Review: Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Peach

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Peach

Price: P3,200.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Bobbi Brown Counters at Rustan's Makati; Essences Powerplant Mall; Shangri-La Mall


Whoever said that "Magic only exists for children", has unfortunately lived in a time where Bobbi Brown did not exist. I bet it will only take one Bobbi Brown product for that anonymous writer to have a complete change of heart. What more if he/she has tried Bobbi's new Retouching Powders? Friends, this is the REAL magic dust!

Bobbi's new Retouching Powders are great whether for everyday and professional use: It's made with Zea Mays and Zinc Stearate, two powerful powders that combat slick and shine plus its light- transmitting particles give you flawless, even- toned, smooth, and bright skin in a flash. In other words, you get photoshopped skin in an instant with this product.

Since these are only retouching powders, they don't come in big jars, sadly-They only come in small pots. The good thing is you can bring this magic product with you anywhere, but the downside is it's pretty small and it won't last you long, most especially if you use it everyday.

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The Retouching Powders come in the following shades:

White - Brightens and illuminates alabaster to light skin
Pink - Counteracts sallow undertones in alabaster to medium skin tones
Yellow - Tones down redness in extra light to medium skin tones
Peach - Warms up light skin tones. Evens out tanned and medium to dark skin tones
Rose - Gives light to deep skin tone a healthy flush of color

I got Peach because it compliments warm skin tones better, plus I need it to lessen the appearance of my dark post- acne marks.

This product does not come with a powder puff. I think Bobbi Brown prefers applying powder with a powder brush, and she wants us to learn this valuable makeup technique too. But I'm just guessing here so don't quote me, ha! :D

It's a low- dusting powder and its texture is a tad dry, which makes it a superb oil absorber. It is unscented, fine, smooth, and easy to blend. Apart from being a retouching powder, I also use this as a setting powder for liquid bases because it seals them in an instant minus the cakey look. You can even pile this on and still get a uniform and natural finish!

Peach is a light kind of peach with translucent coverage and matte finish.

The powder when blended evenly

I find that it does not affect the shade of my foundation, yet it manages to improve the overall tone of my skin. I don't know how it does that but hey, it's magic anyway!


 Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation+One layer of Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Peach

Not only does it give me a more uniform skin tone, the powder also evens out the surface of my skin! Love it!

I'm battling with a couple of dark marks on my left cheek and the powder has miraculously concealed them. Of all the translucent setting powders I've encountered, this is the only one that has covered my marks effectively. (Well, one must not expect any coverage from a translucent powder, but I appreciate the fact that this thing can!) How did I say so? Usually, my dark marks would resurface when I apply pink or red blush colors on top of them but with this product, I don't experience that anymore. AH-MAZING!

Staying power is very good, and it can control oil for up to 4 hours or more, depending on the oiliness of your skin. In my experience, it takes a good 4.5 hours before I retouch my T-Zone. This powder is very lightweight, and it feels like I have nothing on whenever I'm wearing it. It prettifies your skin whether in photos or in person, and from afar or up close. The light- transmitting powders are quite brilliant as they know how to utilize the light that hits your skin by reflecting it, thus giving your skin a natural, incandescent glow. It's very good for people with normal, combination, and oily skin, and the impressive array of color- correcting shades just gives you more ways to come close as possible to your ideal skin.

So how does it differ from setting powders of other similar brands?

It does not make you look flat, and it's invisible!

My only issue? I can't justify its price for its size. But to be honest, this is one product I'd gladly splurge on because it is very good. I hope by the time when I'm already ready to repurchase, they now come in bigger pots so I could vindicate my buy!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Bobbi Brown! I can't get enough of Bobbi Brown ♥ I mean, I just love their makeup - from their holiday collections and the like. And then this one! Pictures above are the proof of the magic it gives. Your skin looks so flawless, Ms. M! Have you heard about the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder? How is that comparable to this Bobbi Brown? I hope you can do a separate review for that :) God bless Ms. M! ♥

  2. its small, i can justify to myself that this baby is definitely worth investing for a non mua. .i really love the peach and im glad that is what you have and reviewed

  3. looks like a very good product!!! I'm a very big fan of translucent powders :)

  4. Quite steep for a small jar! :( Is Bobbi Brown a HD makeup? I wish they slash-off at least 1/4 of its price,it's convincing but hay it's too expensive.

  5. Helpful review, great photos, thanks. I will try this product!

  6. This powder really evens out your skin tone :) Your skin looks oh-so-glowing! This must be really good especially for its price.

    It's pricey for me esp. for just a 4.7g of powder. But if i have the money to splurge on this powder, i'll definitely try this :)

  7. Bobbie Brown which pricey BUT it suits on you, well review Ms. M!:)

  8. AMAZING, Ms. Martha. Very pricey lang talaga. Pero it's really worth it. I'll add this in my 2013 wishlist. Hihihi. Thanks for the review. Na-iinlove na ko sa mga Bobbi Brown products because of your reviews, Ms. Martha. I should buy at least one of their products soon para ma-experience ko rin how amazing their products are. :)

  9. could you pls compare this with ben nye banana powder?

  10. oh, how I wish I can afford these magical powders! :) it looks really good :)

  11. Ang mahal naman, tapos medium coverage lang and the size of the jar ay edyo maliit din pero i ve read good reviews from bloggers about this, although i have yet to see a blogger na magrepurchase nito. THis is a nice to have item pero imo not a necessity

  12. Very steep price for a small jar. I cant really justify purchasing this since there are other alternatives thats affordable.

    btw it looks good on you Martha
    Beauty Colada

  13. How and where to where the retouching powder in specific?

  14. The price is not justified for just a small pot. I like Bobbi Brown products but this is just ripping off customers. Also there are too many powder shades to choose from, I can imagine having to buy 2/3 shades just to get the right colour, which would work out to be an expensive mistake.


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