FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Best Eye Primers

It's now time for Fan Mail Fridays! :D we've got a nice question here from Dessa and she asks:

What eye primer can I use? I tried to apply a regular liquid foundation  
I use for my face and after some time my eyelid becomes oily and the make  
up tends to pile on the crease. Thanks!
- Dessa

Hi Dessa!

Most liquid foundations tend to aggravate oily lids because most of the time, this product contains oil and cream as ingredients. Best liquid foundation to use on your lids are the matte or long- wearing ones, then seal it with a dry- textured translucent/pressed powder.

It's an option to apply eye primer on your lids before applying liquid foundation to help prevent or minimize creasing, at the very least. Here are the ones that I would recommend. They're great, and my oily lids love 'em. Click READ MORE for my list!


- Still, this product is the undisputed eyeshadow primer. Not only does it inhibit oil, but also keeps your eye makeup vibrant all day long.

- This is a triple- use product: Use it as a regular eyeshadow, as a primer, or as a base to boost the pigmentation of powder eyeshadows.

- This is a more compact version. Personally, I like the shade called Vanilla because it's yellow- toned and it brightens my peepers. Actually, this shade can be considered as a regular eyeshadow primer already!

- An affordable eyeshadow base for the everyday gal. Good for those who prefer wearing light eye makeup.


- Before Urban Decay came into my life, Kryolan's Eye Shadow Base was my HG eye primer. It's very much like Urban Decay, but totally cheaper. However, I don't know if Kryolan has raised their prices already. If you find UDPP a lil' steep for your budget, this is the best alternative.

That's all and have a blast today! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I thought ARTDECO was more high-end. I saw/watched some reviews about ArtDeco stuff and they consider it "drugstore" makeup. So I guess that's why :) This is great! Now I know.

  2. Yes, I thought Artdeco is a high-end product too. I was surprised that it's affordable.

    My HG primer is UDPP too because it really prevents my lids from oiliness. I even had to buy 2 back-ups for this!

  3. ELF eyelid primer works well too, at least for me. Doesn't make eyeshadows vibrant, but keeps them crease-free all day.

  4. Where did you buy the Artdeco? Thanks! ;)

  5. Ms. M, please post a cheaper alternative or a dupe. :) I was surprised the MAC Paint Pot didn't make your list.

  6. i use elf concealer as eye primer din =)

  7. CJ: Artdeco is affordable lang, but quality is pro. :D

    Rhain: Cool! Thanks for sharing. That doesn't work for me though as I have super oily lids!

    Majorie: It's available in all beauty bar branches. :)

    Maica: Because I haven't used that product yet. :) I wanna include more cheaper alternatives, but in my experience, the cheap ones I've tried really suck. :p

    Aviva: Good for you! I might check that out. :D

    Anne_22: Same! I love UDPP but the price....Haha! :p

  8. I heard that Urban Decay's primer is the best primer so far. Ang ganda ng pagkakalagay ng eye makeup mo. and maybe the primer also made your eyeshadows well blended and nicely pigmented.


Thank you for your comments!