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For the past two weeks, I've been feeling a little weary. To make matters worse, that dreaded writer's block has hit me again, hence making each day more and more tiresome for me. Maybe I'm overworked. Maybe I needed to take a break. Maybe I just need a simple body massage. Maybe I need to go on a serious vacation without my laptop. My boyfriend told me that I should go and take a break from blogging. Actually, I had thought of that, but realized that it's not the thing that has been burdening me-in fact, when I start feeling the pressure of being a solo marketing officer, I blog to ease up my mind for just wee a bit. Makeup is my happy pill. This blog is my solitary place. My readers are my friends. The Beauty Junkee is much like a coffee shop to me where I go to sit down, take a break, and talk about anything except work with my pals. (And I'm talking about you guys!)

To be honest, I could stand the pressure at work-thank you Lord for giving me such a relaxed attitude. But what I can't stand is writer's block. (Oh, there, I had pin-pointed the problem just now!) I hate anything that affects my blog for it is tantamount to affecting me personally as this blog is an extension of me. I've been reading a lot of advice on how to stimulate the creative thinking process, but to no avail. Sometimes, when I really can't find anything that will alleviate this condition, I go trippy and tell myself that I will go on a heroic journey to destroy the source of writer's block once and for all. (For a moment, that sounded a little geeky. Lord of The Rings fan here!)

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It's all in the mind

You know what? I've realized that the writer's block is not a natural external force that hits you and disrupts and stalls your thinking (like how society and psychoanalysts would treat it), nor it is a condition that you can escape temporarily--it is a man- made concept, ergo it is all in our heads. It is nothing more than my (our) own creation that's why it will always be there to haunt me (us). I could go on and tell myself to "Think outside the box" or to find an inspiration or to slay the writer's block monster, but as long as I think it exists, I would only be running around in circles, trying to beat me.

To put an end to writer's block means to acknowledge it: Allow it to happen and in the process of surrender, you have to know why you created it and find out why you made it stay with you-no amount of resisting and escaping will solve it. What you have created, you can destroy.

From now on, I bid you farewell, writer's block--You have no purpose in my life, but thank you for teaching me a few useful things like surrendering and understanding. 

So I'm back. :) I've had a hectic but fruitful week last week, and here's a random run-down of it. By the way, remember my Parkson's Pampanga haul post? This is the shelf I was talking about. It's finally up, and that means I have more space for new bags harhar!

Yesterday, I moseyed around Shangri-La Mall with my BF--It was freakishly hot that we had to hit the mall and take advantage of the air-conditioning. (Spell KURIPOT) Here's are some interesting stuff I saw in our mall trip: Bra Bags made by a company named Brag. They're meant to protect your brassieres during travels. You can find them in a store called Velvet Rose Lingerie.

April is here. And if you're an avid reader, you know what that means. The Beauty Junkee will turn four this year and I've got a few swag bags for my dearest supporters. Thank you to all the brands who have participated in my annual thanksgiving giveaway. :)

Are you guys ready to drool? :)

Adore, Aqua Fresco, Gluta-C and Moringa O2 sets. And mind you guys, each loot bag contains the entire product line-up of each brand!

Strip It! has always been an ardent supporter of my blog and its giveaways. Arlette Alvarado, founder and owner of Strip It, has not only become a business partner, but also a friend to me. Thank you sis for always being there! :)

Shiseido goodies! I've only had one or two collaborations with Shiseido yet they've already showed massive support to my blog and love to my readers. I appreciate it!

Black Beauty loot bags! You know, it is easy to misunderstand the blogging community nowadays due to the proliferation of freebie bloggers, but you still have to be thankful because after all, there are still people and brands who are willing to trust you for what you do. That said, thank you Man Yip Corporation for the trust!

Bobbi Brown goodies! At last, I can finally share my amazement with Bobbi's products to everyone!

K-Palette and Fairy Drops! Speaking of brands and people who trust you, I am thankful for meeting Cheryl Chua of Beauty Box Corporation-she's one of those people who never gets tired of my work and to some extent, pushes me to bring this blog to the next level.

Strip and Browhaus GCs. Being hair- free and having perfectly- shaped brows can truly change your life, and I wanna share this experience with my readers through this thanksgiving giveaway. :)

Majolica Majorca gifts! When you see something cute, your mood lightens up and this is what Majolica's products have always done to me so I'm sharing some of this cuteness with everyone and your makeup kits as well.

First installment of the Charm goodies. Apart from being grateful for Charm's undying support, I am equally thankful as well for meeting one of the nicest, most genuine, and light- hearted people I know, Sophie Uy. :)

While these hair tools are mine. :D I just realized, I don't have a lot of hair tutorials in my blog primarily because I suck at hair styling. These new styling tools from Avon will keep me company this coming long weekend and hopefully, teach me become a pro! Wish me luck!

