Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks+Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks

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Revlon's new Colorstay Ultimate Lip Suede claims that it can stay put and moisturize your lips all at the same time. It has Aloe extracts and Shea Butter that keep lips emollient, and credits its long- wearing power to the brand's exclusive Colorstay formulation. It comes in 20 colors, and I'm reviewing 11 for you guys today.


Packaging is pretty straightforward, and the clear cap is pure genius because it lets you see the actual shade of the product. The color selections are pretty nice as well. However, you don't get a lot of lipstick for P575.00.

The lipsticks come in semi- sheer and satin formulations: Color transfers onto lips easily, and coverage is medium yet buildable. At first, they have this uniform moisturizing texture, but after a good 10 minutes, consistency turns a lil' tacky and soft, and it stays intact for the rest of the day--It's something that you'd have to allow to settle in order to maximize its long- wearing effect. It pretty much survives from breakfast to dinner, but that depends on the food you're gonna eat: If you eat something oily and wet, the lipstick fades gradually. If you're just going to drink, it stays intact without transferring onto cups and glasses. The lipsticks have an identical faint vanilla scent and are uniformly taste- free.

Its unique, tacky consistency really improves its longevity, but it sorta' emphasizes lip lines. Some people may find its consistency a bit heavy and thick, and it may also be an issue for those who fancy rubbing their lips together every so often, as they may not be able to do that if they have this lipstick on. Well, I tried it and my lips would always end up sticking to each other lol!


1. Start with clean lips. You may want to exfoliate or prep your lips with a lip balm if you're suffering from severe dryness. 
2. Apply on your lower and upper lips, and build the color and rub your lips together while it's still in its wet state. 
3. Using a lip brush, run it gently across your lips to take away excess color. 
4.Allow to settle for 10 minutes.

I got a looot of colors so click READ MORE now and check out the swatches!


High Heels

High Heels is a bubblegum pink shade with slight silver glimmers.

My least favorite color amongst everything as it does not compliment my skin tone, and makes my teeth appear a little garish. Methinks it will look better on alabaster to fair skin tones.


Backstage is a deep plum-berry color with slight silver shimmer.

My most favorite color from my Ultimate Lip Suede collection! Whenever I have this on, I always feel like I came straight from a runway show! It flatters morena and dark skin tones so well because in general, berries and plums look good on warm skin. :)


Designer is a hot orange shade with slight gold glimmer

I find that Designer warms up my skin tone even more. If I were a little bit darker, I think this shade will literally make me look like a bombshell! On fairer skin tones, it may appear red-orange.


Fashionista is a browned deep red color.

It's a good choice for office wear, especially for those who want a color that's in between a bright red and deep red. Fashionista is never overpowering, but still affords to make a statement.


Preview is a muted violet shade with a lilac undertone.

It basically flatters any skin tone, but may look a tad darker on fairer complexions than this lip swatch. It's good for daytime wear, and as an alternative to baby and midtone pinks. Preview also screams SPRING!


Iconic is a muted mauve shade.

It's a very delicate and pretty my-lips-but-better-color, and it's a good choice for school.


Muse is a midtone Fuchsia shade.

This cute Barbie pink shade is great for those who are looking for a not-so-loud and not-so-deep kind of Fuchsia because it's absolutely neutral!


Trendsetter is a raspberry red shade with a hint of pink.

Trendsetter is a youthful, cheery kind of red that doesn't make you look strong, aggressive, or sexy. On that note, I recommend it to the young ones out there!


Couture is a red-berry shade.

Couture is the big sister of Trendsetter: It still has the same pinkness and overall berry shade of Trendsetter, but this one fares a little deeper. I say, Trendsetter is good for daytime, while this shade, Couture, is good for night time. (Or for the not-so-young ones. LOL!)


Womenswear is a nude pink shade with a frosted finish.

Womenswear has this lipgloss finish and pigmentation, and it compliments smokey makeup looks. However, I find it a tad too frosted for my liking--Frost finishes are not my cup of tea.

Cruise Collection

Cruise Collection is a lighter, and more sunny counterpart of Designer. It's a midtone orange shade with slight gold glimmer and coral undertone.

It reminds me so much of Nars' Casablanca Lipstick, but this one's just a little brighter. I am also loving the color's vintage vibe!

Overall, I like this line because it has managed to combine moisture and endurance: Two things that I'm looking for in a lipstick. Its consistency may be a little weird, but I appreciate it so much because it does not dry out my lips despite its semi- matte finish--That's another thing--this is perhaps the only semi- matte lip product that did not make my lips flake! It takes a true blue lipstick lover to tolerate these lipsticks so I won't say that it's for everyone, but I do believe that it's worth checking out. :)


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  1. i like the Iconic and Womenswear (must be pronounce properly)

  2. bagay mo yung fushia ms martha love it..

  3. Finally! I've been waiting for this. From the lot, I like fuchsia the most. But I imposed a no-buy rule for myself. EQ... EQ...

  4. Ahh, too many colors! Love that you always include pictures of how it looked on your face. I like Iconic, Muse, and Trendsetter. :)

  5. I think backstage and iconic will also complement my medium skin color. :)

    Thank you for sharing how it looks when worn. Now I won't have a hard time if ever I will order these lippies online. :)

  6. wow!!! that's a lot of lippies!!! lucky youuuuuu!!!! some of the colors remind me of their just bitten line (MY HG lippie) maganda nga un backstage sayo. actually maganda naman laht, love your lips!

    id rather collect their just bitten lipstick first before i delve into these

  7. wow, it must haves.
    i like the higheels, preview, iconic and womens wear, all light pink good formy work.:)

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    I think Backstage, it's time to save for you!

  10. Wow all looks good:-) but I like the Couture...Thanks again Ms. Martha for a very helpful tips for lippies:-)

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  12. I like them a lot! And thanks so much for all the swatches! I wanted to order these lipsticks online because you don't have them in my country and your swatches are really good. :)


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