November Favorites

Sharing my small set of favorites for the month of November! Of all my favorites, I think this is the set that I've used consistently, as in every single day for the past month. More about these hit products after the break!


- I love that this palette can house almost all the things I need to perk up my complexion, not to mention the products are that good! This set contains a concealer, blush, brow powder, and eyeshadow. It's so slim and handy!

- My most favorite drugstore conditioner to date because really, its hair softening effect is really worth the attention. It cuts my detangling and combing time in half!


- This super concentrated (but never heavy) hair leave- in has a nice, energizing tropical scent, and makes a great softener and frizz- tamer. Works just as nice as Kerastase Elixir Ultime!


- Like what one friend said, Amazing Grace is AMAZING. This heavenly fragrance makes me smell super fresh and dainty, and staying power is very good for an EDT!


- Last month, my routine was pretty much like this: Boxing Gym-Work-Events. For my training sessions, I dust The Face Shop's Angel Skin face powder onto my skin. For a very affordable powder, it's pigmented and lasts pretty long. For work and events, my go-to foundation lately is MAC Pro Longwear because it yields full coverage, but feels so light.

That's all for my faves! What were your favorite beauty products last November? Share! :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been seeing this Vidal Sassoon line in supermarkets and I'm really curious bout this line and since it's included in your November favorites.. Ahh I will definitely try this!

    And also the THE FACE SHOP LOVELY ME:EX ANGEL SKIN POWDER PACT, . I'm a fan of not so heavy compact powder (if this is what it is) hehe


  2. I saw the Inglot again. Making me wanna go a quick trip to its branch :( They are so tempting.

    And yeah... the conditioner is really to die for..I am enjoying it now too..I just purchased Sample Room's Goodie Bag, hope it includes this one too :)

  3. Agree on the VS conditioner! Super nice on the hair!

  4. Im pretty sure that inglot and philosophy would be included here.. hee hee

    Gonna buy VS shampoo and conditioner after work

    hugs! cant wait to see what would be included on your December faves!

  5. That Inglot palette is making me jealous...

  6. been lemming on Inglot for a while now... i'm always seeing their colorful palettes on youtube... *sigh* i just can't finish using up my makeup... it's probably good that Inglot is not readily available where I am... better to control the itch... haha... I also want to have a good everyday foundation that really matches my skin, wanted to try MAC but it seems so expensive if i bought a shade online that is not a match to my skintone... no MAC counters here too... first chance I get, i'll have my skintone shade-matched...

  7. I wanna try the inglot freedom palette. hope you could have a review of this. I'm faaaar away from fairview. So it will be nice to have some reviews from you before heading to their branch. :)

    The balm en root hair shine serum is the best. suitable for students and employees who are having a hard time fixing their hair.

  8. I knew it right, I have seen it coming that inglot will be included in your monthly faves, hihi :D. I really wanna get that freedom palette,

  9. Im agree with the powder compact! It really last long :) I wish I have the inglot palette :(

  10. the freedom palette! i want that! i think it gives me a freedom either to use that blue shadow or not :D im also eyeing on that face shop's powder!!!! as in 'twas love at first read. makes me want to go to the nearest the face shop branch and purchase one :D

    my november favorite is myMaybelline cheeky glos and my Palgantong BB cream.perfect match :))

  11. I also use that powder form face shop.. Hahaha.. It is my go-to powder.. :)
    Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  12. Claudine: Thanks for sharing! It's my go-to powder too!

    Itsmefati: Cool favorites! :)

    Aura, Issa and Leilani: Hope you guys can visit Inglot soon! :)

    Katrina: I agree with your statement on en root. If for anything, it's a good alternative to Kerastase!

    Cat: Yeah, I don't trust their foundation finder too because the shade representations are way too far from the actual!

    Becomingsleek: Yay! Super agree! :D

    Winnie: VS is the best drugstore conditioner for me this year. :)

    Rhain: I'm excited for that too! :D

    Sincere: Yes, they're awesome and i think you'll like 'em. :)

  13. I made a mental note to check out Inglot after seeing all the reviews. I guess I'm a sucker for the idea of a customize-able palette that I can switch up to fit my mood. I also like the idea that the stand-alone pans can be brought for doing makeup on the go. I especially wanted the rainbow shadow (three shadows in one teeny pan).

    The thing is, I had a change of heart when I got there. Sayang kasi they were offering it at a discount for the workshop event I attended. I still have a lot of shadows, so I wanted to wait a little longer. Hopefully, I'll make the next sale.


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