FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best Moisturizers for Combination-Oily Skin

Hahahahappy Friday to you! :D Here's a super informative FMF, especially for those with combination oily/normal and oil skin! Thanks Dio for this great question!

Hello my favorite beauty blogger! 
What face moisturizer/s do you recommend for combo-oily skin that are available locally. Thank you! Loveee your reviews (seriously) hihihi. :) 

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Hi Dio!

Thanks for that awesome compliment-really appreciate it. :) Oh, you've just asked the right Beauty Blogger because this is my skin type exactly, although it could get freakishly oily during summer (like now!). Anyway, check out my six tried, tested, and proven moisturizers for our skin type!


It's oil- free so that's one good feature. Another good- feature is it contains a considerable amount of SPF, but doesn't impart any white cast at all. It also contains Green Tea for anti-aging benefits and Aloe Vera to keep skin cool and hydrated.

This is what I call "Ocean in a tub" because it's so cooling to the skin and it hydrates and moisturizes my skin all day without all that goopy, sticky feeling.

More combination normal/oily skin- friendly moisturizers after the jump! ;)

Olay Aquaction, unfortunately, is not available in the Philippines. The closest counterpart is ZA's Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer: It's like liquid gel and aside from its balancing properties, it freshens skin like a boss too!

This is a lighter version of the original Ultra Facial Moisturizer (which is another fave of mine, specifically for the cold weather) because it's water- based and has a lighter cream texture. It keeps the normal areas of your skin from drying up and balances the sebum on the oily areas without that heavy, sticky feeling.


A recent awesome find of mine. This super light emulsion gets absorbed fast, has a good amount of SPF yet it doesn't leave a sticky, filmy white cast, has a slight cooling effect, and just leaves skin with a thin yet hydrating barrier. It smells pretty good too and retails at around P390.00 only!


This tried and tested moisturizer is a supercharged version of the original, they say. If your work requires you to stay outdoors for a long time, this emollient, hardworking moisturizer will be your best friend. It's a little thick though, so maybe you can try the gel version!

Hope you all liked this post!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi, i just want to ask where can I buy nutox?

  2. Cincincin: HI! It's available in HBC stores. :)

  3. nice question..:)
    the cheapest please? thanks "))

  4. Hi! May I ask how much is the Mario Badescu? :)

  5. Thank you for answering my question! I tried Clinique moisturizer for oily skin, it took me almost a year to finish the whole bottle!! Will surely try the products you mentioned :) Love, Dio

  6. knickknacksnix: Nutox and ZA. :)

    Dio: Welcome! :)

    Raquel: Hi there and welcome to my blog! It's roughly around P700.00++ :)

  7. Been wanting to try Olay Aquacation ever since reading a review about it. (I think it was your review? Wanted to try it ever since!) Is it already available in the country? Any idea around how much is it?

  8. you can also try iwhite aqua moisturizing cream, its only 169 a tube and its light weight!

  9. I cant believe im actually enjoying the comments. Readers are so informative also.
    And yes id like to suggest the iwhite aqua moisturizer. It is super great and cheap.
    And I think nutox must be really great, imagine your line ups, the mario badescu and kiehls, so i must really try the nutox. Thanks miss martha <3

  10. This a great post. I was actually looking this kind of moisturizers as I have the same skin type. My only problem is that I have skin asthma. Are these mild enough? :/ Thank you! You always have the right answers and your posts are always informative. Thank you for sharing this. :)


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