Mary Kay One Woman Can Diaries 2: The Transformation

Welcome to the second day of Mary Kay's One Woman Can Pageant finals! In here, I'll tell you all about the various trainings our Filipina candidates went through, plus you'll get to meet the celebrity judges! :)

Exactly at 9:30 A.M., me and a couple of Press people and candidates from all the participating countries arrived at The Space in Hollywood Road for the whole day training and preparation for the main pageant. The girls had to undergo hair and makeup makeovers, professional styling, photography, practice how to strut their stuff on the catwalk, and on how to higher their self- confidence.

I was tasked to shadow and document the journey of two Filipina delegates:

Deniece Cornejo with partner consultant Maria Fe Bermudez.

Arianne Buenviaje and her partner consultant, Vanessa Ligan.

Click READ MORE and see the transformation of Deniece and Arianne, plus meet Hong Kong's finest, the celebrity judges!

Here's Gary Chung, the celebrity judge in charge of the makeover of the contestants. Gary Chung is the favorite makeup artist of many Asian actors, models, and even socialites, and he even did Hollywood star Adrien Brody's makeup.

Gary was there not to do the makeup of the girls, but to teach their partner consultants how to do expert makeup. If you're wondering what a partner consultant is, they're Mary Kay Beauty Consultants or those who distribute Mary Kay products. This was a vital exercise for them as it has further enhanced their skills and knowledge on beauty, which is definitely necessary for their business and the kinds of product they're selling.

Here's Ms. Maria Fe doing the makeup of Deniece. What I like about her is her brow grooming skills. I'm a brow person, as you all know, and this is why I admire her.

While Ms. Vanessa is pretty skilled at eye makeup. I watched her all the time. Gary would often come to our spot and give her tips, but I loved how she would always personalize them. Being a true artist is knowing the basics, but personalizing them in the end-art is personal!

After the makeover, our girls headed to the styling section for a one-on-one styling session with Christie Simpson, stylist to the stars and some of the most prominent people in Hong Kong. In here, she taught the girls how to find the right clothes for their body types, a key in finding the confidence in whatever article of clothing they shall wear.

Here's Arianne who opted for a loose type of dress. Arianne's built is very petite and slim, and she needed the extra puffs from a loose dress to make her look a lil' lean.

Deniece chose a bright red asymmetrical lace dress that really flattered her complexion. A cinch black belt was the perfect touch to define her small waist.

After the styling session, they had a modeling training with Cara G., one of Asia's prominent models and was a judge for Asia's Next Top Model. Cara is such a sweet, sweet girl, and she didn't mind posing for us despite her full plate that day. Here's Cara posing for the readers of The Beauty Junkee.

Cara talked about health and wellness, which is an important aspect of life. Since the One Woman Can participants were competing for a modeling contract with Mary Kay, she stressed that being a model means you have to eat healthy in order to maintain a lean physique. Actually, even if some of the participants are not aspiring models, it really is important to eat healthy!

The girls were also trained how to seize the catwalk by walking like a pro. I'm so proud of Arianne and Deniece because Cara applauded them in just the first round! Our Filipina delegates were so competitive!

Here's another Filipina delegate, Fatima Saquilabon from Koronadal City. She was shadowed by Shen.

The BTS video of the entire training was hosted by Dominic Lau, the celebrity host of the One Woman Can pageant.

Lastly, the girls had a photo shoot with Sean Lee Davies, celebrity photographer/judge/T.V. show host,  and photographer to some Asian stars even Leonardo Di Caprio.

Arianne's beautiful morena skin just glowed in the golden, bejeweled background.

Deniece was a natural, and she effortlessly looked gorgeous in Sean's lens.

Before the photo shoot ended, Bloggers and Press people were given a chance to interview the celebrity judges and Mary Kay executives during the break. I had an interview with Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay worldwide.

Note: all answers were paraphrased

Me: Why did you decide to come up with the One Woman Can Pageant?

Sheryl: We thought that it really resonates the vision of the company, and that is to just bring out all the best in women. Being a woman, it takes a lot to get by in this world, but if we instill in every woman that they have what it takes to make a difference not only in their lives but also in their communities, change for the better will start to take place-this is what we want to communicate with our tagline, ONE WOMAN CAN.

I also had an interview with Sean Lee Davies and asked him this fun question, which I intended to ask as a break from all the interviews regarding the One Woman Can pageant:

Me: What's a beautiful photograph to you?

Sean: A beautiful photograph is anything that captures your eyes and your heart. Sometimes, it's not all about the lighting, the styling, and all the professional aspects-it's just about the life and story in that photo.

Me: *Gushing LOL! :D

And to cap off this post, see the transformation of Arianne and Deniece:

Deniece: Before

Deniece: After

Arianne: Before

Arianne: After

If for anything, the best thing this whole- day activity did to Arianne and Deniece was they were made to believe so much in their abilities and most especially, their beauty.

So that's a wrap! Hope you learned something from this post. In the final post, find out who won in the One Woman Can pageant!

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