Trying out the Advanced Acne Solution Facial at Bench Skin Expert

After my Chemical Peel-Gone-Wrong experience, I abhorred Facials and vowed to never undergo one for as long as I'm breathing. While I understand that it takes a couple of sessions for peels to produce its wonderful effects, I really hate all that purging-which has been occurring for a year now-on my skin. Eh, all this time, I've been so used to seeing a smooth, spotless face--my face before I got that peel. :( At least my skin is cooperating and in a few months' time, that good ol' beautiful skin of mine will be back!

I had two persistent cystic pimples on my cheeks. They were flattened after a week of topically treating them, but they stopped responding to the treatment. I was told by a beauty blogger friend of mine, Jheng of I am Brigitte (who really digs facials, by the way) that most cystic pimples require to be pricked (professionally, for that matter) in order to eradicate them completely. My eyes popped out when I heard the word "Pricked" because a lot have told me that it's really painful. Ugh. There's no way I'm having my pimples pricked! But the choice was between my fear of pricking and my beautiful skin--So I courageously chose beautiful skin because that's how bad I want it back. To hell with pain and needles! :p

Anyway, It took me over two weeks to open myself up again to facials. When I was ready to undergo one, I remembered having a couple of GCs from Bench Skin Expert so I decided to try it out.

I went to the newly- opened Bench Skin Expert branch in Glorietta 4, the most accessible branch for me. Here's a shot of one of their treatment rooms. There are also walled rooms, and methinks they're intended for slimming and laser treatments. For regular facial procedures, I think they just do it in the curtained rooms.

I inquired about their Acne Solution and Advanced Acne Solution treatments. Both treatments are intended for people with oily skin and mild to moderate acne problems, but the difference between the two is the latter involves the use of a Galvanic Machine. Actually, the ideal thing to do is to consult with their in-house dermatologist for you to get the right treatment for your skin concern, but I was in a hurry that time and they only had one doctor available. (Unfortunately, her schedule was quite jam-packed) I hope next time they'll have two doctors on standby always so as to accommodate more costumers.

I digress. I went for the Advanced Acne Solution Facial because I was curious about the Galvanic Machine. Click READ MORE and see the step-by-step procedure of this treatment!

My makeup was removed using a Tea Tree Oil- infused cleanser.

My skin was toned using an alcohol- free clarifying toner. After the cleansing and toning process, a suction tool was navigated across my face to suck stubborn dead skin cells.

A steam machine was used on me for about 3 minutes to open up my pores--Because if your pores are open, the pain from pricking is minimized.

OH MY GOD--THE PRICKING PART! I wasted a good 5 minutes of my treatment's time inspecting the pricking gadget my aesthetician had used, and asking so many damn redundant questions like "Is it really painful?" LOL! Ladies and gents, yes, I was THAT petrified. :D

Lo and behold, it wasn't as painful as I had imagined! My aesthetician had performed two types of pricking on my skin: Pimple Pricking and Blackheads and Whiteheads Extraction.

Let's go to the extraction first: For one, my aesthetician was very gentle and she knew how to maximize and utilize every extracting moment. The standard pricking tool Bench Skin Expert is using has a thicker and rounder head and shape: It does not pinch my skin unlike traditional pimple prickers with very thin, wire heads. Well, there was pain but it was tolerable, at least to me. Lastly, I don't know if other derma salons do it, but at Bench Skin Expert, the aesthetician would always apply alcohol- free toner on every pricked part and after every extraction to minimize sensitivity and to soothe pores.

For the pimple pricking, it was pretty fast and nearly painless. In fact, the extraction was the more painful procedure if compared with this one! My aesthetician had used a very fine needle and with a quick, pricking motion, she had extracted the pus from my two tenacious cystic zits--easily and effortlessly.

Of course, the pain level of the whole pricking process would vary depending on how mild or grave your acne problem is, as well as your pain tolerance. As for me, the entire pricking and extraction procedure was bearable!

After the pricking segment, a laser was dabbed all over my face to minimize sensitivity and redness. It also helps shut the pores.

Here's now the part where the Galvanic Machine was used on me. Prior to using the machine, an Acne Serum was applied on my face. Its consistency is gel, has a very light, refreshing minty fragrance, and yields a cooling sensation.

