Review: Miss Bella Eyeliner Gel Color Black

Here's a review on Miss Bella Eyeliner Gel in Black

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When I got this pot of gel liner from Miss Bella cosmetics, I was suddenly reminded of Coastal Scents because it exactly looks like the gel liner version of the latter. This got me thinking: Maybe Miss Bella's products are from the same manufacturer of Coastal Scents' products. Well, this is not proven so don't quote me, but there is a possibility!


The packaging is small and quite sturdy. I wish it came with an eyeliner brush though.


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Texture is a little soft and creamy, consistency is thick and rich, and has a mild, synthetic kind of scent-ya know, the natural smell of cream products?

One commendable thing about this product is its superb pigmentation. A teeny weeny dot spreads into this!

It yields an intense, semi- matte finish that really makes your eyes pop! However, it takes time to dry- (See that smudge on my teardrop area?) this is because its consistency is a little too creamy for a gel liner so the best way to apply this product is thinly and gradually. If you have heavy hands, you might need to practice applying this product.

WORK IT: Using a gel liner brush, dab its tip on the surface of the gel liner ever so lightly, then dab the gel liner brush+gel liner on a clean sheet of tissue to take out any excess, then line your eyes as usual. I wouldn't advise you to swipe your gel liner brush on this product-which is what most people would usually do-so you won't end up getting more than what you actually need.

TIP: It may stay better on the lids if used with an eyeliner sealant.

Staying power is not good: On its own, it fades and smudges on my lids and under eyes. If used with a good eye primer, there is little to no smudging and fading. I am really trying to like it because this is perhaps the most intense gel liner I have ever used-in fact, it's even more intense than some pricey gel liner brands I have tried, but sadly, its quality is not nice. I wish Miss Bella can ask the supplier or manufacturer to rework the formulation, as its creaminess totally prevents it from staying intact on the skin. At least it makes a good eyeshadow base though. :p


Please visit MISS BELLA PH on Facebook for more details about the product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is not the best product then for starters like me

  2. lovely eye liner look!

  3. the packaging seems not fancy.
    and there is a very little product there.

    i like gel liner for its few months upon fanny serrano tend to i wasnt able to use it now.
    thats what i dont like about gel liner, the smudging.
    im still in search in a perfect gel liner :)

  4. The pigmentation looks amazing but its sad that it'll not work in the kind of weather that we have here in the Philippines.

  5. parang ang fussy nia iapply,pero good thing pigmented siya, btw im loving your lips here

  6. I've noticed it's been good on you, i never try pa this one cause presently I'm using a liquid eyeliner.

  7. Arya: I think gel liners in general are good for intermediate and advanced makeup artists/lovers. :)

    Ohms: I used to love gel liners until k-palette came into my life. :)

    Eloise: True! Thanks for the compliment! :)

    Kandis: agree with that. And not everybody is willing to shell out money on a primer just to make this product work!

    Jenny: I've heard good things about Bobbi Brown's gel liner and MAC's Fluidline. I'll try one of these products next time. :)

    Joy: thank you and welcome to my blog! Hope you're enjoying your stay! :D


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