Review: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit in 01

Here's a review on Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit 01.

Price: P298.00
Bought From: Etude House, SM Mall Of Asia
Other Locations: Please refer to Etude House Philippines' Facebook Fan Page


I was looking for something to buy in Etude House SM Mall Of Asia, but nothing piqued my curiosity so bad quite like the Surprise Concealer Kit. It was also timely as I was looking for a new concealer kit  brand to try, and this is just merely 300 bucks. I don't wanna sound mean though- I didn't expect anything from this concealer, but after trying it, I got the biggest surprise of my life: This is a very nice concealer palette!


Surprise Concealer Kit is actually meant for facial concealing-its other counterpart, Surprise Essence Concealer is the one meant for the under eyes. I got 01 because it's the only piece left. Heck, it even had a nick on the smallest palette, a sign that somebody tried to swatch it--The fact that it's the only stock available contributed a lot to the purchase as I thought it must be a best- seller.

This palette comes in a thick, slim plastic case with an embedded mirror. It doesn't come with a brush though. My only problem is, it doesn't seem to have a lock or magnet and the cover pops out easily, so it's definitely not the best concealer to lug around in your bag. (Hello concealer mess!)

The two shades don't have names though, hence I shall refer to them as Big (left) and Small (right)- please take note of that for the swatches after the cut.

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TOP: Small (left) and Big (right) swatched lightly
BOTTOM: Small (left) and Big (right) swatched heavily

Big is plainly a pale yellow shade-it's too white if used alone on the under eyes, but works fantastically as a lid brightener. Small is a medium beige shade with yellow undertone. I mix both on the under eyes especially if I've had a sleepless night or when I'm sick because Big really does brighten and lift my face. Texture is very creamy and soothing, but dries into a soft matte finish. Pigmentation is medium to heavy, and I find it impressively opaque if layered on as in it can really conceal dark circles and minimize the prominence of eye bags. However, it has this weird floral-alcohol scent. 


Bare under eye

One layer each of Big and Small

It's very easy to blend, albeit it has a tendency to cake for a bit when it starts to settle and if piled on. I use a concealer brush to remove the caking especially on the area of the lower lash line. The catch is, it has no smoothing and crease- concealing effects though, but it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't sink into fine lines-lasts pretty much all day too with very minimal fading. Despite the semi- matte finish, this baby does not aggravate dryness and has a mild moisturizing effect. For those with under eyes that tend to dry up during the day, use an eye cream first.

It's supposed to be used as a facial concealer, but it doesn't work this way for me. This palette is too yellow, and I find that peach- toned concealers are more effective when it comes to covering up discolorations. Maybe if you have very, very light discolorations, this will work for you. Also, since it is very creamy, it tends to rub off once you start applying liquid foundation or powder on top of it. It's not the best option for those with oily skin, but for those with normal and dry skin, it may work.

In conclusion, this is better off as an eye concealer kit. It takes a little effort to work with, but the finish and effect it gives is worth it. Also, it's such a steal for a very decent concealer kit!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. its pink! ang cute! packaging reminds me of clinique =) (old style)

    i see, it is bit yellowish nga sa skintone mo ms m considering this concealer kit a budget friendly one for me, i still prefer using elf concealer =) though i havent tried anything from etude house pa =)

  2. its pink! ang cute! packaging reminds me of clinique =) (old style)

    i see, it is bit yellowish nga sa skintone mo ms m considering this concealer kit a budget friendly one for me, i still prefer using elf concealer =) though i havent tried anything from etude house pa =)

  3. I'm a little surprised to see an Etude House review from you :) Since I've noticed you review mostly high-end products lol. It concealed your under eye circles pretty well, which is surprising for only Php298 :) But because it has a very creamy consistency, I'm sure it will be runny on my oily skin...


  4. Does this come only in one dual shade? Maybe there could be other shades?

  5. maria eileen caballeroSeptember 10, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    Great performance for the price. Definitely a steal!!

  6. My first comment! Hihi :)
    Such a great review ms. M. This would definitely be in my "to swatch " list. This is so affordable though I'm still considering Zero kuma. My eyebags are not that prominent but cream concealers tend to settle on my fine lines. What do you think? :) thanks!

  7. I like how it concealed your under eye. The price is affordable too but i think i will pass on wanting this. though i love the kit with a mirror inside!

  8. I like the packaging! So girly! Bit it looks a bit cakey when applied :/

  9. Haven't tried peach toned concealers. What do you recommend that'll suit my oily skin, Ms. M?

  10. hhmm.. This looks interesting and for a PHP300 concealer, this is a steal! Sadly, I don't think this is for me. I have oily face and baka after 3 hours lang, nabura na sya. :(

  11. Rhain: You nailed it! yes, it does look like clinique's old packaging. :)

    Anne_22: If you're gonna use it as a facial concealer, it won't really last on your oily skin. :)

    Rizza: Artdeco's Camouflage cream concealer! My favorite facial concealer :)

    Pau B: That's the catch-that's why I shared my technique, and that is evening out the cakey parts with a finger or concealer brush. :)

    Mary Chua: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, if you don't want it right now, I guess you shouldn't buy it. :)

    Maria Eileen Caballero: Love it for my under eyes! :)

    MJ: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Between this and zero kuma, I'd choose zero kuma because it's more moisturizing, doesn't cake on the skin, and doesn't settle into lines. I have a review on Zero Kuma. :)

    Flynster: According to the website, it has two shades-don't know if our local Etude House carries the other one though as this was the only one I saw. :)

    Angel: I still prefer pricey cosmetics, but I'm not that snobbish when it comes to affordable ones. I'm a beauty blogger so I have to be open to anything. :) You have the same concern as anne-if you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend it. :)

  12. Nice to see that you've reviewed this. Confession: I've had this in my stash for months now and I haven't even used it once. It's still sealed! Now I'm eager to try it out. :)



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