What's a Galvanic Machine? I'm not really familiar with this machine so I'd rather grab an excerpt rather than interpret it in my own terms so here's one from

Hand held galvanic facial machines are not only affordable but effective anti-aging tools. "Galvanic is an electric current that is applied to the skin by way of conductive gels. It works on the principle of like charges repelling each other," says certified aesthetician Jeffie Ann Hall. When used in combination with specially charged gels, galvanic facial machines smooth skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, clarify skin tone and give sagging skin a lift.

Basically, Galvanic machines drive the skin care concentrate right into the deeper layers of your skin using electricity. Before proceeding with my Galvanic treatment, I was asked to hold on to this steel rod all throughout the procedure.

While I was holding the steel rod, the aesthetician was running this metal roller on my face, and it was imparting very slight pricks onto my skin. It's not painful, don't you all worry.

After the Galvanic Machine Treatment, an invigorating, cooling mask was applied on me and left on for 5 minutes.

After the mask was removed with just plain water, my face was toned using a a gentle meant for sensitive skin because I've just undergone pricking.

Final step: An anti-irritant cream was applied on my skin to prevent facial redness and swelling.

Overall, I am quite happy with my experience: The place and tools were sanitary, the procedure was great, my face felt really clean after the treatment and more importantly, my cystic pimples were flattened completely and breakouts were reduced. I also realized that I'm better off with cleaning facials such as this one rather than peels because peels make the skin dependent on a product/procedure, hence you have to do maintenance. I'm going back next month for this treatment again!

The Advanced Acne Solution Facial is P800.00/session. Please visit BENCH SKIN EXPERT on Facebook to inquire about their services.

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whenever I read about facials, I'm hesitating to try one, again. And it's because of my previous experience. Really painful. Went home with a red face with matching red eyes (due to crying).

    Wayback in college, I have pimples but they're tolerable at the time. They're not irritating as it is now. And because of too much experimenting with things to totally get rid of my pimples, unfortunately it just got worse.

    But as I read more and more good (and better) reviews about some facial centers, I wanna try it again and face the pain for the sake of beautiful skin.

    I just can't stop looking to those girls who have clear beautiful skin. And I just keep on wishing that my skin would be as clear and spotless too...

    Thanks for sharing this Ms. Martha :) Would be trying this at Bench Skin Expert when given the time. (Ugh, work...)

  2. galing, Bench also caters to skin na din :)

    btw, that Galvanic Machine Treatment looks very interesting

    Beauty Colada

  3. I have quite a low tolerance to pain so I'm sure even the pricking would still be a bit too much for me to handle! Even though I'm completely used to the pain of waxing/threading, haha. Weird, I know!

    I'm starting to break out a bit more these days because of stress, sadly. But thankfully I still have my acne medicine that I've been using since high school that practically zaps away my pimples overnight or within a couple of days, depending on how big or persistent it is! I always reach for it without fail.

  4. Wow mura na yan ha at 800 pesos, considerig na ang daming steps ang ginawa sayo, unlike you miss m, i quite enjoy acne extractions, feeling ko kasi nawawala un dumi sa face ko, lalo na un makati. to lessen the pain during pricking, you can try this: watch your face being pricked s handheld mirror. by knowing which spot will be pricked next, you lessen the gulat factor na. you will become prepared for it. that's how ive been able to go through my facials and pricking for the past years.

    id love to try this mura na siya. i just wish na masipag un aesthetician. ayko yung mga malalaki lang yun tatanggalin nia. kasi with my doctor, sobrang sipag, papatubo palang, aalisin na nia.

    btw, im loving how the beauch set is working ofr my acne ridden face hope this will be for the ong haul na

  5. How much for the acne facial Ms. Martha?

  6. hello! I am also scared of the pain that comes with facials. Miz Eloise, ayos po na suggestion. :)

    Ms. Martha, nanatiling bang umimpis yung mga cystic ones? i do have one on my chin din kasi. :(

    According to the site, they have a 20% discount up until March 15...will love to try this out!

  7. I'm one of the people who pricked pimples and well it hurts but I'm just too afraid to go to a facial or whatever session offered in a spa or derma thanks to the stories of some of my friends and my sister who until now have acne scars and sudden bursts of pimples (she tried almost everything). I must tell her to read this post, hopes it's the answer to her problem

  8. I haven't tried a facial yet. Maybe because I get by with my basic beauty regimen at the moment. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will remember this in case one day I decide to go to a facial salon. I will also mention this post to friends who may ask me about facials.

