My Top 6 Favorite Blogging (And Everyday) Songs

Somebody asked me how the heck can I blog three times a day everyday. The answer? MUSIC. There's nothing quite like good music to send me typing giddily on my laptop! I may have trillions of ideas that are enough for me to even whip up 10 posts per day, (Well that would be overkill lol) but I still need a stimulator to bring them to mind-Music it is!

So here are my top 6 favorite blogging songs at the moment. Before I blog, I choose any of these songs (depending on what particular song I like for each blog post) and play it on iTunes for at least once or twice, absorb the melody, and then I proceed to blogging. I don't play music just to kill the silence-it's sort of a ritual to me. I also listen to these songs even if I'm not blogging. :)

Artist: Robyn
Mood: Lethargic

- I'm a big fan of Electro Dance-Pop (if there's such a music genre haha!) because I find the sound of synthesizers energizing. I just found out about Robyn through this song, and I was instantly converted into a fan: I admire her craziness and confidence!

Artist: Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen
Mood: Pressured; Pissed

- I guess it's pretty obvious why I chose this as my go- to song whenever I'm feeling negative-it's a wonderful, upbeat feel- good song, and it reminds me that it will always be a good time if I choose to have a good time instead!  :D

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Artist: Daniel Kim
Mood: Uninspired; Experiencing mental block

This song just fits my Gemini personality because it has 50+ songs in it! Haha! Kidding aside, the main reason why I like this song is because Daniel Kim is a great reminder that if you really, really, really, want to do something, you will find hundreds (or even thousands and millions) of ways to do it--if he was able to combine 50+ songs with different genres and managed to come up with a decent, flawless mash-up that really sounds like a full song, then I can freakin' finish one blog post.

Like any other person, I, too, have my ultimate favorite songs. I love anything with piano-I got hooked on its sophisticated sound the first time I heard my mother play it. I also learned how to play the piano when I was small, but stopped after the first year because I realized, I just like listening to it. Hey, who knows? I might continue it one day. :)

So here are my newest favorite piano- based songs. I listen to these two songs most of the time because as I said, I love the piano-it just inspires me so much. That, plus a pleasing, angelic ala-Sarah McLachlan voice. :)

Song: Gravity
Artist: Sara Bareilles

Artist: Birdy (Originally by Bon Iver)

Finally, here's my super, duper, mega, ultra favorite song of all- time and forever and ever! :) 

Artist: Dave Matthews Band

- Beautiful melody, amazing lyrics (oh, especially the lyrics!) Crash Into Me is simply about voyeurism, but I like how DVM has made poetry out of it. :)

So what are the songs that inspire you right now? :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Eheheh someone from the majolixa team asked you that i think during our dinner last night . Im quite the opposite i get distracted when thers noise or music in the background. This might be a shocker to all pero i prefer listening to the news instead of music. Im weird i know.

    Whatever it is youre listening to miz m, keep on listening to them. You qhip out good and interesting reads. Thnkx

  2. i'm surprised. i like robyn too! you should listen to Heartbeats by The Knife (really love this electronic/techno song, whatever genre it is, haha).

  3. I must add these to my work playlist! I always listen to cute and upbeat Kpop songs. Like you, I work well when there's music playing. ^__^

  4. Eloise: Wow, I can't listen to the news because it distracts me, Oh well, diff strokes for diff folks. Thanks for the compliment! :)

    Angela: I can't live a day without music! :)

    Arra: Yup! 'cuz I like Electro pop music. :) I'll check that The Knife song then. :)

  5. Oh listen to the live version also. it's the bomb.

    Other recommendations: Oh Land's Wolf and I, Lana del Rey (hers are not electro pop though)


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