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If there's one thing that I hate about Cream Blushes, it's how they would mercilessly erase the layer of foundation and powder layers that I've worked so hard on. They said that the proper and best way to use it is to apply it underneath foundation and makeup, but I find that this technique minimizes its intensity and dewy effect. This is why I use Cream Blushes rarely even if I love the way they give me that natural, hydrated flush.

To tell you frankly, I had no expectations with Ellana's Eye Cheek Color because to me, it's just another cream blush. But I couldn't resist the pretty shade I got so I ended up trying it anyway.

And then I had a Eureka moment. Ellana's cream blush formula is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! It's cream-to-powder and DOES NOT erase my foundation, concealer, and powder!


This product claims to give a long- lasting dewy, sheer, no- makeup effect. It's also formulated to settle efficiently, thus allowing you to blend it onto your skin. Currently, it comes in 3 other shades: Goddess (baby pink), Icon (watermelon pink), and Illusion (coral).


Ellana's products now come in a new packaging that's somewhat reminiscent of The Balm and to some extent, Benefit. The box feels sturdy yet so light and thin, and seals with a magnetic closure, although dimension is pretty huge. The labels tend to chip off easily though, but that's just me being nitpicky!

More about this favorite Ellana product of mine after the jump!

The pan is huge and comparable to the size of Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge. I noticed a crack on the product (I think you can see it) so I believe I'd be seeing that often when the product starts to age. Well at least I know that the product doesn't contain synthetic binders, which makes it perfect for my 'gentle makeup only' days.

I got a lil' darker from my El Nido trip so product swatches would appear a lil' darker than they are. Diva is actually a Rose Bronze shade with gold frosting. It's very pigmented, has no fragrance, and blending is such a breeze. It's a lil' hard at first so you'd have to warm it up with a finger to soften up the texture. It settles into a powdery finish almost instantly and truly, you can blend it according to your own pace! Coverage is even and it just sits on top of your skin (but naturally), and I think this is the secret why this product does not erase the other layers of makeup along with the powder finish.

My application technique: I join my ring and middle finger together, rub them on the cream blush to loosen up the texture, pat the color onto my cheeks up to the temples, clean up the residue from my fingers, and then blend the product upwards.


Diva is such a flattering shade on morenas. The bronze tone enhances any tan and has contouring effects to boot, and the rose hue adds a subtle, fresh tint to my cheeks. Methinks it will add a bit of warmth on fairer skin tones too. The frost finish, however, tends to highlight enlarged pores so as much as possible, I do not apply it near my nose. Shades are limited and seems to me that they all have the same finish, so I hope they'd release matte versions and more shades very soon. It lasts for up to four hours on my combination-oily (and sometimes, plain oily) skin provided that I set it with an oil- absorbing setting powder. On extremely oily skin, it may last a little less. It fades considerably at the end of the day, at least on me so maybe it could improve a little on the wear time department. Nonetheless, I love the formulation of this product because it allows me to use cream blush just the way I want it (and that is after my base products) and it's super duper affordable!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can't believe how affordable Ellana cosmetics are! They seem to be doing a great job at formulating their products as well. This cream blush looks really gorgeous. It makes me want to try this out! :)

  2. That looks so naturally glowing on your face. I've been hearing good reviews about Ellana. I think I'm gonna go to their counter and haul.

  3. Pretty and looks so natural <3

  4. I should get myself one! I had a blush powder from EM but I cannot remember the shade name. I like their makeups especially the concealer and blush on :)

  5. I hope they will open here in cebu soon...

  6. I have an ellana powder blush, looks totally great upon application but the staying power is like 3 to 4 hours. Well, maybe that's partly because of my oily skin.
    the eyshadow pigments are the bomb! They have a very rich color that shows up even without primer! ;)

  7. a great product to try out this month but never heard of the brand before.

  8. So far, all products review of Ellana I've read are good. Ellana's really back!! Anyway, Diva is a pretty shade. It looks really natural. I wanna visit Ellana soon so I can try this!

  9. I love the shade! I want this! :))) it's so affordable..

  10. Perfect! The color looks fab on our skin tone (I'm also nc40+ like you!) and since I only ever wear cream blushes, this is a must buy for me.

  11. nice and affordable too...
    I do not have much blush to choose from since I don't put much color on my cheeks...usually I use a bronzer as my blush to make it more natural and provide just a little amount of contour.

  12. Never tried cream blushes yet, but this one sure looks good. It really complements with your skintone. Perfect for summer.

  13. Ravene: Yup, perfect for summer indeed!

    Winnie: I suggest you try this because quality's really good and it won't put a dent on your wallet too. :D

    Joyce, Kat, Rizza, and Roxanne: Yay! Just click on my Ellana badge to purchase directly. :)

    Carmela: They've been around for a long time now though. :)

    Majorie: Yup! That's also the nice thing about Ellana. Products have good coverage!

    Febmin: You can order online! :D

    Pau: Thanks! :D

    Leilani: Thanks for sharing your faves! Might check them out soon. :)

    Marielle: LOL! Go ahead! Try the loose powder foundation and this. They're two of my most fave Ellana products. :)


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