4 Unbelievable Uses for eyeshadow that you probably didn't know

I used to believe that eyeshadows are unnecessary beauty products, until I discovered for myself their multiple (and fascinating) uses throughout these years. This product is so versatile indeed, and here are some of its uses that you may find astounding or even shocking! :) See its 4 unbelievable uses after the jump! :)

1. As an Eyeliner

- Okay, this probably ain't a new tip, but just in case you've forgotten, your plain ol' black eyeshadow (or any color of eyeshadow) can double as an eyeliner. Just dab your eyeliner brush in water (or a makeup setting spray to improve the staying power) and start lining your lids! 

2. As a Nail Polish Enhancer

- In need of a new polish but ain't got the budget? Turn old polishes into new ones by scraping off the top of a frosted/glittery eyeshadow and mixing the particles with a shade of polish. If you've got loose, shimmery eyeshadows, mix 'em with a clear polish to come up with a glittery top coat.

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3. As a T-Zone Blotter

- I discovered this when I accidentally left my makeup kit at home and the only makeup I had in my bag was a matte cream- colored eyeshadow. My T-Zone was incredibly oily then and I decided to dust the eyeshadow on my t-zone to take out the oil for a bit until I find a drugstore and purchase an oil blotter, and it amazingly turned out just fine! The eyeshadow tamed my oilies and it even gave my skin a nice highlight. Since then, I couldn't leave the house without that shade of eyeshadow!

4. As a Color Correcting Agent

- You probably know that your eyeshadow can be used not only on the lids, but cheeks, lips, and basically your entire face as well, but did you know that you can use it as a color corrector too? If you have a clear, cream- based makeup primer (personally, I prefer using Essence Cosmetics UV Moisturizing Makeup Base in this technique), grab a matte mint green, lavender, orange/peach, yellow, or pink eyeshadow, mix your preferred eyeshadow shade together with the primer while gradually increasing the amount of pigment until you achieve your desired intensity, blend them well, and apply before foundation. Just a recap: yellow brightens the skin, pink makes skin look healthier, lavender conceals veins and corrects sallowness, green cancels out redness, and orange/peach conceals marks and warms up the skin. Similarly, a white/champagne/beige frosted eyeshadow shade can be used to enhance bb creams, cc creams, foundation, and even regular moisturizer.

I believe you won't look at eyeshadow the same way again after reading this post! Do you have your own nifty tips and tricks regarding eyeshadows? Just share 'em on the comments section! :) We'd love to hear all about 'em!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like noticing the tiny details, like those (Maybelline?) lippies in the mirror of the EL palette. :D Nice touch there!

  2. I use a matte brown e/s for contouring my cheekbones ;-)

  3. I agree with using eyeshadow as an eyeliner but i never knew it can also be used to enhance nail polishes, oil blotter and even as a correcting agent!! I was like REALLY? I almost freak out! lol

  4. Wow, those are helpful tips! I never thought of using e/s for my nails, and even use it as blotter! Hihi. I learned that you can also mix a yellow e/s to make your foundation warmer. :D

  5. You could also use matte brown eyeshadow as eyebrow powder :)

  6. I will definitely try the fourth one on the list. I really want to buy the naturactor one but i find it expensive and since I have green eyeshadow, might as well try making this DIY COLOR CORRECTOR

  7. I actually like using eyeshadow as a guide whenever I do winged liner because I suck at using liquid eyeliner alone :)

  8. The last one is especially new to me. Ohmy thank you for sharing these! - DearKaaat

  9. Im a new make-up venturer, and wow who would've thought that eyeshadow can be used as an oil blotter and it can be mixed with nail polish?! did it stick? it did not cake up? wow really thanks it was so fuuun and shocking to read! I'd definitely try that .

  10. I do the nailpolish DIY with you can also do it with paint adding some glitter shadows or if your paint is not pigmented enough (I paint so its really useful specially eyeshadows that I don't practically use anymore or the ones that has expired)

  11. Don't know any of these! Got to do this tricks soon:)

  12. Glad you loved this post, girls. And thanks to those who shared their personal tips and tricks too! :D


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