Essence Cosmetics Now in The Philippines!

When I was old enough to be allowed to wear makeup, (I was a teenage then. That was like 9 years ago) I started out with drugstore brands because they were the ones that my measly allowance could afford. Back then, the local department stores didn't have a lot of choices, (cute choices, for that matter) and this is perhaps the reason why I progressed rapidly to the high- end cosmetics category--In here, there are so many options (cute options called Makeup Collections haha!) that I became so very satisfied and never went back. (As early as 15 years old, I was a M.A.C user already!) That's why when I started my beauty blog, most of my reviews were about pricey cosmetics.

It took me a while to go back and explore good ol' department store/drugstore and when I did, (that was like a year or two ago) I was amazed to see how it has improved tremendously. The potential of the local beauty industry has been realized and this, perhaps, triggered the local drugstore makeup category to pick up their game by expanding their array, adding more and more brands to the scene.

The newest drugstore brand to land in our country is Essence Cosmetics, Europe's no. 1 affordable cosmetics. I have never heard of nor read about this brand ever, and them claiming to be no. 1 was enough to whet my curiosity and send my lazy feet to their grand launch. (Haven't been attending events lately due to work, but I try my best so I could deliver some interesting stuff in here! :D) 

When I arrived and saw their cosmetics, the first phrase that came to mind was "Too darn cute". The young ones today are so lucky-wish I had these during my time 'cuz they could've been perfect for my teeny bopper style then, not to mention it's a student- friendly brand! But hey, there will always be that child within us and grown ups could use some cuteness in their life too-Needless to say, it's great for the not-so-young group as well! :D

Essence Cosmetics believes that every girl can look good, have fun, and stay trendy even with affordable products. They've got a whole bunch of always-up-to-date makeups, covering you from head to foot, encased in winsome yet no-nonsense packaging. Oh you wanna have an idea how updated they are? They release 24 collections every year!

Check out a preview of some of their products and their newest collections for Spring/Summer 2013 by clicking READ MORE now!

One of Essence Cosmetics' must- try is their nail polish range. They have Colour And Go, a quick dry polish that comes in a number of colors.

Liquid foundations from long- lasting, to sheer, to matte, and mousse, with good shade choices for warmer skin tone. They also have a good range of makeup bases. Also, did you notice the prices? So affordable, eh? By the way, price range is P100.00-P300.00. (Le gasp!)

They got eyeshadows in individual pans and palettes, mostly in shimmer formulation.

These babies, according to Essence Cosmetics, are one of the best- sellers locally. You know what I'm getting next!

Let me tell you guys now that I already have my favorite product from the brand-it's this fabulous translucent powder that works like a Pro! Oh please don't ask me to babble about it even for a bit-it deserves a detailed review! :D

With the pretty Lala Aquino, Marketing Assistant for Bhagis International Trading Corporation, the exclusive distributors of Essence Cosmetics in the Philippines. Thank you for the wonderful event!

Here's the latest collection of the brand for this season. It's now out in Watson's stores.


A summer collection that sends you to fruit heaven. It's a makeup collection inspired by smoothies, refreshing juices, piƱa coladas, slush, cocktails, and anything and everything fruity!

NAIL POLISH (P139.00/each)

Dip your nails in this season's most refreshing colors!


01 Banana Joe
02 Peach Beauty
03 Very Cherry
04 One Kiwi Day

05 Mashed Berries

Scented Top Coat in 01 Smells like Strawberries (P149.00)

Nail Art Sealing Top Coat in 01 Stay Fruity (P149.00)

Nail Fruits Nail Art Set (P149.00)


Creamy, delicate eyeshadows in yummy colors. Now that's a treat for your lids!

02 Banana Joe

03 One Kiwi Day

01 Peach Beauty


For that juicy, succulent, spring- kissed puckers that's too hard to resist!

02 Very Cherry

01 Peach Beauty


Soft and light, this creamy blush will keep your cheeks looking sweet!

01 Smoothie Operator

For next month, we'll be having the Ready For Boarding Collection. Will update you soon about it when it arrives.

And we've got a couple of Essence Cosmetics products to try out. Please let me know what you want me to review first. :)

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29 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha? Where can I find this? :)


  2. I'm loving their makeup so far. It's affordable yet they have a lot of wide variants to choose from! :)

  3. I've been to MOA several times this week and I can't believe I didn't remember to drop by their area in the Department Store :(

    Please review the eyeliners :)


  4. I'm totally psyched with this brand! I am looking forward to trying their polishes (I'm a nail enthusiast!) and the mascaras are tempting as well.

