Review: Maybelline Blush 'Em Powder Blush in I Love Pink!

Here's a review on Maybelline Blush 'em Powder Blush in I Love Pink

Price: P379.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading drugstores and department stores nationwide


Nothing like a pop of color on the cheeks to keep you looking fresh and pretty in this choking hot weather! Speaking of which, have you updated your blush collection for summer already? Pastels are in nowadays, so you might wanna consider them in your next purchase and of course, a blush with good quality should be taken into consideration too!

Maybelline has just released a new line of good blushes called Blush 'Em, a complementing duo of blushes for contouring, highlighting, and blushing. For such a small pan and an affordable product, it's hard to believe that it can do all of these things!


The shade I got is called I Love Pink. (That's pretty straightforward! LOL)

It's a compact blush that you can definitely bring with you anywhere. Case feels ultra light and sturdy enough to survive light falls, and I love the fact that it comes with its own brush. It comes in various color combinations too.

Click READ MORE and know why it's one of my favorite affordable blush finds to date!

Here's a detailed look at the powders:

Contouring- A cool pink shade with a matte finish
Highlighting- A baby pink shade with a matte finish

You can also use both products individually.

If you combine the two colors, you get a cotton candy pink shade.

The powders are unscented, smooth, and transfer onto my skin easily. They're a little chalky though, but a fluffy powder blush does the trick. Pigmentation is medium yet buildable.

I also realized that the highlighting shade is a good dupe for MAC's matte blush in Angel, a lovely baby pink shade. The difference is, the overall quality of MAC's blush is more superior than Maybelline, but if you're just after the color, then get the latter.


In this photo, I have used the contouring powder on the planes of my cheeks. However, don't expect a PRO kind of contour from the Contouring powder as it's just meant to give your skin a deeper flush and to support the Highlighter-it can't really give your face a slim look, but rather it diverts the attention to the center of your face, taking away the focus on the parts that you want unnoticed such as facial roundness. (Did I make any sense? LOL!)

Now in this photo, I have used the highlighter on the apples of my cheeks. The Highlighting color gives me a fresh and youthful look, and I appreciate the fact that its matte, making it great for daytime use and to those who like their makeup simple and low-key.

Staying power is okay, especially on oily skin: it lasts for a good 3-4 hours. On dry- skinned people, moisturize first before using this product as its chalky texture may have a hard time clinging onto your skin type. On normal- skinned people, this will work pretty fine, but I'd still recommend to prep your skin with moisturizer or primer to improve the staying power of this product.

I like everything about this blush: Its shape, the colors, how it performs on my skin and the price-OH THE PRICE! I'd recommend it to everyone who's looking for a new summery blush-it's good, but it doesn't hurt the wallet.


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm totally *croo-croo* when it comes to highlighting and contouring. I always end up with a muddy looking mess on my face. Haha.

    Thank you for this review :) This looks really promising. I will check this out.

  2. Maybelline seems to be really stepping it up. Their colorsensational lipsticks are awesome. Even their cheaper blushes targeted to teens.

  3. How about the brush? Mukhang flimsy siya. For blush on i think ill still stick to liquid cheek tint. Baka 10 mins palang yan s skin ko ay fade na.

    I thought at first ito un eyebrow definiat n nafeature m s spend vs save post m. Pareho sila ng packaging w. Kaya lng i just learned n phased out n pala yun.

    Ms m pwede m b ireview un colored eyeliner ng maybelline?

  4. This one's a very lovely shade! :D

  5. I like it! I think the color will go well with my fair skintone and I won't have any problems wearing it on daytime.

  6. Aw!i never have a pink blush i dont think i could pull it off..ill check other shades of this line coz i javen't updated my blush-ons this summer or must i say for a very long time..hahaha!thanks Ms. M

  7. I love pink so much and I might try this, I want to try something new, and something bright for the spring. I guess, I've finally found what I'm looking for. Thanks for the great review! :)

  8. I think this shade looks good on a morena skin like you Martha. I'll probably lok for another shade that complements my skin and makeup style.

  9. Love your blog :)
    Much love,

  10. You actually have very nice cheekbones Ms. M. I agree that this is good for our wallets :) I carry Maybelline all the time.

  11. BrownOso: I've a tutorial on facial contouring. That may serve as your guide. :)

    Leilani: Thank you! :)

    Wendy: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thank you! I appreciate it! :)

    Marielle: Thank you! I like Pink because it's such an easy to wear color, and suits my laid-back style. This blush has other shades too-hopefully you can find a match. :)

    TIN: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Great to hear that! Looks like this blush will suit you. Let me know how you find it once you get to try it! :)

    Jec: Welcome! :)

    Kris: You have fair skin, right? :) I could imagine how cute this color would look on you. :)

    Eloise: Yup, the Maybelline eyeliners are waiting in the drafts section. :D Regarding the brush, not much to expect from it, but it comes handy during traveling. :)

    Helen: Hear Hear! :)

    Rae: Yup! I've noticed a significant improvement in their makeup products for the past few months. I'm happy to know that my childhood brand is trying their best to improve. :)

  12. i agree with rae. maybelline is getting better nga. I recently bought mineral loose powder from maybelline and im loving it. btw, i decided to purchase it because of your review martha (spend vs save ata yun).

  13. hi TBJ! I just discovered your blog today and have been reading through your posts. great posts! and you're so pretty too!! continue the great work you've been doing. -Phoebe

  14. THnak you for reviewing with this one, Ms. M!, last week I'm so confused with this if it's okay with an oily skin, now thank you sa pagsagot mo!:)

  15. I'm not drawn to pink blushes. I also don't know if it'll work on my skintone. Better give it a try.

  16. BlahBlahBlogChef: Nice to see you here again! :) Yup! Maybelline's starting to pick up their game. :) Awww.Nice to know that my post has helped you out! :D

    Phoebe: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Thanks for the kind words! :) Hope to have you around often. :)

    Dana: They have other colors to choose from. Hope you find something you'll like. :)

  17. TBJ: Ohh.. great! I'll visit them then this weekend! I love highlighting and contouring! Thanks for the info.

  18. I sooooo love your lipstick on the last photo. Do you mind telling what it is? Thanks! :) -Misty

  19. Dane: Welcome! :)

    Anonymous: Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Lipstick is Nars in Funny Face. :)


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