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Here's a review on ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

Price: P395.00
Bought From: SM Department Store, SM Aura Premiere
Other Locations: Please inquire via ZA Cosmetics Philippines' Facebook Fan Page


I have moments wherein I get really addicted to a certain product and at the moment, I am passionate about Cleansing Oils. Hmmm...perhaps it is because of my newfound love for skin care products? Anyway, my newest acquisition is this: ZA's Deep Cleansing Oil. I bought it during their grand launch as I was looking for a new, good but very affordable alternative to Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oils as Etude House's Cleansing Dream-my favorite affordable cleansing oil-was phased out already. Was pretty surprised at the quality of this stuff because it removes makeup really well like Shu Uemura! This is now one of my favorite affordable makeup removers! :D


ZA Deep Cleansing oil is watery type of oil that is perfect for stubborn, waterproof, long- wearing makeup, mascara, eyeliner, and other skin impurities. It's made from Natural Plant Oils and infused with Vitamin E.

It only comes in one size and a pump dispenser for easy usage. I also kept the lock because the pump doesn't have an open-close option.

INGREDIENTS: Mineral Oil, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, PEG-12 Diisostearate, Diphenylsiloxy Phenyl Trimethicone, PEG-10 Isostearate, Water, Tocopheryl Acetate, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, PEG-8 Diisostearate, Alcohol, Isostearic Acid, BHT Tocopherol, Fragrance

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Indeed, consistency is a watery type of oil, and has a light powdery fragrance. It's very sheer and I always need around two pumps to cover my entire face whereas with Shu Uemura, I only need one most of the time. It's very runny though so you can maximize it by spreading it all over your skin, but I'd still advise that you use around two pumps to be sure that your whole face is covered. One bottle, if used everyday, can last you for 1-2 months.


I leave it on for a minute or two before wiping it off, like what I would normally do with my other cleansing oil products. What I like about ZA's version is it comes off in one swipe, and does not leave any heavy, greasy residue-once you rinse it off with facial foam, it's gone along with all the grime, oil, and face and eye makeup-no need for a second rinse! My face feels really clean and supple after using this.

And just like Shu Uemura, you can work this into a milky type of cleanser. However, it does sting my eyes for a bit.

The good thing about Shu Uemura is, it has skin beautifying benefits. With ZA, it's just a plain makeup remover. So which brand has the better cleansing oil? Shu Uemura or ZA Cosmetics? It depends on your needs: If you can afford to spend and you want a cleansing oil that will help improve your skin in the long run, go for Shu. If you're on a budget and you just want to experience cleansing oils, or you want a simple and effective makeup remover, go for ZA.


By the way, I am ZA Cosmetics Philippines' Blogger of The Month for September. I'll be sharing some of my fave ZA products all September long, plus I'll cap off this partnership with a ZA giveaway at the end of the month, so please watch out for that! :)

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  1. i saw this from their FB Timeline =) i have tried Shu Uemura Cleansing oil (in sachets) still not a fan of cleansing oils =( it makes my vision blurr at night after wash, i dunno if its just me..

  2. Congratulations for being ZA's blogger of the month! :))

  3. Its nice that it removes your makeup completely. I just cleanse my face everyday with human nature facial wash but my friends use this product and they said it really cleans their face :)

  4. Yay! Congrats for being Blogger of the Month!
    I was able to try Shu Uemura's cleansing oil, the pink and the yellow one. Though they're pretty good, I still have some hesitations trying out cleansing oils since I feel like they're making my face oilier. Clean but oilier, I think.

  5. informative blog post. cant wait to read in your archive

  6. it really removes dirt and makeup! this is, by far, the most affordable cleansing oil i know. :) wow congratulations for being the blogger of the month! Looking forward to other ZA products reviews and giveaway! :)

  7. congrats for being blogger of the month! wow, if it removes waterproof makeup, this must be really good. :)

  8. Rhain: That's really the side effect of cleansing oils on eyes. It's advisable to use eye makeup removers to remove eye makeup. :)

    Issa: Thank you! It is! :)

    Fati: Me too! I'm willing to repurchase. :)

    Carissa: Welcome to TBJ! Enjoy browsing! :)

    Anne_22: Oh. :(

    Mary Chua: I think you still need makeup removers regardless if you wear heavy or light makeup just to be sure that your face is really clean :)

    Angel: Thank you! :)


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