Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angel Blusher in Blossom Lavender (3) Review

Here's a review on Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angel Blusher in Blossom Lavender (3)

Price: P665.00
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Other Locations: Available in Too Cool For School SM North EDSA and SM Mall Of Asia


During my getting-to-know visit in Too Cool For School SM Mall of Asia, I asked Jarelle, the Brand Manager, what their best- selling products are. The first thing she reached for in the sea of ultra cute, bubbly makeups is this: Play Cheek Angel Blusher. She mused that it's very comparable to Chanel's famed Joues Contraste, and it even has a dupe for one of JC's shades-by that, I think she's referring to Chanel's Narcisse as it's kinda' similar to Play Cheek Angel Blusher shade #1. Now that got me interested. Chanel's powder blush is soooo lovely yet soooo pricey, so I wouldn't mind having a cheaper dupe!


Play Cheek Angel Blusher is said to be a Terracotta Blush, created using the baking method for softer, smoother pigments for a blush that glides on effortlessly and pops naturally. Chanel is another brand known for baking blushes-in fact, it's their signature method.

The packaging is indeed Too Cool For School and Too Cute For My Life. I think if I'm going to splurge on this brand, the main reason would definitely be the packaging.

Click READ MORE and find out if it's a possible Chanel dupe!

See? Told ya' it's sooo cute! The applicator is housed at the bottom of the compact.

Btw, the puff is replaceable. TCFS also sells the puff.

Shade range is a bit disappointing, unfortunately. There are only three shades and they're all fair- skin friendly.

Blossom Lavender 3 is a pale pink shade with a teeny weeny hint of lilac with silver frosting. In here, it seems quite pigmented to me. It's nearly unscented, and texture is very, very nice: It's silky, soft, ultra smooth and a lil' creamy-one touch and I immediately knew how easy to blend this thing is.


Two layers of Play Cheek Angel Blusher in Blossom Lavender (3)

I love how it isn't powdery, yields no fallout, and how it gives me a natural finish and that nice, non-greasy looking glow. It persists to stay and look natural regardless if you blend it evenly or just pat it on and leave it. Sadly, it's not as pigmented when applied on the cheeks. I could barely see the pink-lilac shade and all I got is a wash of silver shimmer.'s not the best product for people with large pores!

Left: Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angel Blusher in Blossom Lavender (3)
Right: Chanel Joues Contraste inRose Tourbillon (67)

For comparison's sake, here's a swatch of this product and Chanel's Joues Contraste in Rose Tourbillon (67). TCFS has mimicked Chanel's natural finish, pretty glow and super blendable texture (but the latter has a finer texture and more compact pigments), but fell short on pigmentation. Both blushes give off the same degree of radiance to the skin, but between the two, Chanel has the most natural- looking glow as its shimmers are diffused and won't highlight bumps and big pores. I used to think that the Joues Contraste line is overrated, but I'm telling you: To use a Chanel blush is to believe.

Staying power is good as it lasts all day with zero retouching. It will suit oily, normal, and even dry skin as the powder is a lil' creamy. For me, this is a highlighter, not a blush. I guess if you're looking for a highlighter that won't make you look like a disco ball and make you shine in all the wrong places, I would suggest this.

Well, that's just me being nitpicky and that's just an opinion coming from someone who has experienced Joues Contraste. Let's all bear in mind that we still have to manage our expectations given the price of the product. My verdict is, this is a nice and budget- friendly alternative to Joues Contraste, but not necessarily a dupe. In the affordable blush category, this is perhaps the blush that has the most natural- looking payoff, but I hope they expand the shade choices, produce dark skin- friendly shades, and most importantly, improve the pigmentation. I still have hope for it!


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  1. hmmm i think kapag ako gumamit nyan ms m magiging parang highlighter lang =( i want blush shade na will look natural on my cheeks.. 665php for this uhmm.. it wont fit my budget the only catchy with this blush is their packaging

  2. When I saw your IG post that it's as good as the Chanel blush, I got excited. I only have 1 Chanel blush and malapit ko na sya maubos. So I was thinking na I can buy a dupe na lang with this TCFS. Maybe I'll just try the Maybelline Bouncy Blush.. :)

  3. i kinda like it. not too pink. :) i have a blush that is similar to this shade and i use it with a light makeup:)

  4. Anne_22: Maybelline is nice. I actually like the finish of this one, but the shades don't fit my skin tone. :p

    Fati: Cool. :) If light makeup's your thing then I see why. :)

    Rhain: LOL. Same here so I'd pass up on this one. :)


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