Because S is my favorite letter in the alphabet

Why? Because it spearheads my favorite word too. SALE. (If you're thinking of another word, I think I may like that too especially if it's.......................SPAGHETTI. Hahaha!)

And may I add, I like the letter J too because it stands for JANUARY, my fave time of the month because it's where all the S action happens.

Just showcasing my awesome hauls for this month. If you're thinking of revamping your closet this year, there's no better time to shop than January because you can't just miss the 70% off, further reductions, and clearance sales! But as always, shop for what you need only!

Starting off with my P100.00 hauls. These accessories from Promod were once around P800.00 to P900.00, but I got each at P100.00 only. I like that they have their own attitude and they're so colorful, I can practically pair 'em up with almost anything.

It's the sweater weather and this justifies my sweater purchase. It's in bright orange, compliments my tan so well, and....

it has this cute colorful ribbon detail at the back. From P1,000.00++, scored it for P700.00 only. :)

More hauls after the break!

Promod's got the chic-est tribal- printed clothing I've seen in 2013 and I just had to get this knit skirt with edgy tribal detail. This one was once P1,900.00+ and I got it for P700.00 only. :)

Yay to new footwear! Dune, this entry- level premium shoe brand from Europe has just debuted last year in the country. These dressy kitten heel strap sandals are not really me, but for a change in my wardrobe, I got 'em. It gives me a lil' height boost without hurting my feet and best part is I got each pair at P1,200.00+ from P4,000.00+!

These aren't on a sale though. Just had to purchase 'em because God knows how long I've been searching for grooming tools for the private area. These products are by pH Care, and each product is around P99.00 only, I think. :)

That's all! :D

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. 100 bucks for those promod accessories?! waaaaaa!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! I just had my shopping haul this week and I was able to buy a top, shorts, and a skirt all at 70% off at Cache Cache. The whole payment amounted to less than P1k for 3 items. Super happy with the bargain I got! I love the accessories you bought. Can't believe they're only P100 each. Lucky you! :)

  3. me too i only go to expensive store when they have sale kekekke♥

  4. The accessories are so nice! Very bohemian in style i love it!

  5. Waaaah! I want those accessories! Wait for me, Promod!!

  6. I like the accessories...they are pretty cheap..good thing they are on sale :)
    I didn't know phCare has those although I am wary about using shavers. I did it once and my skin much!..I had to bear with it for at least 3 weeks. But I would definitely want to have that trimmer :D

  7. Hi! Where'd you buy the grooming tools? :)

  8. Go girls! Tell me what you got! :D

    Anonymous: Got them from watsons. :)

  9. Loving all the promod products.. i love the orange sweater can wear during the christmas break.. :))


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