Review: Etude House Color My Brows in 2

Here's a review on Etude House Color My Brows in 2

Price: Around P360.00+
Bought From: Etude House, Market! Market!, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Other Locations: Please refer to Etude House Philippines on Facebook


So my hair color has faded already, and it turned into a semi- orangey hue and that means, I have to find brow products that will match my beauty arches to my current hair color. My favorite Majolica Majorca Lash and Brow Colorist already became a tad too brown for my hair. (And I hope they come out with more colors soon!)

As per my readers' recommendations, I got Etude House Color My Brows. A lot of them swear by it so I figured, hey, why not give it a try? It's very affordable too.


This product only comes in two colors: 1 and 2. 1 is the darker shade, and this is the lighter one.


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Packaging is the same as Majolica's, and it's as big as it too.

The wand that comes with it is made from natural bristles, and it has the same diamond shape as Majolica Majorca's, but this one is a little smaller-it's good for those who have smaller brow widths.

2 is a golden caramel brown shade with a hint of orange and oodles of golden shimmer. At first, consistency is somewhat gel-cream and after two weeks, I have observed that it has turned a bit goopy already, a tell- tale sign that it's about to dry up. Some of my readers said that this product is great, but it dries up a lil' quickly and I think I'm seeing that for myself-I don't use it everyday so I think that's why it's still alive even if I've had it for more than a month already. Actually, I find that it works better if it's in its goopy state: it transfers better, it blends in better, and pigmentation is better.


One layer on top of a bare brow

Coverage is medium to heavy. On its own, it gives brows a slightly volumized appearance, albeit it doesn't fill in brow gaps impressively. Use it alone if you just want to tint your brows.

On top of another brow product

The other brow product I've used here is MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonde. Ah, that's more like it! If you've read my review on the MAC brow product, you'll realize that it's a little taupe-ish brownish on me, and this product gave me that much needed brown-orangey tint. The shimmers are not really noticeable once they're on my brows. Practically lasts all day, albeit it cannot really hold hair strands in place-it's more of a tinting product.

 For it's price, it's good enough. Wish it doesn't dry up quickly though because I don't know anyone who thinks that replacing a brow mascara every two to three weeks is an economical idea! I'd buy it again if my hair turns into orange or somewhere near that color because so far, this is the only shade that fits the bill.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I use this all the time to color my brows. :D I've heard people say that it's a dupe for MAC's GirlBoy brow tint. It colors better than the Majolica Majorca one, but yeah, it does dry out fast. :<

  2. Thanks for the review Ms M. I've never used brow mascara. I'm still satisfied with my brow powder :)

  3. Oooh! look at that brows!...perfect! :)

  4. Wow haha goes to show na give and take ang relationship m s readers m. I used to use this before kaya lang nga nagblack n un hair ko. Mura siya kaya lang pag d ka gentle maglagay it will look weird as in parang brown caterpillars ang kilay ko dati. Its actually a good thing kahit n it dries quickly kasi i find it too severe ang effect pag medyo bago siya. Also it leaves shimmery specks s brows so careful lang din. Im currently using elf brow powder and wax and i like it!

    Btw since give and take naman tau mis m, id love to recommend na gamitin m un cure exfoliating gel s lips! Super duper effective

  5. I'll give this one a pass. Parang ok na yung MAC Dirty Blonde on its own and I don't look good in makeup with orange tint.

  6. I've seen this in EH counters and I have once contemplated on buying it although if it cannot tame/hold my brows in place it probably isn't a good idea so I'm sticking with my pencil and my brow mascara. Don't want to feel heavy up in my brows cos of too much products. :)

  7. I love your brows Martha. It is thick yet thin...I do not know if you get what I mean :) I have thick but thin eyebrows :( opposite of yours :)

  8. Leilani: Thanks! It's also good because my brows are naturally thicker in terms of width, hence it's easier to shape. :D

    Gellie: Hey, you're blessed already since you said you have thick brows! You're just good with a clear mascara and some threading and off you go! :D

    Rae: While I didn't like girl boy- too golden and makes my brows stiff. :/

    BrownOso: Thanks! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for your tips! :)

    Jec: Thanks! :D

    Kris: Brow wax, if your brow powder palette has it, can also double as a brow set-ter. :)

    Faiye: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :D Thanks for your thoughts. I like Majolica better because it colors better and has medium hold. :)


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