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Beauty and Minerals Brush Guards Review

Here's a review on Beauty And Minerals Brush Guards

Price: P250.00/pack
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available via Beauty & Minerals on Facebook


They say it's better late than never! I know, I know, I'm kinda' late in the game already, but I just wanna scream and shout: THESE BRUSH GUARDS ARE AWESOMEPOSSUM! Haven't given 'em much thought when people were raving about these tools then. Sophie Uy of Charm Makeup Brushes and Beauty & Minerals gave this set to me and thanks to her, my brushes are back to their tip- top shape!


This set contains 12 brush guards: 6 long guards and 6 short guards to protect all of your brushes, from eye blenders to kabukis.

Every makeup lover needs this in his/her life! More about this product after the cut!

Material is made from a stretchy, durable kind of plastic (or is it nylon) that compresses brush heads gently, helping them retain their shape.


My major problem with my brushes is, they tend to fan out right after washing and when they're completely dry and it's hard to bring back their glorious shape-These brush guards have put an end to that.

Here's my MAC 217 with the short brush guard.

Here's the long brush guard on my Artist Studio Powder Brush.

You can use these products on wet or dry brushes. Most brushes come with plastic shapers, but I like this one better because the holes promote a healthy circulation of air within the bristles, although it has its limitations: It works better on fluffier eye and face brushes and some of the bristles tend to stick out from the holes leaving you with a frizzy brush, unless you make sure that all the strands are in place before storage. Nevertheless, it's an awesome product. Ever since my brushes experienced these tools, they performed better, looked better, and they felt the same as the first time I got 'em. I wonder how I lived without it!


Please visit BEAUTY & MINERALS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love these, but wish they came in smaller (tighter?) sizes so that they'd fit my eye brushes better. I had to staple one of mine in half (crosswise) so they'd shape 2 of my eye brushes better.

  2. a solution to make-up brushes problem especially when drying it off! my only concern is that, is it reusable or disposable?

  3. first saw this with ms.nikki. :) whenever i saw this naalala ko pears and apples kasi ganito itsura nung lagayan nila. hehehe.

  4. wow.. first time i saw this. It would really help and the air can circulte indeed making the drying process quicker. Moisture kept may inhibit the build-up of bacterias...
    i say this product is awesome...
    how much does it cost anyway?

  5. Sorry.. wasn't wearing my glasses.. I didn't notice the price which was right on top of your post.. hehehe.. my bad :D

  6. I need these! I'm glad meron ng ganito locally, before kasi you have to order online pa and mas mahal. Argh! Must-have!

  7. i want to have this for my brushes para kapag tinutuyo ko sila hindi masyadong bumuka yung mga bristles

  8. these are great! other brush guards are soooo expensive. nice post!

  9. Tropicthrill: I knoooow! Something for my eyeliner brushes should be good! :D

    Hazel: Yes! And I bet they only do the same thing haha! :D

    Rhain: That's what it's supposed to do. However, I prefer drying my brushes without anything on 'em, then I put the brush guards after. :)

    Anne_22: True! :D

    Winnie: same thoughts. :) No prob on the error. :)

    Stephanie: Lol! And new year's eve too! :D

    Jerlyn: They're reusable. Just rinse 'em with soap and water after some time and they're good as new again!


Thank you for your comments!