Mary Kay At Play: Because Makeup is Fun!

I think I may have given this post a cliché title but 'tis true-that makeup is fun. It's awesome. It's a colorful playground. Every color holds the key to self- discovery. Every dazzling pigment helps your beauty see a brand new light. Every deep, bold, luscious color is like energy that renews and revives your confidence and enthusiasm. (Oh please stop me before I make a monologue about makeup!)

Speaking of fun, Mary Kay has just released a new line that'll just make you exclaim "Playtime!". It's the new Mary Kay At Play collection, a collection of bright, dazzling, and luscious colors that let you discover and unleash the real you. You can choose to go au naturel, trendy, as a rocker chic, or a chic urbanite with the easy to use and wear colors in packaging that slips right into your pocket! I also believe this is mary Kay's first collection for teens and young adults.

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- These mini tubes of happiness provide an ultra glossy finish and lustrous color. Toss 'em in your bag and bring sunshine everywhere you go.

Shades: Berry Me (Pink), Teddy Bare (Nude), Hot Tamale (Red)


- Dull makeup will be a thing of the past when you color your eyes with these bold, bright, and trendy eyeshadows. Each pan includes three coordinated colors that can be used individually or together for a statement look. The baked formula imparts high impact, buildable finish. Crease and fade- resistant.

Shades: On The Horizon (Plum), Ocean View (Blue), Tuxedo (Black/Steel), Earth Bound (Neutral)

Hmmmm...I think I want to play with the lip glosses first! That Teddy Bare shade looks very nice. :)

Mary Kay At Play will be available starting November 16, 2013, and can be purchased via a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Please visit MARY KAY PHILIPPINES for more information about this collection.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. ive been seeing this sa catalogue ms m and i want that baked e/s! reminds me of MAC baked e/s hihi

    the packaging so pretty and trendy! Like!

  2. it's so eye-catching! but i guess it's also kinda pricey for the teenagers.. watcha say?

  3. waaah! mary kay very good product ♥

  4. I have a couple of MK mineral eyeshadows that I enjoy using. This here's a fresh take and it seems Mary Kay is expanding their market to the trendy and fashionable ones. HURRAY! More vibrant colors! Any swatches yet? I'd like to see how pigmented they are please. :)

  5. I wanna play! please do a review of the translucent powder!! :)

  6. a lot of new products from Mary Kay! the glosses looks interesting!

  7. these babies looks fun. i wanna play with the shades and uhh the glosses, i love to try them on

  8. kawaiii... Those makeup products look fun! You're so lucky for receiving those products... please make a review about them. hehe

  9. I am a Mary Kay dealer but I stopped for 6 months since I need to take a rest due to a surgery. Seeing this, might renew my
    Sayang ang discounts and freebies.
    I also love the nude lip gloss as well as the Earth Bound E/S.
    Might want to take a look at their samplers when I manage to visit.

  10. mary kay is improving. :) My mom used to be a distributor of Mary Kay.

  11. Jerlyn: A lil', but rich teenagers could afford it haha!

    Stephanie: Yup! They should keep with the trends, definitely. :)

    Winnie: Thanks for sharing. :) I like their Matte foundation! :)

    Leilani: Teddy Bare is so nice! :)

    Issa: Yup, but the eyeshadows are more interesting for me. :)

    Rhain: Yup! Like MAC's mineralized shadows indeed. :)

    Maria: Will try using 'em soon. Still have a looot of eyeshadow singles and palettes to try out! :p

    Raven: yes I will. :)

    Febmin: Agree!

    Hazel: Thanks!


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