Did you know that pets, especially if they stay inside your house, get acquainted with human activities that they eventually acquire it in their own furry lives? Take for example my cat, Barrack. Whenever he hears anybody from my house scream "Kain na tayo!", (Let's eat!) he jumps on an empty dining chair and positions himself like this on the dining table, waiting for his share of the meal-like a boss and like a human being. Isn't he cute? (and intelligent too) :)

Brighteners! I am into brightening serums nowadays because of my post- acne marks. Speaking of which, Estee Lauder has a new one, and it's called Cyberwhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence. Hmmm..I wonder how this would compare with Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Correcting Serum+. Well, one way to find out!

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Here's my favorite quote from Dr. Seuss.

So how are you guys today?

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I understand your sentiments about writer's block, Martha. It's totally man-made. It's not something like, you wake up, and you just tell yourself 'I don't feel like writing' or 'I can't get this started'. When I feel this kind of laziness as a writer, I read, I do what I love like cuddling my baby or eating my favorite food. The solution is to inspire ourselves! Just let the ideas flow until you're ready to face the paper and pen again. :)

  2. Pets are observant nga! My cat (sitting from a distance) knows that I'm eating once I put something in my mouth, without him smelling it beforehand! :))

  3. So this is the categorizing you mentioned on Twitter?! AMAZING!!! You weren't exaggerating when you hinted that you were revealing more sponsors for your 4th year anniversary.

    First, I was amused by how you dealt with writer's block -- writing about it as your introduction. At least that's how I interpreted the first part of this post. Second, you are truly blessed Ms M and we're thankful that you're sharing the blessings. You merit the trust of all these sponsors, it's simply awesome! It's nice to see Ms Sophie among your sponsors, I support local entrepreneurs and Charm brushes possess high quality. I love them!

    Actually I love all the gifts, I'm sure anyone who will receive any one of these will be on cloud 9! April on TBJ will be hotter than this hot season, I'm soooo excited! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to TBJ and more beautiful years to come :)

  4. Its good that youre feeling d writers block kc it only means na youre serious with what youre doing. You aim to share with ur lucky readers good quality reading content!

    Yes yes and yes im so readyyyy!march has been a good month for me having been invited to a few events. But april is gonna be bettteerrr!theres your give away to look forward to and cure will finally hit beauty bar!

    Wake me up when march ends hihihi.

  5. Hey Martha,

    I'd like to let you know that you inspire so many people because of this blog. I have to admit this post is my favorite so far because I think this is the first time that you expressed what really is in your mind- tired, maybe bored a little, weary--these are all normal because you are professionaly speaking, a marketing solo officer, and personally I know you want to reach out to your friends (us readers!! Wuhooo) in a way that you could help us in our beauty dilemmas. That alone makes a significant impact in our lives because I could say that you do this because this is what you LOVE to do, I can feel your passion and that motivates me as well!
    I am not a guru haha I'm just saying this because I can feel how this pressure is tolling you right now, I myself is feeling the same way- I'm a single mom and a working student and I'm only 24 ahahahaha, I try to make the most out of this crazy life. I know you will do well! And you are doing great! You are a kind woman, generous, and passionate in what you do and that's all that matters.

  6. Martha, anong breed nung pusa mo? She looks so lovely! I love cats kasi..Since I was 6 yo nag aadopt na kami ng mga kuting at pusa haaay pero di na pwede ngayon dahil may baby na sa bahay and his pedia suggested na ilayo sya sa mga animals.
    But if I have a miming like that of yours, she can be an exception! (I assume she's a she :)

  7. ah so it's called writer's block, now I know :) so many goodies out there :D and cute cat by the way

  8. ang daming items this year =) i would still join ms martha =) and im excited! hihi...

    ang mga sponsors mo ms martha they're still there continuing to support your blog.. di lang po pala reader ang loyal! pati sponsors! at nadagdagan pa sila!!! yay! congrats ms martha.. April is your blog's birthday hihi =)

    ang cute naman ng siamese cat mo.. naalala ko tuloy si bonbon =) medyo tagal ko syang di nakakasama kaya mailap na sakin.. siamese cat din sya =)

  9. Being a beauty blogger is never that easy (if it was, then I should've started my own blog). Sadly, I'm afraid of criticisms but I do appreciate the constructive ones. A lot of factors for you to become one successful blogger. You have to be passionate with what you're doing, you must love you 'job', you express and try not to be depressed (especially when you're torn between your current job and blogging). I'm passionate with beauty-related things, I want to express my thoughts yet I am struck in the latter. My job has always been a hindrance for me to start blogging. But this, the TBJ has inspired me to become one, thinking how far and long you have been through. Imagine four years! It's never easy. So kudos to you Ms M. You've captured the hearts of many, you have inspired us with your posts and you made our kikay life easier by your tuts and diy :) THANK YOU SO MUCH AND Congrats for conquering writer's block.

