Sumptuous Sundays: Wildflour

It's a shame that some people only know Wildflour as the 'great Cronut place'-little did they know that this restaurant serves great food too! Oh well, who can blame them? Cronut is the hottest thing since donuts!

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers, pastries, and bread start at P130.00+; Main Course starts at P350.00+; Sandwiches starts at P350.00+

Wildflour is officially known as a general bakery/pastry shop, aside from being the best place to get your Cronut fix. They serve pizza, steak, gourmet sandwiches, and all day breakfast as well.

Click READ MORE for some of their best- selling dishes!

Wildflour's free bread with frozen salted butter. It has a very crunchy, almost burnt crust which I really like because it gave the bread this nice smoky flavor, but the inside is very soft.

Wildflour has different kinds of iced tea and I got this berry- something variant. LOL. I forgot the name.

Arugula and Wild Mushroom Salad- if you are an Arugula monster like me, you will love this because it's dominated with Arugula and has a hint of Fennel! It's drizzled with tangy balsamic dressing, and has generous servings of smoky, marinated mushrooms, fuji apple strips, and parmesan shavings. Tastes very meaty (but sans meat ingredients) and very good!

Kitayama Steak and Fries- A very mouthwatering steak with fennel salad on the side. I like how I could still taste the real flavor of the beef as it's only flavored with a hint of salt. Steak's very soft and portion is good enough to keep you full and contented.

The steak also came with herbed fries.

Smoked Salmon, Caramelized Onions, and Capers- One of their popular gourmet sandwiches. Soft, buttery croissant bread with smoked salmon, cucumber, onions, and a sheet of lettuce. It comes with a small serving of salad. It's good sandwich, but I find the serving too small for its price and they kinda' skimped on the smoked salmon portions. :p

But of course, I won't end this post without the famous Cronuts. We had to place an order for these and claim them the next day because it sells really, really fast. One of the waitresses even told us that their Cronuts get sold out by 2pm. For pre- orders, there's no extra charge. :) The flavors we got are Vanilla, Mixed Berries, Hazelnut, and Bacon.

Bacon became my instant loooove. Well, everyone loves Bacon, right? Wildflour's Cronuts are layers of crunchy, sugar- crusted pastry oozing with cream filling-You're always in for a creamy surprise in every bite. This is the first- ever Cronut recipe I have ever tasted and I can't say that it's the best there is, but one thing's for sure-I've been bitten by the Cronut bug. :P

It's one of the best restaurants I've eaten in so far because the food tastes very fresh. I'm definitely coming back, especially for the Cronuts! :D

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've never eaten at Wildflour. Never even tried their cronuts. :( You should try House of Lasgna!! I recommend their Alfredo and Carbonara Lasagna. Their Fish Cobbler as well.

  2. I just had lunch, but this is making me crave for something else, lol :-) That wild mushroom salad looks yum.

  3. ugh! makes me want to run and go to wildflour! great foodies :)

  4. I always want to bring my siblings in this kind of resto and eat cronuts and you know, chill chill lang. :D Coz I know how much they love donuts and I know they will also love cronuts as well. :D

  5. The steak and fries and CRONUTS really makes me drool!

  6. cronuts for doughnut fanatic like me =)

  7. Wow, ang sasarap tingnan kaso ang price mejo may kamahalan. Hahaha! I've never tried cronuts before, wonder what that tastes. :)

  8. They also serve good breakfast. God, just looking at those pictures of cronuts are making me crave for them now.

    P.S. Would be nice to post address or location of resto for people who haven't been there :)

  9. This post is literally killing me..
    This is the first time I had heard of this shop... Its my first time to hear cronuts as well (what cave have I'd been hiding?) ... Wish they had branches nearby so I can take my family who are food addicts as well.. hahaha


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