness, unevenness, roughness). Interesting! I can’t wait to see that for myself!

But here’s a more interesting fact:

“The antioxidants that prevent free radical damage are actually susceptible to degradation in sunlight” – Dr. Sapna Westley, Consulting Dermatologist for Kao Brands

Most (if not all) of us use antioxidants in the morning thinking that it will help ward off Free Radicals as we go about our day. Apparently, our notion is wrong! Westley is implicitly saying that antioxidants are best used during nighttime because they will be more effective during this period. Well, it’s always never too late to change!

Speaking of antioxidants, apart from floral extracts, the Overnight Repair Lotion is also infused with some of the best antioxidants namely Camu Camu, Acerola, Black Currant, and Goji Berry that will zap free radicals in your body as you sleep. With these things in mind, I think this product can be considered a body serum.

I think I’m already beginning to put the puzzle pieces together: Maybe the reason why my skin is perpetually dull and dry is because I am under- moisturized almost always, and I am not taking full advantage of my body’s cell regeneration at night. Hopefully, with Jergen’s Overnight Repair Lotion, I could replenish all the beauty that has been drained off my skin!

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love jergens so much. NOt just it moisturize but at the same time it helps my skin to look radiant.^_^

  2. my mom using jergens i think since i was a child and i guess it really do the job her skin still looks well nourished :)

  3. I used this back in college but i stopped because the consistency was too greasy naka-stockings pa naman ako nevertheless i like its smell and the softness it gives to my skin. I just hope they alter its formulation so it's not that sticky to the touch.


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