  9. Wow at not pricey ha galing naman ng Bench w/ their Advance Acne Solution Facial at P800/session...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. For a facial mura na. Definitely trying this when I'm in the area

  12. Kaya i'm afraid of treating my pimples in some facial salon :/ My friends also got bad experiences from their facial, and promised not to undergo things like that. As of now, I'm into the my own regimen of treating them- st ives apricot scrub then followed by Eskinol with Dalacin C. It eliminated my blemish spots and healed my acne. :)

    I must agree with Ms. Eloise, it was quite affordable, given the number of procedures/steps done to you. I'm glad you were happy with your experience Ms. M! Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Thanks for the post Martha. Grabe, ang dami ko na pimple marks :( need na magpaderma na din. Bench is making it's way na din sa skin care industry.

  14. I agree that it is indeed affordable with all the procedures done and seems that your satisfied Ms. M. I also had my shares of pricking and extraction nightmares from facial salons that's why I decided not to undergo facials anymore. But this makes me wanna try it again.

    I don't breakout a lot but my issues are blemishes/freckles that are becoming more obvious. Hope you could recommend procedures or treatment that I could try Ms. M especially summer is here again considering also that I'm a beach person.. :) Thanks!

  15. I was hesitant to try facials since I heard na consistent dapat ang visits sa derma. Now that I am a mom, going to derma is the last thing I'd spend my money on. But sometimes I feel tempted to splurge. Let's admit it, for most moms, P800 is something. I have to be wise in spending our hard-earned money. Reading your post,it made me reconsider na itry ang facial especially this acne solution from bench. After all, I deserve some pampering, right? I'll save for it na lang!

  16. Belle: Thanks for sharing! I think you'll benefit from this treatment because it's meant for cleaning--no harsh chemicals will be used on you here. :)

    May: Why of course! You deserve some pampering and honor 'cuz it's hard to be a mom! Maybe when you give yourself some time off from work, play, and motherhood, you'll come back more energized and revitalized than ever! :D

    Jec: Try Shiseido's white lucent product. It's the bomb! It's non-invasive, although a lil' pricey--but it works and the bottle can last you for a long time! :D

    Kath: Welcome dear! Grabe no? Bench is really serious at becoming a super brand! :D

    Somilge: Yep! The treatment is good enough for its price and vice versa. They have a branch in SM mall of asia too, just in case you're nearer that area. :)

    Desire: You're welcome dear! :D Thanks for sharing with us your regimen too. :D

    Mayla: Yup! I'm going back this month. That's how much I liked it. :)

    Kris: Wow! thanks for recommending. :) Glad you found this post informative. :)

    Arya: Oh noes! Yes, maybe this treatment would help her. Let me know how it works on her when she has tried it already!

    Detsy: Wow! Then take advantage of that sale already! :D As for your question, yes, the cystic pimples are still slightly bumpy, but they're really like that--they take time to heal. At least their appearance has been reduced significantly!

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! It's P800.00/session. Everything you need to know about it is in the post. :)

    Arian: Thanks for sharing! I've been curious about those acne supplements too, but I'm not really the type who likes taking supplements. :p

    Jaja: It is! And it's worth experiencing too because the electricity coming from it is a little soothing, at least to me. :)

    Eloise: Thanks for your tip! However, it works the opposite for me. I don't like seeing my pimples being pricked because I don't like the idea that someone's doing it for me. I mean, it's much less painful if I do it myself because I know that I control my actions. Instead, I ask the aesthetician to give me a signal that she's gonna prick my pimples already. That way, I know what to expect. :)

    At Bench, they don't prick cystic pimples. Usually, cystic pimples can be healed by topical treatments, unless it's hormonal or aggravated by certain factors--if the latter's your case, you'll need special medications and treatments for that. To extract cystic pimples, you'd have to create an abrasion on the skin, and Bench does not prefer that as it causes deep, pitted scars. :p

  17. Hey Martha,

    First of all, It amused me that you're able to took some pics for this session. I can feel ya cause I used to have mine taken care of Facial care Center and I have to admit it really hurts as if a little knife is ready to break my face anytime soon. IThe first time I had this was at HBC Free Diamond Peel Session, they removed the warts first then they did the much awaited diamond peel and surprisingly even if it is my first time, it didn't hurt that much. My 2nd time which happened in Facial Care was quite bombastic that I didn't go back again :(

  18. If you're hesitant, i suggest you go to a board certified dermatologist (PDS). Most in house doctors of well known salon/clinics are not dermatologist, i mean they took medicine but did not undergo the specialization....


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