Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

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All this time, I thought that foot scrubs are the best products to help you achieve super smooth feet, until I met Foot Masks. Foot Masks are slowly becoming a skin care trend nowadays. As for its origin, I don't exactly know where it came from, but Korean and Japanese brands first came out with this product, so I guess it's okay to assume that either of the two countries invented this product!

Okay, enough of the blabber. I know you've been waiting for the results!


This mask not just removes dry skin, but really peels old skin off! Think of a snake that's shedding old skin to reveal shiny new scales-that's the idea behind this product.


Purederm's version is primarily made with fruit- derived acids, an effective concoction that helps you reveal divine feet.

Click READ MORE if you want to achieve baby- like feet! :D

The pack comes with two plastic socks with paper liners inside that are soaked with the peeling solution.

Just cut out the top portion of the socks-look for the dotted lines as guide-and insert your feet. Wait for 90 minutes. 

The solution has this very cooling and mild pricking sensation, and a sharp fruity acid scent. 30 minutes into the session, I felt that my feet, especially the soles, began to feel very tender. It's not a bad thing though, but some might find it weird. (I did!)

There is a down time with this product, and that is you'll experience shedding in 2 weeks or more. For almost two weeks, I've been wearing closed shoes only as my feet were really ugly! :p


A day after usage, the skin on my feet especially the soles felt a lil' stiff. The label advised that peeling will happen in 2 days after usage, but mine happened after 3-I guess it depends on your skin's reaction to the product. 

When old skin is starting to peel, please do not peel the hanging skin as the fresh skin might get irritated. The best you could do is scrub your feet gently in the shower to remove old skin, and apply foot lotion afterwards.

After 1 week, the old skin became more and more resurfaced and they were good enough to peel already. I only peeled the loose skin though, and I didn't force the ones that were still clinging closely to my feet. The skin on the top part of my feet as well as the one around my toes have peeled as well. The peeling process lasted for about 8 or 9 days on me. During the entire process, my feet would always irritate me because it's so dry and not even body butter can moisturize it properly-it's like it just sucks in all the emollient stuff easily.

After the entire peeling process, I achieved super soft, dry skin- free feet, and even my calluses were gone! It's been a month since I last used this product, and my feet still feel exquisitely soft and smooth!

Closer look at my humongous foot :D

I always get sharp, hanging, dry skin on this area that I couldn't remove with regular foot scrub, but thanks to this product, I now know how to deal with them once they show up again!

I'm loving my newfound foot softness and suppleness! This is truly an innovation, a beauty product that you should really try. Not only does it reveal new, beautiful skin, it also melts away calluses and painful dry skin hiding in between your cuticles. Regarding usage, I would advise that you use it once your feet starts feeling rough and super dry again as too much peeling may sensitize your skin.


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! It's really an innovation! I'm not a fan of foot spas because I feel like the process doesn't really remove all the dead skin on my feet but looking at the result on you with this product convinced me to try is one out. Thank you for sharing Ms. M! I love your blogs. I'll try this over the weekend. :)

  2. OMG!! I will try this! :) is it okay to put lotion after? and to the suceeding days?

  3. Thanks for the post!
    I'm super excited to try this product! I have dry and rough feet. Foot spa's are quite expensive while foot scrubs have minimal effect. Maybe this product will be my new bestfriend. hehehe

  4. Ooohh! Thanks for the detailed review! It really is effective. This is good for people with extremely rough and dry feet.

  5. wow wow wow! i must say i'm very shocked with this product! i saw this last time in watsons when i passed by and thought that stuffs like these don't work. i admit im very wrong when i read this post of yours. i gotta try this since i have calluses. thanks for this post! :) <3

  6. I'm having second thoughts on trying this. But seeing my feet now and seeing yours after using the mask, I'm tempted. Haha!

  7. I've never tried and I wasn't expecting such a commitment for this to come with! 3 days peeling then scrubbing, lotion, etc. But the results are phenomenal. I need to weigh my options. :/

  8. I was able to try this since kasama to sa SM Beauty Box.
    Super effective! 3 days din sya bago nag-peel yung sa feet ko, and I thought it's not really effective. But whoah! When I saw the loose skin on my feet, I can't stop peeling them especially around the soles. Yung usual na na-scrub sa foot spa tapos after a few days maffeel mo na naman na may thick skin. This product really works, I cant stop raving about this to my friends and family kasi para syang magic! hehe

  9. oh dear papa needed this really bad gonna buy him this =)

    I gave thim the sakura foot lotion ive won from your anniversary and it works great on his feet =) thanks a bunch!

  10. Oh wow!I love this! i HAVE BEEN FINDING PRODUCTS LIKE THESE BECUASE i DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO TO SPAS to have foot spa! Thank God for this ♥

  11. wow, this is a must try! very effective :)

  12. Wow three days lng nag pe-peel na? I heard yung sa Face Shop takes about a week. And it's a lot more expensive. Good to know there's a cheaper, more effective alternative :)

  13. This is my best impulse purchase so far! This a great foot spa without the hassle of lining up. It really works. I'm thinking of hoarding these and sending it to my mom. I'm sure she'll love these.

  14. Monica: Weee! That is so true. It's very convenient and cost- effective. :) My mom didn't like the peeling portion though. :P

    Angel: Yup! :) Can't wait to use it again! :)

    Issa: Yes it is! :D

    Fati: True! It is indeed heaven sent! :D

    Rhain: Welcome! :)

    Anne_22: True! :D What I like about it is it doesn't leave me with wounds despite the crazy peeling. :)

    Pau B: The downtime is pretty much worth it. Yun lang, you have to endure ugly feet for a week haha! :D

    Rizza: Go dear! I really swear by this thing. :D

    Aviva: Yep! Works for me because I like walking barefoot at home. :D

    Mary: You're welcome! :)

    Anonymous: Lotion is very much welcome. Better to apply consistently and at least twice a day when it starts peeling to minimize dryness. :D

    Jomaeli: Hi and welcome to TBJ! I'm sure it will be yours 'cuz currently, it's my best buddy! With this, I'm always able to save 500php+ from salon- based foot spas! :D

    Sarina: Hi Sarin! You're welcome and I'm glad you loved this post. Please let me know your results. :)

  15. It's 2016 already and I just discovered this product lol. It's very effective like you say! I also did a review for Purederm's Exfoliating foot mask. You can read it here: http://teptns.blogspot.com/2016/09/tep-tries-purederms-exfoliating-footmask.html

  16. love your beautiful feet

  17. I did this 7 days ago and nothing yet. The first 3 days my feet were tight but nothing since then. I shower in the am and soak them in the pm. How long do you have to wait before you can do it again?

    1. It is advised that you observe 1 month interval between usage of this product. :)

  18. I applied purederm exfoliating foot mask just last September 13, 2017. Unfortunately it's 7 days now and no peeling at all... :(
    Can i apply again?


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