    Excited for your anniversary. Lots of looots to be given away! Congratulations in advance and please don't stop blogging! :) ♥

  10. I dont know how to start my comment for this post.. so first let me say THANK YOU ms. martha. i have found your blog in one of my trying times. I was on the verge of detesting myself as a person then i thought that maybe if i change a little about how i look i will feel better. And ever since i started reading your blog it has given me things to think about, looks to try and products to drool for!!!

    I never imagined that you can experience 'writer's block' because you have given us posts after posts of very interesting reads. :D I really like what you said re destroying writer's block coz after all it's all in the head (ironic isn't it??). I have been experiencing the writer's block towards my thesis for quite sometime now. (and as fellow iska, i know that you are familiar how ruthless/strict the professors could be in the university) but i was able to write 10 pages last sunday and i am feeling pretty good about it then i felt the momentum starting to falter. in short, what you wrote here really made me feel good that i can keep the momentum going!

    Lastly, oohhh goodies! congratulations on your nearing 4th year anniversary. and sorry if my comment is too long but this is not enough to show how thankful I am! :D

  11. You're amazing Martha. One of my favorite beauty bloggers. Like the Dr. Seuss quote says, just express yourself. It's a blog, not a dissertation, and we're not here for your writing (which is fabulous, and definitely helps) but we're here for you and what you have to say.

    Many years to come to your blog. :D

  12. I love the way you face your one of your struggles and I never thought with this great blog that once you experience 'writer's block'. You always amaze and brings out the interest on us on each of your blog. But thank you for sharing this one to us and I am touch for the thought that you considers us your friends...hehehe! Thanks for being an inspiration for us girls! :) more years to come for TBJ!!!

    For the goodies...I'm drooling already...and the estee lauder & bobbi brown caught my eyes...

  13. May: Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing me your tips! :)

    Janine: True! Now I am awaiting the day when my cat will finally utter "Ma-ma" lol!

    Jec: Thank you Jec. Happy to have you around too. :D

    Eloize: Awww...Sweet! Yes! April is gonna be one fab month for me and for you guys indeed. :)

    Arya: Thank you! :)

    Josie: Hi Josie! Apple head chocolate point siamese cat. :) It's a He. :) Thanks for the kind words as well, and I'm happy to know that this post has had a little motivating effect on you. And since you mentioned you're a single mom, it made my writer's block problem a petty matter--I could imagine how hard it is to raise a tot on your own! That said, I still should be thanking whatever I have and wherever I am right now despite some detours. :)

    Kris: Hi Kris! Thank you! Yes, I always mean what I say. :D Actually, I did not intend to write about my writer's block but it just came out naturally. Good thing it did because I'm done with it now-and forever! :D

    Detsy: I appreciate long comments, especially if they're something like what you've just written. :) Wow! Hello there fellow iska. I feel you. It took me loads of paper and almost two months to finish my thesis because my advisers were THAT strict! But it's over now, and the best part wasn't learning how to write professionally-it was learning how to endure and be more persistent! :) I wish you luck in your thesis. Just keep on writing! :)

    Rhain: Hi dear! Thank you for being one of my long time readers as well. :) Wow! You have a siamese cat too, great choice! :)

    Desire and Joyce: Thank you too, dearies. :) I may sound like a broken record here, but I will never stop saying that you guys are one of the best people this blog has ever had. :)

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  15. Kakaloka andaming prizes na naman! And Im glad to hear that you have all the strength and inspiration from up above to do the work you love. you inspire me :)

  16. 2 months is pretty impressive. I am actually on my 2nd sem now. LMao. pero sabi nga nila: PUUUSSSHHHH!!! :D

  17. I used to wrestle din with writer's block back in college naman. I normally take a break by watching tv or using pen and paper instead of using my laptop, sometimes I opt for a different venue other than my room or in most cases whenever writer's block hit me back then, I would write mindlessly in my journal without rules or restrictions I've been meaning to buy one brag for myself for almost two years na particularly that brand but it's quite pricey. I believe SM Department Stores have cheaper version of velvet rose's bra brags, that's where I bought mine

  18. Yanny: Thanks for sharing your tip on how to battle writer's block. I actually work some place else other than my room now to clear up the work energy in there--that's supposedly my chill haven! Regarding the bra bags, I saw some in tiangges and in SM too, but they're only made from foam and they will get deformed overtime. Velvet Rose lingerie's bra bags are sturdier as they're made from the same material as luggages: You can throw them around and your bras won't get any dent whatsoever!

    Christiane: Thank you. :)

    Detsy: Yes!! PUSH LANG NG PUSH! :)

  19. Have just read this inspiring ang motivating post.Thanks to you Ms. M.Yeah, I have been there. There is some moment in your life that you feel your overworked and drain out.But when you look at it,you have gone so far!So why stop? Life's like that, many trials and challenges,in the end,you will realize that what you have been doing is Worth it!
    By the way,Dr. Seuss' quotes are my favorite and the bra bags are cute!


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