Coffee Conversations: On why you don't have the thing you desire the most yet

Yesterday, I had a very inspiring talk at the Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity that I have to share it with you guys today. Our topic for yesterday was all about readiness.

George (our mentor): Tell me one thing you really, really, really want.

Me (answering back in my head): 1 billion pesos.

George: Okay, now that you have thought of that very thing you desire, what if God appears in front of you one day, tells you that he will give you that thing but in one condition: Tell him exactly what you will do with it. If it's money, tell him what you will do with every single centavo. It can't be general. YOU HAVE TO BE VERY, VERY SPECIFIC.

Me: Geesh, if God appears right in front of me and hands me 1 billion pesos, perhaps I'll be dumbfounded for a month and just stare at that ginormous amount of cash. And to be honest, I will spend mindlessly.

George: Oh, if you don't know what to do with that thing you desire, then that's why God hasn't given it to you yet.

WOW. Just WOW. That answer has touched me on so many levels, and it has greatly answered a lot of my questions as to why I'm not where I want to be yet, why I don't have the things I have been dreaming of yet, and why things happen ever so gradually and they don't pop up when I want them to.

God's answer to my life questions? YOU'RE NOT YET READY.

It's easy to argue with God and say BRING IT ON! I AM MORE READY THAN READY! And then I remember my answer to George's question. Indeed, I only think I am ready but in reality, I am not.

We, as human beings, always want to get things our way, and we want things to happen in our preferred time, place, and situation, but without thinking of the requirements and responsibilities that entail them. We think we are ready but when our desires manifest and tide us over, we let go-we go back to our safety zone and declare that it is too much for us to take, while some people might go on and on with a fake kind of readiness in their hearts and minds, but end up letting go as well. I have read so many news about people who became instant millionaires (billionaires even) and ended up becoming one day millionaires and billionaires, and celebrities who rose to stardom in an instant and went back to struggling after a short stint in the limelight. What went wrong? The answer is pretty simple: They are not yet ready.

The Readiness to accept your demonstrations means you deeply and truly know why you want it, what  exactly you will do with it, how you will handle it, how you will make it flourish, how you will make it stay, and how you will share it with others. Your actions, words, thoughts, beliefs and feelings must be defined by accuracy and precision in order for God to finally release your desires unto you.

So you want to be famous? Then are you ready to give up your privacy and endure tons of big and petty issues that people will write and say about you?

You want to be a millionaire or a billionaire? Then do you know what you will do with your money? And if you say that you will buy tons of things, cars, and properties, do you know exactly what you will do with those things and how you will use them?

You want to find the love of your life? Then are you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to accept The One?

And if you want to find a new love, are you ready to let go of your past completely?

Readiness is something that doesn't come easily for it is a process. You shouldn't force it either. Day by day, as you learn from all your mistakes and experiences, you are slowly becoming ready to accept all the things that you've ever dreamed of. And when your demos have finally manifested, then that means you are more ready than ever. Just wait. It will all come at the right time.

So instead of focusing too much on your desires, ask for readiness to accept all your desires from the God within. When you are totally ready, you'll be surprised to know that all your desires are just pouring in like rain.

Have a blessed week ahead, everyone. :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! maybe that's why. thankyou for sharing this!

  2. This got me thinking. I've been wanting something to happen and well it's kind of in the process but still it has been one helluva long process. Been praying for it but still the process has been long and tedious. I guess God must have been really preparing me for this thing I was asking Him for. Come to think of it, I might not be ready yet. I might to crazy stuff with it, which, eventually, I might regret.

    Thanks so much for this post, Martha. It has helped, honestly. It made me realize some things and how I still need to improve stuff in my life to be really ready for the thing I've been asking God for.


  3. I got teary-eyed while reading this. Too many "oo nga" moments. Thank you for making my night! :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  4. Hi Martha, Isn't this New Age kind of Christianity you are into lately? Can you tell us more about this temple of prayer thing coz it makes me curious and scared at the same time.

  5. So true. There are times talaga na gusto ko makuha lahat ng gusto ko agad agad. But you're right, Ms. Martha, I should pray for readiness instead of focusing too much on my desires. This is really inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this. ^_^

  6. Kim, Gellie, and Jenny: Thank you dearies. I'm glad this post has somehow inspired you. :)

    Kate: You're welcome. :)

    Yanny: It's Practical Christianity, and we practice New Thought. We don't categorize ourselves as a religious group, but as a movement. Regarding your request, maybe it's better if you attend one of our sessions so you could see it for yourself. As much as I want to discuss it here, I'd rather not because it is quite different. Besides, personal dogma is another story. :) But in a nutshell, we at New Thought believe that we are not separate from God-we are one with God, ergo we have God powers within us. :)

  7. I been recently baptise as Born-again, I may I dont want my previous religion but this post is really same way with our worship.This is really good Ms. M!, no matter what religion, as long as we have GOD in our heart and mind.

  8. Amen to that! Thank you for sharing, you made my day and I know wonderful changes will start to happen now not only to you and me but to all your readers as well. Be blessed martha!

  9. thanks for this inspirational post.

  10. if i live nearby i' d definitely give this a try :-)

  11. very very true. thanks for postng this ms m. it's a breath of fresh air from the myriad of beauty products that i can't all have my hands on due to budget constraints. this post will also prove to be very practical in the workplace. so you want to be promoted? are you ready to take on bigger responsibilites that go with it? thanks ms m, ill make sure to remind myself of this always.

  12. I actually bookmarked this post! <3 It's sooo TRUE. I wish I can join your "session" sometime! :)


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