Review: Freshlook Illuminate Dailies Contact Lens in Rich Brown

Here's a review on Freshlook Illuminate Dailies Contact Lens in Rich Brown

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Oh, when was the last time I wore a pair of these? Ah! It was during high school, when colored contact lenses became a big hit in my school. I had an admirer in high school, and he confessed that he courted me just because he thought I had real blue eyes! (I wore blue- colored contact lenses that time) LOL! So shallow, yet so funny! 

I stopped wearing contact lenses after encountering a freak accident that almost cost me my eyes: I fell asleep with them on and when I woke up, my vision was ultra blurry and my eyes stung like hell. When I looked in the mirror, my eyes were blood red in hue and tears kept on falling like rain down my cheeks! I freaked out and just cried and cried 'cuz I didn't know what to do-the contact lenses have dried up inside my eyes, as if they were glued onto my eyeballs. Yikes! With a little divine intervention, I had a brilliant idea and decided to soak my eyes in a basin of crystal clear water for almost ten minutes and thankfully, the contact lenses started softening up, hence I was able to pull them out effortlessly. Phew, I thought I was gonna die that moment! I was deeply traumatized by that incident that I vowed to never wear contact lenses ever, but I just realized now that it was my fault and negligence. I've been itching to wear contact lenses-especially the Doll Eyes type-again out of curiosity and for old time's sake, but this time, I promised myself to be more careful or choose something that is hassle- free because I really have this tendency of falling asleep uncontrollably!


My preferred brand of contact lens ever since is Freshlook-it is a brand by Alcon, which is perhaps the biggest manufacturer of contact lens and optical paraphernalia globally. They have just released their newest line, Freshlook Illuminate Dailies Contact Lens and I believe it's their version of the Doll Eyes contact lens. Cool! I was only waiting for them to release this because Freshlook is the only contact lens brand I trust!

Freshlook Illuminate Dailies, as the name implies, is just good for single use only. Please take note: SINGLE USE ONLY. You wear 'em now and throw 'em out later-it's that simple. This variant was developed to prevent eye irritation and infection, the common problems encountered by a lot of contact lens wearers. Because sometimes, no matter how you sanitize your contact lens, there's no guarantee that they're really bacteria- free!

Click READ MORE and see how it looks like when worn!

One pack contains 5 sets of contact lens. It's good for a week's usage if you wear contact lens everyday, and perfect for those who just wear it on special occasions. It has a shelf life of 2 years so I'm very sure you can use all of them before they get spoiled!

Embryos! Lol!

There are only two colors: Rich Brown and Jet Black because Freshlook wants them to look as natural as possible so you can wear them in any setting without weirding out anybody. :p

The lenses are housed in disposable trays and in a disposable saline solution so you won't have any reason to reuse them! :D

Other contact lenses are colored and printed all over, but Freshlook's version only has colored rims to allow your natural eye color to peep through, and so that nothing will obstruct your vision.


Rich Brown is a dark, chocolate kind of brown. It just makes your eyes appear a lil' bit bigger than what it is, so don't expect to achieve a gigantic, cray cray, Pokemon- like effect from it. In case you didn't know, the more unnatural the size of the contact lens is, the more pressure it puts on your eyeballs. 

 I like how it looks very, very natural and the way it subtly enhances my eyes. I'm still getting used to wearing contact lenses again, so there were times wherein I kinda' felt that there was something in my eyes, but if I'm going to exclude that factor, the lenses are very plushy yet don't feel flimsy, very comfortable to wear, don't move around so much, and adjust automatically to the middle of your eyes if decentered (Good Centration is the formal term) so no need to use your fingers to fix it and contaminate it in the process!

Here are comparison photos:

This pair of contact lens also has the ability to deepen your eye color.

Freshlook also said that this version has the 8-hour Time Release Technology where it gradually and continuously releases hydrators to keep your eyes healthy for as long as 8 hours. I believe that the efficacy of the Time Release thing still depends on how dry or moist your eyes are as in my case, I have semi-moist eyes and by the 6th hour, the lenses start feeling a little dry already.

I'm happy to have worn contact lenses again, and for satisfying my curiosity on the Doll Eyes trend. Now I know why it's such a hit: It mysteriously brightens up your face and makes your eyes look a little more interesting. Contact Lens is not really a necessity for me so I don't see myself buying it often, but I will definitely grab this particular product when the situation calls for it-it's fast and easy, and doesn't require any care from my end. For those who wear contact lens everyday, I think it's better if you go for the disposable types such as this for zero risk of infection and to spare yourselves from the tedious cleaning and storing process-it's not the most affordable choice, but it's the safest and easiest!


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  1. ah i love the color!it looks natural yet it really enhances your eyes..we have to thank whoever thought of this lens daillies are safer to our the 8hr time release technology is brilliant! :) galing! :D

    1. Good sharing, one advantage of contact lenses is that, unlike glasses, they allow for a complete field of vision. Which contact lenses are actually better? And what is the Quality type of contact lenses suit for your daily activity? I found below article with useful tips for selecting contact lenses:

  2. I just grinned when I knew you also experienced falling asleep with your contact lenses on! It`s really a freaking experience indeed ! It also happened to me once :D

  3. Back in high school I used to sometimes sleep with my contacts on. I was just too lazy to take them out then put them back in the morning again. Yeah, very bad, I know! They just felt really dry and itchy in the morning when I did so I always applied eye drops and they were fine. But gosh, what happened to you was scary! I'd have cried too, believe me.

  4. i started using contact lens when i was in collage =) it was clear and graded. and it cost just same as graded eyeglasses.. yes, the first time i bought contact lens costs 2,200php from a optical clinic and it was good for 1year only if you want to extend its life they can boil it --> dunno what process it is but it is what the ophthalmologist told me, he handed me a piece of paper on when to return to boil my contact lens so it can extend its life for another 3 months, contact lens were good to wear for 8 hours only =) dont sleep when you wear contact lens it may damage your eyes badly or may cause to blindness..

    i saw this brand sa isang optical clinic and they had this one day wear contact lens only

    im looking for a contact lens that is good to wear for a year =)

    (yung optho ko based na sa canada kaya yung clinic nya malapit samin ay nagclosed na, lagi syang on-call sa canada for eye surgery kaya siguro nagclosed na sila ng clinic)

  5. I'd like to wear contacts because I dislike wearing glasses (but I'm almost blind without them), but I'm scared!

  6. Betsbygolly: That's why I stopped wearing it! It's quite a chore on my part. :p

    Aviva: Corrective contact lenses are convenient, plus you can also be creative with it and choose something with colors-the only thing is, you have to be mindful of them all the time! :p Hey, glasses are quite fashionable too! :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing your experience. Boiling method? Wow! That's cool! :)

    Ari: Wow! Lucky you! Good thing your eyes are still intact. :)

    CJ: That's Alcon for you! :)

  7. very natural unlike other contact lenses na sobrang trying hard na tignan sa laki ng mata. :))

  8. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    I love the way you present your blog post , i surely visit here more often

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  9. I love the natural look :) But I kind of hate using Freshlook. Sobrang naninipisan kasi ako. One time, I cried because I couldn't remove it. Hahaha. I use Optix now. Graded contact lens though. :)

  10. magkano na kaya yan ngayon? :)


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