Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Black

Here's a review on Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Black

Price: Around P350.00++
Bought From: Maybelline PCX, Powerplant Mall
Other Locations: Available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and malls


I got pretty excited when I received news that finally, Maybelline's The Falsies has hit our malls. It is one of my favorite mascaras from the brand so naturally, I immediately rushed to a nearby mall to check it out buy a tube.

When I got to a Maybelline counter, I was quite shocked to see that it's definitely NOT the Falsies Mascara I used to know. Hmmm..Was it revamped? Or is this an Asian version of the original Falsies?

The last statement is true for this product-it is indeed the Asian counterpart of Falsies. Well, I bought it anyway just to see if it's as good as the original version.

Is it yay or nay? Click READ MORE and find out!


Here's the wand: It's traditional, but has a modern curved shape-it just catches all my lashes in one go, and is almost similar to the wand of the original Falsies. But here's the striking part-this version has hair fibers, and the original one doesn't. Its texture is also more wet, runny, and glossy, but it dries up rather quickly than the latter.


 Bare lashes

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat

Formula is waterproof, and it doesn't flake during wear. The hair fibers may seem a little chunky, but they go on invisibly on the lashes. I've also noticed that apart from its lengthening prowess, the hair fibers can make lashes look a little thicker too! It can also hold curls all day, unlike the original version.

Oh! Silly me, I keep on comparing it with the original version, but I just realized I haven't shown you a photo of it. So here it is:

In terms of cuteness, I like the original packaging better. :D By the way, if you're interested, here's the REVIEW too.

Left: The Falsies Asian Version
Right: The Falsies Original Version

Comparing the Asian and Original versions: Bottomline, both versions are good at lengthening and volumizing, but there are a few differences between the two: The Asian version yields a soft, full, and more natural- looking effect, while the original version truly mimics the look of false eyelashes. So what should you get? It depends on what you want: If you want normal and natural- looking volume, go for the Asian version. If you want something that gives your lashes a cleaner, more defined shape and dramatic volume, go for the original version.

I prefer the original one better because first love never dies (lol!) and personally, I'm not so much into hairy mascaras (lol again!)-- I don't hate them and I don't love them either-let's just say I'm okay with them. :)


Bias aside, I think the Asian version of Falsies is quite good because it's the cheapest fiber- infused mascara I've encountered, and its overall quality is very good so it's a YAY after all. :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. both are good but probably the cheaper one may hit the market..hehe btw, your eyes looks good in original one.:)

  2. is it necessary to curl your lashes or does the mascara help it curl?
    I wanna try this out because it's cheaper than magnum volum :D

  3. I miss commenting on your blog Ms.M! When it comes to mascara, I always go for Maybelline talaga. Since it's very affordable and surprising talaga ang result! Love it.

  4. i like hair fibers in a mascara! good thing Maybelline has one, super affordable pa naman ng mga Mascaras nila sulit.

  5. I uses this , it's really great:)

  6. Maybelline used to be my hg til I discovered washable mascaras I hate having to use make up remover

  7. This looks great! My favorite from Maybelline is the Magnum Volum Express (yellow tube) . What's the difference between the two? :)

  8. this one is being raved for awhile in bloggers..but im still using my fashion 21 mascara! grr..i like the original one so it is more prominent in photos :)

  9. I'll try this after I finish my tube of Maybelline Stilleto :)

  10. I'd go for the original one :)

  11. Aww. I am not aware that there's a two version of this. I got the Asian version and I am not satisfied with its effect. I want to try the Original version. :)

  12. I really don't know what's their purpose of creating an Asian version of their original one. Do they base it according to our continent's temperature and some other natural factors? This question keeps running on my mind since I'm in-hunt of mascaras- good thing I found this post of yours. But yes, I agree with some of the lovely commenters out there that the original one is better.

    PS: I can't take my eyes off your brows :">

  13. i got mine from canada, the first version is not waterproof i think... when i first tried it on my client's lashes for an ad campaign... it was love at first coat... really, one coat is all it takes...

  14. I just reaalized 350 lang to ? Regular maybelline mascaras i think go for 500 pesos and up. Sayang walang pcx near me.

  15. i have their volume express mascara and i love it. I'll buy nga this one sa next buy ko ng mascara to see what's the difference between the two :)

  16. Thank you for sharing guys!

    Hxero: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Yes, I love the first one too and yah, it's more of water- resistant than waterproof. :)


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