Review: Prostyle Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Styling Mist

Here's a review on Prostyle Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Heat Protectant Mist

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I only curl my hair during special occasions--and when I do, I try to make sure it looks pretty. Actually, I like curling my hair but my hair strands are not the kind that will stay curled for the whole day, not to mention they don't yield that easy to any hair styling product. And if I want to keep my curls intact, I'd have to drench my hair in hair spray, which is a no-no for me as too much hair spray can be damaging to the hair in the long run and it makes my hair look like plastic and crunchy. This is what made me love Prostyle Fuwarie's Curly and Bouncy heat protectant mist: I get soft, bouncy, natural looking waves that last all day!


The consistency and texture of the product is the same as Prostyle Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist: Both are like toning water, and they both have this nice, light fruity scent. The two variants only differ in terms of the effect: When I apply this one on my locks, I notice that it makes my hair feel a little stiffer, which I think is its way of making my hair strands more curl- friendly. Unlike regular hair sprays, this one does not make my hair feel sticky.

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Curled with Prostyle Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Styling Mist

Just like the other Prostyle Fuwarie variant I have reviewed, this one protects my hair from all that intense heat--With this product, I don't hear any snapping, popping, fizzling, and crackling sounds whenever I'm using the curling iron!

Left: Curled with Prostyle Fuwarie 
Right: Curled with regular hair spray

What I love most about this product is it lets me achieve softer, neater curls as opposed to using a regular setting spray. With Prostyle Fuwarie, I've also noticed that my hair curls faster and I don't get crunchy, dry, stiff hair ends!

WORK IT: I dampen my hair with Prostyle Fuwarie then proceed to curling. After curling my hair, I spritz the product all over my mop again to help the curls set better and last longer.

With regular setting spray, my hair curls would last for only 3- 4 hours before they fall down, but with this product, my curls last for a good 7 hours! I don't know what's in this hair mist, but this is the only product that has managed to keep my curled hairstyle intact for a long time!

I'm not really the type who'll spend time and money in a salon just to have my hair curled so this product is truly a must- have for me. (Yeah, I'm low maintenance with my hair just like that) This product is definitely an economical way to achieve salon- looking curls at home! If you like curling your hair often, check this out. I also recommend this to girls with fine, limp hair who are always having a hard time maintaining a curly hairstyle.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bought this because of your tutorial! I agree, it's amazing. Still practicing with my curling iron to get the curls I want though. :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I find it strange that heat protectants are not as present as heat-emitting hair tools in stores and malls. In my opinion they should always go together.

    When my hair was longer, it was limp and badly needed volume so I had it cut a few months back. I've always wanted volume and I know curls will give me that but I just end up doubling my split ends and making my hair more brittle. Thanks for making us discover this product, I'm already excited to buy one when my hair grows longer! Thanks also for showing us 2 photos of your curls with and without Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Heat Protectant Mist. The photos are good evidence of the wonders of this mist.

  3. ms m try m un magic leverage m n curlers. Tas pag nagustuhan m un order k ng orig curlformers. I promise u curls last all day :-) although of course your hair in the pics looks awesome

  4. amazing results. your hair looks shiny, soft and smooth and doesn't look tortured

  5. i think i would buy this one! it works wonder for curling effects.. also perfect for the summer!

  6. Your curls are noticeably bouncy and beautiful using this mist. Compared to the other pic using a regular spray, I must say Fuwarie Curly Styling mist is a must have! Will definitely buy this because of this tutorial. Still have to practice, coz im not that pro pa in terms of hair curling. Can you suggest a curling iron for beginners like me, Ms M? I'm planning to get Babyliss but I think it's too expensive :/

  7. wow super achieved the left one which is Prostyle Fuwarie.I'm gonna have this for my easy look at usual events.:)

  8. Wow, you look so pretty in curls Martha! I can't wait for my hair to grow that long so I can iron it too :)

  9. I have stubborn hair too! Yeah most women would die for super straight hair but I do want to style it once in a while.

    Is it safe to use this around thrice a week?

  10. I'm starting to like this product especially when you said it has no sticky feeling. I'm a MUA and my clients will like this for sure.

  11. I saw your tutorial on how to achieve beach curl look (i hope I got the title right) using this one. Right there and there I bought one and yes girls who love to curl their locks would really fall into this one like me! :)

  12. Joyce: Awesome! :D As for me, I am on a search for a good curling iron brand. :)

    Ohms: Go ahead dear! You'll love it. :)

    Jec: Cool! :D Glad you liked it! (Well, I don't know anyone who didn't! :D)

    Marielle Francisco: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D So nice to have a makeup artist reader. :) I also think your clients will love the non- traditional smell of this hairspray. :)

    Detsy: Pretty much. I know some people who use it everyday and so far, no hair damage has been reported. :)

    Arya: Thanks! That's Prostyle Fuwarie for 'ya! :D

    Kris: Always a pleasure to inform my readers. Let me know how this product works on you, that is of course, when your hair is finally long. Since you have short hair, you could try out Prostyle Fuwarie's Bob Styling Mist :)

    Eloise: Naks! You're now the official endorser of Magic Leverag and Curlformers haha! Yes, I have that Magic Leverag thing and I have yet to find time to use it. :)

    Desire: Thanks dear! Babyliss is actually a good brand and it's the cheapest, I think. As for me, Remington is still the best and it's pricier than Babyliss, but the curls Remington produces,? OMG!!! :D

  13. miss m hindi naman sa ganon, hahah alhtough staple prodct ko ang curlfromers kasi, u just have to sleep in them kasi un hair mo malambot parang ang daling bumagsak! thats what the naturally curly ladies use to stle their hair, no product needed (at least for me, water lang set na ko kahit hanginin yan steady lang ang curls), try mo lang miss m. you wont wreak havoc to your hair pa kasi no heat


  14. Ahh really? So I might get that babyliss curling iron :) I've heard alot from Remington too and I didn't bother checking the price coz I'm sure it's very expensive. :) I hope you can have a review about Remington Ms M, if you have any. Thanks! ♥

  15. Thanks Ms. Martha! back reading some of your post and thankful that you always find time to respond to each post. :) admirable indeed. apir!

    now.. im gonna try curling my hair. later! :D

  16. Martha I would recommend u use the ceramic 2 in 1 iron thats being sold in watsons, I bought one and I can assure you that you won't regret it, your curls will stay that way until you wash yoour hair and the curls are fab! If you have time to check my profile pic onmy it looks as if I had my hair done in a salon.I use vitress btw.


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