TIP: Cleaning Food and Dust Stains from Prada Tessutos (Or any Nylon Bags for That Matter)

Blogging from Pampanga! My family and I are here for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! I'll definitely share my awesome experience here at TBJ this coming week! For now, I'll leave you guys with a quick bag cleaning tip.

I practically use my newly- acquired Prada bag every single day, hence it has gotten a lil' dirty--it's not that I don't take care of my bag-that's just how it is when you use something always!

Last night, I saw these mini food stains at the bottom of my bag. They're not that grave, but I sorta' panicked LOL! Can you blame me? My bag is new and I worked really hard for it! :D Anyway, the best thing about Prada's Tessuto (Nylon) material is it's very easy to clean. Actually, all Nylon bags such as Longchamp's famed Le Pliages are quite low- maintenance that's why I love 'em too--A dollop of water and lil' scrubbing and you're done!

As for the tip, here are the basic stuff you'll need.

- Soft Toothbrush
- Dry Cotton Ball
- Wet Cotton Ball

**This cleaning technique will work on white and cream- colored food stains only. The interior of this bag, which is made of canvas, will benefit from this cleaning technique too, although it's not applicable to dark colored food stains on white or light- colored nylon and canvas.

**This cleaning technique will work on Longchamp Le Pliage bags and old Prada Tessuto models too.

Click READ MORE if you have any nylon bags, and know how to clean them properly!


STEP 1: Soak a clean cotton ball with clean water, squeeze out any excess, and gently scrub it on the food stains. Make sure the surface is very wet to soften the hardened food stain. Don't worry, it will take a while for the material to absorb the water since nylon is water- resistant. (Don't you just love that!? It's the perfect bag for the rainy season!)

STEP 2: Using the soft toothbrush, gently brush it on the food stains.

STEP 3: Whoops! I have accidentally deleted the photo for this tip. BOO! I'll just explain it to you guys:

Using a dry cotton ball, gently press it on the wet surface to absorb the excess water. Don't swipe or rub 'cuz you'll get lints on the bag! Afterwards, leave the bag to completely dry.


I was advised to use a vacuum cleaner to rid my bag of dust, but I didn't like the idea because I thought that the sucking pressure would put on so much stress on the material, especially the stitching. Yeah, I treat my bags like babies haha. :D

Anyway! Nylons are dust magnets so make sure to clean the exterior every week so it'll look pretty again.

TIP: Use a clean, dry soft toothbrush and gently scrub the bag in a gentle, combing motion. Make sure to not miss cleaning the corners and folds.

That's all! If you know of any cleaning techniques for nylon bags, share them in the comments section below!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. thanks for sharing! you got such a lovely bag! i'd totally use it everyday too if i have it :P

  2. My nylon prada tote had a grease stain. usually prada nylon bags can be cleaned with mild soap and water (their nylon is said to be patented - very sturdy, can be washed and you cant even cut it with scissors) but this time the grease wont come off. i even brought it to metropole laundry for dry cleaning but the grease was still there. then i discovered about grandma's secret spot remover at the sesou store in atc. wow, this stuff is amazing! i just followed the instructions and the grease was totally gone! i've been using it on my other fabric, canvass and nylon bags, clothes, etc.

  3. Thanks for this Martha! I've been meaning to ask how you clean your Longchamps...Do you think this will work on dirt stains? And what if I failed to clean them up as soon as possible and if the stains have been there for months?:(

  4. I dnt have an expensive bag so im not that oc in terms of taking care of the harhar

  5. this is helpful now you wont go with expensive store which accomodates restoration ,but you might too if there's a big hard stain,hihi

  6. Hazel: You're welcome! :)

    Ohms: That's true! Or super major repairs. :P

    Eloise: My bags have taught me a thing or two about being careful that's why I love them :)

    Bien: Old stains are quite hard to remove, unfortunately :/ You can try cleaning them with soap, water, and toothbrush. Scrub away until the dirt is gone or minimized. That's what I did with my dark blue le pliage and the dirt stain was gone, although I don't know if it will work on light colored le pliages. :p

    Anonymous: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Great tip! I keep on seeing that too and I've always been curious about it. Will check that out and buy one. Thank you! :)


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