UNBOXING: BDJ X Benefit Cosmetics June Box 2014

Benefit's doing a take two with BDJ Box and they're the featured brand for June 2014. The first exclusive Benefit box featured the secrets of Spy Gal and this box probably features some of their hit products.

 Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Click READ MORE for the unboxing!

 This box includes the following samples:

1 Benefit Benetint
1 Benefit Lollitint
1 Benefit Fake Up Concealer
1 Porefessional
1 Benefit They're Real Mascara, Deluxe Sample
1 Benefit Big Easy
1 Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation
1 Brow Bar Discount Voucher
1 Free Makeover Voucher

I just find these samples too cute for life, especially the Fake Up Concealer, but I wish I got more product in the tube as it is one of my favorite concealers. The samples are quite small and they'll last you a good two weeks, tops, but still depending on the frequency of usage. That's enough time for you to gauge if a makeup product suits your skin type, wants, and needs, but if these were skin care items, the size won't be good enough.

And these are the vouchers that come in the box. I wish they gave out a free trial at the Brow Bar instead though!

Value of the box is around P800.00+. I've noticed that this BDJ Benefit box is good enough for travelers like me so I'd say it's okay, but those who aren't might find it a little disappointing. For this box, I wish the Fake Up had more concealer! I am also expecting a major improvement if they will come up with Benefit- exclusive boxes again. Oh well! Next box please!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I do like how these miniatures have enough supply inside to help you decide if you want to purchase the full-sized versions. But I agree, I wish they've included some deluxe-sized at least. :)

  2. yeah these babies are perfect for travel :)

  3. Woot! I would have loved to have this box just to try the different products of Benefit.. awww..

  4. I'm loving the Benefit box this time around. At least now they were able to include the old favorites. :) --Matromao

  5. Majorie: For sure, they'll have Benefit again as their featured brand so keep an eye for that. :)

    Sincere: Indeed!

    DearKaaat: Oh well! At least these babies will last you for around two weeks. :)

  6. BDJ's Benefit Boxes always have the best things inside!
    Lagi ako nauubusan and hindi nakakabot ng stocks sayang. Lucky you! :)

    I love benefit cosmetics they're really value for your money

  7. KikaySiKat: I bet those who took the risk and subscribed for one year are always doing the happy dance whenever BDJ releases their boxes. :D


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