Review: Mustela Bébé Hydra Bébé Lotion

Here's a review on Mustela Bébé Hydra Bébé Lotion

Price: P890.00 (300ml)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Please inquire via Mustela Philippines on Facebook


Recently, I have received a skin care pack for babies from Mustela, a high- end brand for babies and mommies. Originally, I had intended to gift it to my newest godchild, but when I smelled this lotion and tried it on my skin, I became an evil godparent and decided to keep it to myself, but the rest of the stuff went to my godchild, so don't think I'm too evil after all. LOL! :D

Mustela Hydra Bébé lotion is made with a patented, brand- exclusive plant active ingredient that helps strengthen the skin of babies before it reaches maturity, has natural humectants namely Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil, and Vegetable butters for silky skin. Baby skin is weak and it takes a while to build its immunity so if this lotion could help it during its developing stage, could it also mean that it's beneficial for adult skin too? Well, let's hear the voices of my doctor/pediatrician/dermatologist readers (if there's any) on the comments section below. In the meantime, check out my review by clicking READ MORE!


I got a 50ml sample bottle from Sample Room. I saw the regular size of this product in one of my mall strolls and I say, it's quite worth the P890.00 'cuz it's huge!


It has a light, spreadable, buildable, watery cream consistency, and the classic Agua De Colonia scent. It gets absorbed quickly and when it does, it leaves a thin moisturizing film that doesn't feel sticky and dries to a semi-matte sheen eventually, although it could feel a little heavy if you layer it on. Nope, it doesn't give you that icky feel when you sweat. However, you'd have to replenish it on your skin during wear, about once. 

This lotion works two ways: Apply thinly during summertime to get the right amount of moisture sans the "thick" feel, and layer it around twice to thrice during colder days to protect your skin from drying out.

I like the way this lotion feels on my skin, and its smell to boot. I'm buying one again when I finish this bottle. :)


Please visit MUSTELA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the Hydra Bébé line.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Sana un cokogne nalang un sinample hehhe wala n din stocks nito kya lang matagal ding naging avail to ah

  2. I never tried any of their products yet but I used to have a baby lotion. Generally speaking, I trust baby products because I'm confident that they're hypoallergenic and mild.

  3. wow,this sounds cool knowing i've got a super sensitive skin. :)

  4. Does anyone know where one can buy Mustela? That is, which stores carry the brand? I've been itching to try since I first saw the first review. :D

  5. I saw this in Sample Room and I ignored it because I thought that it was for babies only. I passed by the Mustela counter yesterday in Robinson's Ermita and I tried this. I soooo regretted not getting it :(

  6. @unknown s mga malls may kiosk yan s glorietta malapit s food choices. Also s purebeauty na stores

  7. Cool product! Nice to match with the cologne this summer to keep that baby-scent. :) And 300ml for less than 1k really seals the deal..:) thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  8. although this one has glycol at mineral oil, good news coz there wasnt any parabens :) Yay! Thanks Ms. M for the feature!

  9. Unknown: Hi there! Please visit their official FB fan page. I've provided a link within the review. :)

    Leilani and Jec: Welcome! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for helping out! :)

    BrownOso: Hope they restock soon! :)

    Purple: Hi! Not sure if this is good for sensitive skin, but since it's for babies, maybe you can try it. Hehe.

    Kris: Thanks for sharing your opinion. :)

  10. I once used this in my baby, kaso I changed na as when he grown up na, mejo mas may cheap products naman for a cologne,:)

  11. It's up for grab on Sample room., BUT!!!! I was too late to get hold of one. too bad :(

  12. as for asian cuisine, i usually go to yakimix as i find it really SULIT. but anyway, it's always nice to try new restos. ;)


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