Review: Krave Cosmeceuticals Misty Spritz 3-in-1 Makeup Staying Spray

Here's a review on Krave Cosmeceuticals Misty Spritz 3-in-1 Makeup Setting Spray

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The Theatre has taught me the importance of makeup setting sprays. One of the plays I did required a lot of dancing and after every scene, I'd have to retouch my makeup. A co-actor of mine perhaps saw the tedious process that I was going through so he approached me and handed me an atomizer bottle with water and he told me to spray some all over my face. I was bit hesitant thinking that it might cause my makeup to run, but for what it's worth, I did it. Eureka! For the remaining acts, I had only retouched once and that's it! Since then, the fabulous setting spray became a necessity in my makeup kit. From using plain water, it evolved to facial mists then professional setting sprays. (I loved the one from Kryolan) Until now, I still use setting sprays especially during summer, when commuting, or if my face is extra oily. Right now, I only use facial mists because the professional types may be a bit too much for everyday.

Segue to this product! Krave Cosmeceuticals' has their very own setting spray.! It's called a Makeup STAYING Spray.


Misty Spritz contains three tea extracts namely Rooibos Tea, Green Tea and White Tea that help refresh skin, and has antibacterial and anti-aging properties. Apparently, it has oil- controlling powers.


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The product comes in one size only and in a glass bottle, which is a little bulky for travel. The atomizer delivers a fine and wide mist, and it covers my entire facial area with just two pumps.


Misty Spritz is just like water laced with a sheer Green Tea scent. It imparts a slight cooling effect to the skin and I like it because I feel that it helps shrink my pores every time. It coats my skin with a watery film that helps powder set better, and acts as a makeup refresher. However, it has no oil control-none at all. It can't even keep my makeup from fading. I had high hopes for this product because I thought that there's finally an all- natural facial mist that will help me keep oil at bay without all the chemicals. I guess the formula is too gentle to control oil-I've tried a bevy of setting sprays and by far, the ones with synthetic chemicals usually act better on sebum. On the brighter side, it's a cheaper alternative to Mario Badescu's Facial Mist, in case you're looking for an Herbal Facial Mist, and its tea extracts will help minimize oxidative stress on your skin.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this and did a review on it too. It didn't even help keep my blush from fading and definitely no oil control! Good thing I used a GC to get it or else I'd have been even more disappointed.

  2. i love my Celeteque HYDRATION Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist I got from sample room =) refreshens my face and leaving it moisturized, this krave misty spritz is more cheaper than celeteque =) but im still eyeing on evian spray =) i saw on watsons last time =)

    hugs ms m =)

  3. aw darn it! :| a bit disappointing that it didn't work well..was excited pa naman that it's cheap..i've been hearing positive feedback about Krave but sad nga lang this one isn't as effective as the other products..oh well, there's no such thing as perfect brand siguro.hehe..thanks for sharing ms. m! :)

  4. Mists is perfect when you don't have too much time to retouch. Perfect for an outdoor type of girl like me.

    Too bad that this particular product doesn't keep the makeup on. Looking forward for more effective and great product reviews :)

  5. True instead it makes my face more oily, and my foundation started to fade after 3 hours or I think after spraying this my foundation started to smear and I used krave hd foundation :(

    And now mine got stock in the drawer and I haven't used it until now. I don't know how others says it helps they're makeup to stay for 1 day O_O


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