Nivea Protect and Bronze: Go Ahead, Tan in Peace

Hello guys! It's getting a lil' warmer now, isn't it? The past two days have been really hot, at least in my area. I sure will miss the cool season, but I'm happy because my most awaited time of the year is finally here!

Well summer started a bit too early for me and some of blogger friends. Last week, Nivea Philippines and Perkcomm transported us to the enchanted paradise of El Nido, Palawan to kickstart the Nivea Summer campaign and to launch a new product for everyone who's looking forward to having that golden, tan skin this season. Hang on, this is something that you should know. :)

We took a chartered plane ride going to Dibulusan Airport and that lasted for around 1 hr. and 10 minutes. We took a short car ride (about 15 minutes) going to the port area.

Happier this time because I'm with some of my best beauty blogger friends Mikki and Julia

Upon reaching the port, we rode a big boat, the only means of transfer to the El Nido islands. It was my first time in El Nido and all I can say is it's as beautiful as Coron: It's comprised of mini islands and the natural sceneries have been preserved pretty well.

The boat ride lasted for around 15 minutes and our final stop was the El Nido Resorts in Lagen Island, one of the premiere resorts in the area and our home for three days with Nivea. I wouldn't mind living here for a year because it's so tranquil and nothing short of majestic.

After settling down and taking a short dip in the crystal clear waters, we proceeded to the pool area for Nivea's presentation. They talked about the importance of wearing sunscreen (as mentioned here in my previous event with Nivea in Puerto Princesa, Palawan) among other things.

Now onto the most awaited part. Nivea's goal is to give every woman the choice to choose their own kind of beauty, whether they like it fair or tan. In the past, they came up with a sun care range that aims to protect and maintain fair skin and this year, they have a launched a new product that helps give you that gorgeous summer tan while minimizing sun damage and the awesome part is, this product helps you prolong your tan! This is now my favorite Nivea sun care product so click READ MORE to know more about it. :)

Bronze bombshells, say hi to Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze, an innovation that lets you tan and protect your skin at the same time. The problem with getting a tan is you submit your skin to UVA and UVB rays and most tanning sun care products have super low SPF, lower than what is recommended if you're in for an intense sun exposure-it's as good as saying that you're not protected at all and this product, by far, is the only tanning product with the highest protection at SPF 20 (UVA/UVB) I've seen.

Glycyrrhetinic Acid, a natural plant extract, stimulates melanin production for a quicker and nicer tan-that means you don't have to stay out in the sun for a long, long time. This extract also promotes skin protection because melanin is the skin's natural SPF (but it's still recommended to wear sunscreen to support your skin!) and overall texture is light enough to be used in the city most especially if you want to maintain your tan.

Unlike other tanning products, Protect and Bronze does not contain self- tanning ingredients and colorants-it's just a white, light and fast- absorbing emulsion that goes invisible onto the skin. 

Back to our paradise adventure!

I shared the room with Liz of Project Vanity and Marj of The Traveling Heels. This Nivea face and body kit welcomed us in the room!

We also got a Yoga mat and Yoga Mat spray for the morning beach Yoga, a rash guard for island hopping and the various water sports activities, and insect repellent, and a Juice Boxxx so we won't worry about running out of mobile juice while taking photos. :)

There's also a Roxy swimsuit for all of us.

For dinner, we rode a boat to Entalula Island, one of the islands with nicest beach front in El Nido. We literally traveled in the dark!

We feasted on super fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood and a samba presentation capped off the night.

The next day, I put Nivea Protect and Bronze to the test.

Bread then fry on each side for 30 minutes haha!

Protect and Bronze is a very milky lotion and with only a few rubs, the lotion disappears onto the skin and leaves a softening, hydrated barrier. Scent is Nivea's signature tropical floral scent. Come evening, one of my friends told me that I got darker so I guess the sunscreen really helped! I stayed out in the sun for only an hour and normally, it should be around 2 if I want to get a very deep tan. I therefore conclude that this product is effective!

I will muse about my entire El Nido experience in a separate post. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. :)

Nivea Protect and Bronze is now available in all leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets and retails at P599.00 at 200ml. Please visit NIVEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Lovely pictures! This is such a beautiful place, I wish I can go there next time. I like the Roxy swimsuit they gave you, it's so cute! Nivea's products are what I use too when going to the beach. Nice to know they have new offerings like the Protect and Bronze.

  2. Oooh! so nice that it has the highest SPF for tanning products..I want to try it.. I hope I get tan also when I use it.. :))))

  3. really love nivea products! truly amazing product and very good quality...

  4. So sexy Ms. Martha!

    I have the other Nivea spray (the cooling effect one). I think I'll pass on the tanning version though as I have no idea what it'll do to my freckles.

  5. this is interesting! And you are the perfect model for this product Miss Martha! I love your skin color and you look really beautiful with your tan.

  6. yey! not everyone wants to be whiter! i love my morena skin... it's like i always have that just-from-a-beach-vacay look... it's good that nivea also thinks of ladies other those who want fairer skin... i have this very very pale friend who can't seem to get a tan whatever she does... might suggest her these Nivea products... what i'm always seeing in stores are the imported ones and they're expensive...

  7. Joyce: The cooling mist one might be perfect for you though! :)

    Cat: Me too! That's why I'm sooo happy Nivea came out with this product!

    Issa: Awww, thanks! :D

    Febmin: Same! :D

    Roxanne: Based on my experience, yes it can really give you a tan!

    Kat C: Same! Finally, a very affordable product that helps girls get a better and faster tan!


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