Sumptuous Sundays: Cafe Mediterranean

Cafe Mediterranean is one of the longest-standing Mediterranean restaurants in Manila, particularly this branch in Greenbelt 1. I recall, when Greenbelt 1 still had an underground bazaar, my mom would usually take me to this place to chow on our favorite Gyros or in layman's term, Shawarma. Until now, I still go here for my Mediterranean fix, but this time and most of the time, with my BF. This restaurant has become an essential part of me and my BF's life most especially in our strict dieting moments-it's our go-to restaurant during our "clean eating" days.

Alright enough of my love story with this resto! :D So Cafe Mediterranean is one of the affordable Mediterranean restos around. Well, it's not fast food- priced, but given the quality and size of the meals, their pricing is quite acceptable. I also think it's a cheaper counterpart of Cyma!

PRICE RANGE: P100.00-P600.00

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Eggplant Parmigiana- I like Cafe Med's version because the eggplant slices are not too soggy and oily, and the lightly salty tomato base just gives good ol' bland eggplant some smokey, tangy flavor!

And one more important's loaded with cheese! Absolutely perfect for cheese lovers! :D

Grilled Beef Kebab- my favorite post- workout meal! I like the entire dish because it tastes so "clean", and that spoonful of Tabbouleh on the side is heaven-it's the best Tabbouleh version for me! :D

Grilled Fish Kebab- Another version of the grilled Kebab meals, aside from Beef-There's also Chicken and Lamb. This dish is very, very light, and I admire how they wonderfully flavor the Cream Dory slices every time-Cream Dory is such a bland fish and in my cooking experience, it doesn't really absorb the flavors of rubs and spices well-that, or I have to improve my cooking skills more lol.

For the grilled kebab meals, you have the option to change the standard buttered rice siding. My BF and I would always go for either Couscous or Basmati for a healthier treat!

Other Must- Try dishes: Mediterranean Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Soup, Gyros (of course!), Kofta, Falafel, Panacotta

Cafe Med's got some very friendly, attentive, and fast waiters too. I highly recommend this place! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The eggplant parmigiano is making my mouth watr oohh

  2. ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagbasa ng blog mo martha.nack read time! this is my fave day on your blog :) more power!

  3. I love Mediterranean food. I've been a fan of Cafe Med (as what we sometimes call it) since it opened more than 10 years ago na ata. Biut last time we ate there around 2 mths ago (Rockwell), it wasn't that good. Maybe it's just a glitch but I usually go for my staple kabob and hummus with pita.

    That parmigiana looked scrumptious! I usually only order parmagianas from Italian restos but maybe I'd give this a try soon. Thanks for the post!

  4. isa sa fave veggie ko ang eggplant =) kahit prito lang with alamang/bagoong ang kalamansi yum =) kaya curious ako dito sa EGGPLANT PARMIGIANO hihi

  5. nakakgutom nmn ung kebab i wanna try ;)

  6. I'm also addicted with their eggplant parmigiano, nkaka-two to three akong orders nito:)

  7. literally naglalaway nko!..I haven't eaten dinner pa pala...must try this resto!

  8. Eloise: It's really good! :D

    Leilani: LOL! Hope you'll like it! :)

    Ohms: WOW! THat's a lot-Well, what can I say. It's that good kasi. :)

    Arra: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D That's one of my favorites!

    Rhain: Me too! Especially tortang talong plus ketchup and white rice! :D

    Betsy: Indeed! Welcome to my blog! :)

    Flynster: Hi! Same here-Mediterranean food works really well with my diet. :) Thanks for sharing your faves. I agree, their hummus is good! :)

    Jenny: Welcome back! :D Have a great day! :D


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