K-Palette Launches A Modern Eyelid Tape

I attended a Beauty Blogger gathering held by K-Palette last week. We had a lil’ catching up with Cheryl Chua, the beauty and brains behind Beauty Box Corp., and a preview of another awesome product from K-Palette. Stay with me-I’m downright sure you will find it awesome too.

The event was called D-EYE-Y, and we had fun events such as watercolor painting (which I missed) and this: Furoshiki wrapping of our press kits.

Methinks Furoshiki is traditional way of wrapping gifts and items of the Japanese. There are different styles to choose from and I chose the Large Object wrap.

I kinda’ suck at DIY stuff, but ‘ere goes…

Well, that wasn’t so hard! :D

So what’s the awesome news? K-Palette has just launched an eyelid tape…IN LIQUID FORM! Finally, your dreams of sporting bigger eyes and deeper creases have never been THIS easy. Click READ MORE and learn more about this newest product!

The new K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Eyelid Tapes are in liquid form and come in two types: Pink for bigger eyes, and Orange for deeper creases with an eye primer function. You just apply it on your eyes, allow it to dry, and use the Y-fork that comes in the pack to shape your lids and voila! Big eyes and deep creases are finally yours! Traditional eyelid tapes, according to some users, are quite painful and take time to use so definitely, this is a great, great alternative. FYI, both can also serve as a fake eyelash adhesive!

K-Palette makeup artist Rina came all the way from Japan to do a makeup demo for us. In here, she's just doing a simple, bright- eyed look on one of the models.

Now Rina's demonstrating how to use the Real Lasting Mega Cute Eyelid Tape (Orange).

Left, model's perspective: with K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Eyelid Tape (Orange)
Right, model's perspective: None

Her left eyes kinda' looked wider with the liquid eyelid tape on! :)

Here's also a cute Japanese girl from K-Palette Japan sporting one of the hottest eye makeup trends in their country: Eyeliner with various shapes drawn at the tip. In here, she's just sporting a basic arrow head-they said other Japanese girls draw hearts, stars, and flowers at the edge of the line. Do you think this will be a hit in our country? :)

Wonderful event as always, Beauty Box Corp. and K-Palette! :)

Here's another good news from Beauty Box Corp.: Fairydrops has just discontinued one of their Platinum Mascaras (the silver one) and replaced it with Fairydrops Platinum Mascara T2 (Film Type). It has a doubled amount of beauty essences (Collagen, Squalene Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Panthenol), but the superb curling, volumizing, and lengthening effects have been retained. 

I like that it comes in gold packaging! :)

I posted on my Instagram page a photo (please follow me there: thebeautyjunkee) using these tapes, and migosh, I was so happy at the effect! I'll review this soon and I'll make a video tutorial! :D

Please visit K-PALETTE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. Omg! Really missed your blog! Been so busy this past few days :/ I missed a lot of blogs huhu I'll be doing some catching up hehe. Anyway, tgis is great and soo cute too. Hope it's avail in most beauty bar shops. Gotta check them out ^^

  2. ang cute! when i saw that kind of diy bags i remember koreanovelas where they use this kind of bag for their baons haha =) cuteness!

  3. Japanese girls are cute in general so drawing hearts and other stuff on their faces look adorable on them. I don't think it would work here because we look different. Haha

  4. Some stores are using that kind of wrapping, just can't remember what online store is that. :)

  5. Oooh, i wana try the diy wrapping! Haha. And its so cool that you shared this! Followed you in instagram and i must say, it looks so good on you!

  6. Stephanie: Is that Wild Peach? Haha. Just guessing. :)

    Mary: Thank you! :)

    Aviva: Not to mention it's not really our thing. :D

    Rhain: What I remember are those cartoons wherein the protagonist leaves home with a tied- up bag on the edge of a stick haha!

    MJ: Awww...thanks! I think it's available in all Beauty Bar shops. :)

  7. Naalala ko na Ms. M , it's Messy Bessy hehehe. :) They're using beautiful scarves and bandanas. :)


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