Halloween 2013: Avatar Makeup

The last time I did fantasy makeup was in 2010, when I was still in College. Thought that it would be nice to brush up on my theatrical makeup skills by doing this Avatar look that I'm sure you'll find cool for your Halloween party this week!


Bright Blue Eyeshadow
Silver Eyeshadow
White face paint or a very pale concealer
Pale orange or Nude lipstick
Black Eyeliner
Blue Face Paint
White Eyeliner
Black Mascara
Bullet brush, Flat Liner Brush, Blender Brush
Wedge sponge

Here's a cool find that I'd like to share with everyone. If you know the HIP section in Powerplant Mall, there's a store there called Shmily (beside Trunk Show and Girl Shoppe)-they sell paper supplies and it's where I spotted these food- grade face paints at P120.00 per mini tub. There are a lot of color options from White to Pearlescent Blue. Alternative place to buy face paint is National Bookstore-it's where I used to buy Snazaroo face paint at P300.00+ per compact, but I don't know if they raised their prices or if they're still selling it. You can always check though!

Ready for the tutorial? I promise, this is just very easy. :) Click READ MORE now! :)

STEP 1: Apply white face paint or pale concealer all over your face. This will enhance the vibrance of the blue face paint, and so that you have a veil of protection between that and your skin.

STEP 2: Grab a small bowl of clean water, your blue face paint, and a wedge sponge.

STEP 3: Gently dab some blue face paint all over your face, eye lids included.

Voila! Here it is now. If you're pressed for time and you can't do the entire Avatar look any longer, just buy a white Santa hat, yellow wig, and go to your Halloween party as Smurfette! :D

Shmily's Face Paint is good and affordable, but I find it a little streaky and almost impossible to even out when applied on skin so you really have to keep on buffing until you get a decent finish. I tried my best here, but it still looks a lil' streaky. Oh well! The nice thing about it though is, it does not need any setting powder as it dries into a matte finish. However, it is not that sweat- proof, but washes off easily with soap and water!

STEP 4: Grab your bright blue eyeshadow and flat liner brush.

STEP 5: Create a cane- shaped line starting at the sides of your nice up to your eye lids.

STEP 6: Shape and fill your brows with the same eyeshadow color.

STEP 7: Apply white eye liner on your lower lash line.

STEP 8: Apply a blue border on the white eye liner.

STEP 9: Take your blender brush and apply silver eye shadow on your under eyes until the top part of your apples-this technique will bring your eyes forward.

STEP 10: Grab a wedge sponge and apply white face paint/pale concealer on your entire nose

STEP 11: Apply a straight, horizontal line right above your nose openings. Apply a rose- colored blush at the bordered part.

STEP 12: Apply a sheer line on your nose bridge to make your nose appear much bigger, just like the Avatar folks.

STEP 13: Start applying line patterns all over your face. Style is up to you!

STEP 14: Apply white dots on your under eyes and forehead. Again, the pattern is up to you.

STEP 15: Line your eyes with jet- black eyeliner-go for a thick line for better definition.

STEP 16: Use the bright blue eyeshadow as a lip liner.

STEP 17: Apply Pale Orange or Nude lipstick on your lips. I mixed MAC Temptingand Fresh Brew in here.

STEP 18: Apply tiger- like streaks on your cheeks as well using a blender brush and bright blue eyeshadow.

STEP 19: If you want to win the CHARACTER OF THE NIGHT award, go the extra mile and apply blue paint and streaks all over your body! :D

STEP 20: Finally, apply falsies!

The final look. It sucks that lighting's not so good in this pic, but in person, the colors are much vibrant and nicer-my mom almost shrieked when I woke her up to check my makeup haha! 

If you find your version a lil' messy, that's okay-you can always clean it up afterwards. :)

Happy Halloween, folks! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Looks awesome!

  2. Amaze-balls! :) I love that you're not afraid to experiment with different looks and that you share it with us, flattering or not. Not to say that your avatar look isn't flattering ha? You look great! :) What I meant is that you're not afraid to share with us what works and doesn't work for you. That's one of the many reasons why I keep on coming back to your blog every single day! Kudos! Oh and Happy Halloween!:)

  3. I love it! Wow, sure one will get the prize if they'll do this. If the price is right, I won't blink an eye and follow your instructions for this! Amazing!

  4. if all else fail, use makeup hahaha =) kung walang maisip na costume best to wear talaga ang makeup diba just be creative thank you ms m for this tutorial we, your readers SUPER like this! hmmm sana meron vampire look (alam ko meron eh, kayo ni bf mo magkasama sa pic) hihi

  5. Whohoo! I love how complete the look is :) + I really really like the lashes you used in this look. Please do more!

  6. Hi girls! Gald you liked this. :D

    Tellie: I have a new one and it's Wicked! :D

    Ella-Monique: Hi and welcome to my blog! :D Integrity is always my priority, and I'm happy that you're one of those who noticed this effort of mine. :D Like you, I will always love having you in my blog. Happy Halloween as well! :D

  7. Ang galing Ms. M. :))))) naalala ko nanaman ang avatar movie, pinaiyak ako nyan.

  8. Galing! Pero pansin ko po parang nagbebreak out ang skin mo. Maybe it's because of the foundation you're using? Before, when I was using Ever Bilena's stick foundation, dumami pimples ko, maliliit lang naman but when I switched to Etude, I don't break out na =)


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