Katy Perry Killer Queen: For the ladies who love to rule

Yes, the world knows that Katy Perry has had a sad marriage with Russell Brand that she even contemplated suicide. The best thing she ever did was get a divorce because it was pulling down her shiny, shimmery career-tough decision for a girl who once thought that she has found her happily ever after, but I applaud her for making the right (but inevitably painful) choice. Although it may take time, one can always heal from all the wounds of the past and good thing Katy took the risk before she goes into a downward spiral!

I've noticed that recording artists tend to wallow so much on their problems through their songs that they completely forget it's not just about them, but Katy Perry took a different route. Instead of releasing a slew of angst- ridden, heart-wrenching, bitter-than-medicine break-up songs, she focused on songs about empowerment and acceptance, which is really the right thing to do if you're serious about recovering. (Maybe this young teenage music icon should take a cue from her) 

So she started with that cute song called Roar followed by the uplifting song called Unconditionally, and now there's Killer Queen.

Killer Queen is a song, but it's not by Katy Perry-it's by my fave rock band of all time, Queen.

She's a Killer Queen

Gunpowder, gelatine

Dynamite with a laser beam

Guaranteed to blow your mind

- Killer Queen

So who's the Killer Queen? She is a woman who gets whatever she wants and shapes the world according to her liking. She breaks the rules and remakes them. She doesn't match up to any standards because she is the standard. Defiant and undaunted, nothing's gonna stop the Killer Queen!

Katy Perry describes the inspiration behind the fragrance after the break!

"When I was creating Killer Queen, I was really inspired by the idea of a strong, confident woman in power and that is exactly what I hoped to put into this fragrance, something that brings the power out inside of you." 
- Katy Perry

Succulent, creamy, bold, and rich, Killer Queen opens up to a glorious accord of berries and plums. The star ingredient, Red Velvet Flower, rests at the heart-this flower is the key inspiration of Killer Queen as its smooth and rich fragrance, and burgundy red color are symbolic of power, the very thing the Killer Queen lives for. At the base lies Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart, and Liquid Praline, leaving behind a blazing impression.

And it doesn't stop there. Behold the bottle, a dazzling clean- cut Ruby reminiscent of the crowning jewel on a queen's scepter-it's drenched in Red and Gold for that luxurious and sophisticated vibe. Truly, Katy Perry wants us to own the throne!

Killer Queen was launched in SM Aura Department Store a few months back, and they had this cool activity where customers had a regal photo-op and coronation to boot! I had my picture taken on that throne and even if it was just for fun, it felt good! Now I know how it feels to be a legit queen lol! :D

The event was also graced by some members of Katy Perry Philippines, the official local fan base of Katy Perry.

And just like Katy Perry, they were all...CUTE! :D

Katy Perry Killer Queen is now available in all SM Department stores. Prices are as follows: 30ml- P2,200.00 50ml- P2,900.00 100ml- P3,700.00.

Oh, here's the official commercial of Killer Queen for your enjoyment:

Since we're already talking about Katy Perry? What's your all- time favorite song of hers? Mine would be Teenage Dream. ;)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My favorite song of Katy is I Kissed A Girl. It's not that I can relate, I just always caught myself singing it. It's so catchy! Haha. Anyway, I'm not sure if this I will like the smell of this. I don't like perfumes that are overpowering. I find them too mature. But I love the packaging! Katy's perfumes always come in cute packaging. :)

  2. Wow. I love katy perry's songs but it doesnt mean that I just want this because I'm a fan I just want to try this one. Seems so good and the packaging is so nice especially the bottle its so classy and fierce.

  3. Whew Katy Perry looks so hot in this video! I really admire her positivity and that is why my favorite Katy Perry song is Firework. It's such a great gift to be able to compose songs, and it's even greater that she uses this gift to encourage the people around her through her songs. The theme of the fragrance really suits her as she does exude independence and is a role model to other women out there.

  4. So glad I snatched this up in Guam instead because I knew it'd be more expensive here! I got the 30ml bottle for only PHP1,300 instead of PHP 2,200 :)

  5. I think I have an idea who you were referring too about a teen icon. I don't judge but it's a bit of a "Sayang".. she has been an idol pa naman of my daughter while she was growing up..and now, I don't let her watch the videos anymore, although I allow her to still sing her songs.
    Anyway, going back to this perfume, I like the bottle. It reminds me of a potion container in a shape of a pendant and used as a pendulum :D
    Although, still need to test this out before I buy one. Not much of a fruity lover in perfumes but sometimes, I tend to try one as long as they are not that overpowering or sweet.

  6. i love the ad! Katy's super pretty, even my 9-year-old sister loves her.

    I love Katy (close kame?!) so I like all her songs but my fave would probably be Teenage Dream. :)

  7. too expensive my mom bought htis perfume at boots only for 20euro..kekeke I know mahal talaga due to tax .... Wish pinas would get rid of the tax...


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