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Here's a review on Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush.

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When Clarisonic came out, everyone was raving about it while I, on the other hand, was like: "It's so expensive!" Haha. Well, maybe it's good that's why it became super popular, but really? P8k for a fancy face cleaner? I was at the point of buying one then a good Blogger friend of mine told me that she broke out from using Clarisonic. I investigated further about that issue and found out that there are users who got good results from it and there are ones who got bad results. I feared that I might end up on the wrong side of the coin with Clarisonic and that would really suck so I delayed my purchase for a while.

Mary Kay Philippines gave me a sample of their new Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush and I was like "Eureka!" It's an automatic brush cleaner with detachable brushes and a moving head, which is very similar to Clarisonic, really. I also figured that it's a great introduction to automatic face brushes before making the big Clarisonic purchase!


This limited edition automatic cleansing brush was created to provide women deep cleansing from the surface to the pore with an extra massaging effect to boot. Mary Kay said that it can be used everyday due to its super gentle bristles and with your existing facial foams.

The science behind it is this: Mary Kay found out that manual cleansing by hand can only remove so much grime and dirt, while an automatic face brush can really lift away dirt along with dead skin cells for a cleaner-than-clean and brighter skin.

Let's take a closer look at this tool after the cut. So, is it worth buying an automatic facial cleanser? Find out after the break.

The package includes the hand held tool, a battery (it runs on one AA battery), and two round brushes.

The brushes are made with very soft nylon-the brush is super soft and the bristles have a rounded tip, and it really gives me a good scrub without that irritating, and painful feeling. One brush can last for up to three months (As I was told by Mary Kay) and it works in a rotating motion.

There are two buttons on the tool: The one on top is for you to adjust the speed, and the one below is the main power button. The brush, btw, does 400 rotations every minute (if it's in the fast mode), which means you only need a minute or two to give your skin a serious scrub!

Just pick up one brush head, attach it to the tool, and start using!


This is how I use it: I foam my face with facial cleanser first as I find that the dense brush head absorbs the product if you put it right on top. I always use the slow mode for gentle cleansing-the fast mode is too abrasive for me and I always have the tendency to over scrub a specific part of my face too that's why the former works best for me.

This is my routine: 10 seconds for each cheek, 10 seconds on my forehead, 15 seconds on my nose (I spend more time here because this is the grittiest part of my face), 10 seconds on my philtrum, and 10 seconds on my chin and jaw. Total of 55 seconds.

The nice thing about this product is it cleanses quickly and efficiently, best for those who want to be sure that they have genuinely clean skin before hitting the sack, but without spending too much time in the bathroom. After usage, my skin looks really bright and fresh,  feels really smooth, and I noticed that my products get absorbed better too. I alternate this with salicylic acid and vitamin C- based facial scrubs.

It works best with creamy facial foams, but I wouldn't advise you to use facial scrubs with it because this is not just a regular cleansing tool-it doubles as a scrubber too. That said, I discourage daily use or else, your skin might be too taut and dry, signs that you have been over scrubbing your skin. I use it twice a week with two to three days interval in between. Also, don't apply so much pressure when you're running this tool across your skin. Otherwise, your skin might be irritated. (This tip of mine goes to all similar products as well)

Some other concerns: Use with caution if you have overly sensitive skin and if you undergo weekly peels. When rinsing, take out the brush head and rinse thoroughly before storage, and never wet the tool! When storing the tool, take out the brush as it has the tendency to be deformed if you lay it on one side only. (Just keep the box for storage purposes) And since the brush runs on a rotating motion, clear out baby hair strands (if you have 'em) from your face before usage or they might get stuck or entangled in the brush.

It's easy to get hooked on an automatic cleansing brush because it's such a time- saver, but the drawback is it could do more harm than good if we don't use it properly. I say that this is good for you if you dislike (or break out from) facial scrubs that contain peeling and drying agents-you can use your preferred cleanser or just plain water with it and you can have a good scrub! (And just follow my tips!) I can't say anything about how it fares with Clarisonic because I haven't tried that yet, but I'm just glad to know that I didn't break out from it! And if you're looking for something similar to that, but isn't too costly, this could be a good alternative. The only problem is, it's a limited edition product, but there's no harm asking a Mary Kay Consultant regarding its availability!


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  1. Finally! A cleansing brush less expensive than the Clarisonic! I'm really interested to try one of these cleansing brushes every beauty junkie is raving about. The above photo proving how much this automatic brush cleaner cleanses the skin compared to manual cleansing by fingers is impressive! :)

  2. So that's the rave all about. I've been hearing about Clarisol from some bloggers but didn't bother to look it up. It kinda reminded me of my sister's face bursh, it look exactly like that but it's manual, you're the one who'll manually brush your face with it. It's a bit expensive for me though, but it's worth a try. I hope there are other cheaper alternatives though.
    Thanks for the share!

  3. Honestly it's my first time to hear about this kind of cleansing. I was actually shocked with the price of Clarisonic, 8k!
    Good thing Mary Kay created it's new Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush similar to Clarisonic. But so sad to hear that it's a limited edition only cause I still have to save to be able to get one.

  4. Awww. I want this! I already knew about Clarisonic because my cousin have one and she's already selling it. I avtually wanted to try this on a weekly basic just to have that after-facial feeling. I think it will be beneficial to girls like me who have ridiculously large pores. Now, I just have to find a Mary Kay personnel. Thanks!

  5. I highly doubt that I'd spring for a Clarisonic. As of now, I've never even tried a deep cleansing brush, but I'd probably start out with the Olay one. Feeling ko kasi, sobrang bihira ko rin lang gagamitin.

    Maybe I'll look into manual exfoliating tools first. I saw this soft brush and another one that looks like a shower puff from a Japanese store. Apparently, those are all for the face.


  6. Makes me sad learning that this is just a limited edition product of mary kay. I love mary kay products! Their concealers are the bomb, their lipsticks and foundations. This should stay for a bit longer until I can save a 4thousand pesos just to follow the 50/50 spending rule. Huhu. Ive been wanting the clarinsonic for the longest time but I dont know if it will work for me. And ive been convincing my mom to buy a dermawand instead since it would only cost around 3k but i learned that the 2 is totally different product. So I gave up.

  7. I've been waiting for this review. Clarisonic's too expensive. I wonder how this would work for me. How I wish this is not a limited offer, as I have to save for this first. Lol

  8. I would love to try this one but it's too pricey :( Do you have any suggestions for an alternative ?

  9. Lovely post!


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