  5. wow, i wanted their nail polish and eyeshadow sorbet, and please do a review tih their BB creams.:)

  6. Essence has a BB cream!? Please try that out first, Martha! I already want to buy it! Haha

  7. I read about the Essence Cosmetics presence in the Philippines but I haven't checked out their store yet. I hope you could review the longevity of their foundations and BB creams, that's always a challenge for a commuter because of the humidity and heat here.

  8. Cute packaging, very teenager and so girly girl. will look for these and try the cream eyeshadows.

  9. ang cute nga! i haven't heard of this brand.... the shades of the nail polish are perfect for summer :)

  10. wow ang mura! Good thing they are available sa watsons lang! Please do review the mascaras first and then your fave loose powder. Thanks!

  11. The colors from the FRuity line reminds me of spring. Is it just me or are more and more makeup brands eyeing on touching the "kawaii" side of women?

  12. Another new discovery eh..:) true they're are soooo cute!kawaii! I love they're nail polish' shades, perfect for summer!and that scented coating?!thumbs up for that..hahaha!.nail polish and mascara review please...:)

  13. I like Essence cosmetics very much. It's affordable and trendy! ;)

  14. Bb cream! Haha :) I heard about Essences through the nail polish blog grapevines haha, meron silang dupes for the pricey Chanel and Dior lacquers. Naku, di name naman kami friends ng wallet ko haha

  15. Kindly advise the stores where to find this products in Metro Manila. Thanks!

  16. Please advise where to find these products from around Metro Manila. Thanks!

  17. i agree with ohms! bb cream review please. :) with this kind of prices a make up newbie like me will have more opportunity to experiment without worrying about the cost. (lol a bit frugal, ikr?)
    will definitely check this out! looking forward to your other posts about this brand ms. martha!

  18. Angel: They're in SM Watson's Makati. They're just very new. :)

    Detsy, Harmony, and Ohms: Alright! Noted! :)

    MyGlamChildJaja: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Currently, it's available in SM Watson's Makati. :)

    Somilge: LOL! The polishes are just P99! I think your wallet won't feel so bad. :D

    De Mons: Thanks for sharing! I like the feel of the brand- very upbeat and youthful! :)

    Jec: Noted! :)

    Dana: For this brand, I think not because their packaging and feel have been like this since they started. :) It's just that they're geared towards the younger market. :)

    Leilani: Noted! :D

    Marielle: One of their best- sellers. :)

    Issa: True! :D

    Ari: LOL! Sure, will let you know about it :)

    BrownOso: Noted! :D

    Yette: Thanks for sharing! I like the liquid foundation selections-they have shades for darker skin tone! :)

    Kris: Got that! Will buy some of their liquid foundations for trial purposes. :)

    Pat: Hi Pat! Couldn't blame ya-everything's cute, and the products deliver! :) I wanna get the best- selling mascaras too. :)

  19. I like how you answer all of their questions ahaha...that's a good one..
    for Angel Diamante: Please read the blog she mentioned it in there, it appears that you're just looking at the picture and not reading the entire blog post. that's embarrassing to martha...:-D peaceout love you martha love love love your blogs...

  20. Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for helping out Angel. :) Love yah too! :D

  21. Try the lip liners! I love it ! They are pretty popular here in Australia since it's the cheapest make-up line!

  22. Hi sa Sm Makati palang po ba sila? gusto ko itry ung foundation nila :) affordable and yet very promising products :) Thanks for sharing :)

  23. hi I have a stall in one of the malls in Laguna and I am interested to be one of there distributor or reseller. Can you help me where and how to contact them?
    Thank you!

  24. Anonymous: Hi there! I don't think they're open to micro distributorship though. :( Bhagis Trading is the sole distributor of Essence in the country.

    Lean: Hi there! Welcome As of now, they're only available in SM Makati and SM Aura. :)

  25. Do they already have stalls here in sm cebu? I asked a lady attendant in watsons last month but they don't have essence cosmetics yet..i hope they will also bring essence cosmetics in will be a big hit for sure..

  26. Do they already have stalls in sm cebu? I asked a watsons lady attendant last month about essence cosmetics but they don't have it yet..i hope they will also have stalls here in sm will be a big hit for sure..

  27. I have used the Essence primer and very happy with it.

  28. Gosh please have a stall in sm cebu pleasseee a must try !!


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