Belo Essentials AcnePro Skin Care Review

Here's a review on Belo AcnePro Skin Care range.

Price: Facial Wash- P99.75; Toner- P79.75; Pimple Gel- P149.75
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Crazy thought for the day: I wonder if Bee Venom would still have the same effect if it came straight from a Bee, when it latches its lance on you? That seems pretty painful. LOL. 

I digress. I find it amazing how modern science is always able to find ways to improve and excite the lives of humans. When it comes to acne care, science is slowly finding more ways to maintain acneic skin and Bee Venom is one of them. Wonder what's next? While the scientists work on the next big acne- fighting product, let's first find out what Bee Venom can do for troubled skin. 


Belo is the second (next to Snoe) local skin brand to introduce this ingredient in the drugstore. It's a very small line that only includes a facial wash, toner, and pimple gel. Purified Bee Venom-its main pimple- fighting ingredient- claims to not only treat acne, but has anti-aging effects to boot.

Make way for acne- free skin after the jump!


- This facial wash has a goopy, gel texture, foams up mildly, and has Belo's signature springtime floral fragrance-the rest of the products in this line has that scent as well. It's absolutely light, although I feel that it doesn't clean thoroughly, thus I have to do a second rinse with it every time. It leaves my face fresh and matte, but not taut and dry.


It doesn't really have this smooth, liquid gel texture, but I guess the intense summer temperature caused it to look like this. In reality, it has a hair- gel like consistency. One tube lasts for around 3 weeks given its size and very mild cleansing characteristic.


- This very nice toner feels so refreshing and doesn't reek so much of alcohol. It yields a soft matte effect to the skin that feels very comfortable. It doesn't sting like other acne- fighting toners that's why I apply it on my nose specifically after using a nose strip, when it feels particularly tender and sensitive.



- The icing on the cake! I can never live without pimple gels and this is one great addition to my collection. :)


This pimple gel has a goopy texture, even way more goopy than Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment and Celetéque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel, thus it takes while to dry up and settle into your skin. It barely stings that's why I use this on popped pimples since it's more bearable than any of the spot treatments I own. Amazingly, it flattens big zits overnight and eradicates them completely in just two days flat. For smaller zits, complete healing takes overnight only in my experience.

My skin after using up the entire line

I've used this line for 1 and 1/2 months and the facial wash was the only thing I had to repurchase. A day after my first use, I got a couple of hives on my forehead and I thought I was having a pretty nasty reaction from Bee Venom, but I felt so relieved when they started fading in the same day. Thank God my skin was able to cope quickly-good thing it's already used to my product- hopping ways. When I was finally down to my last drop of each product, my skin looked pretty good and I don't break out on the cheek area any longer. I break out on the chin area especially when I'm nearing my period and this range helped me control that-I would get a zit or two during my cycle, but it never gets crazy unlike before. This line helped my skin recover faster from a pimple and soothed painful, throbbing, itchy, fresh zits effectively too.

This range is pretty effective (at least to me), but it's not something that's meant to maintain and heal genetic acne or acne- ridden skin. Belo is honest with that as they said that it's meant for mild to moderate breakouts anyway. Wouldn't recommend this to hypersensitive also, but if you're really itching to try it, please consult your dermatologist first. 

I think this range suits those with oily skin that experiences mild breaks out every now and then, like my skin. I hope they introduce a gel moisturizer next to complete the range!


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25 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like this line, too! Akala ko nung una the facial wash doesn't clean well but now I think it actually does. Nagulat din ako na may dimethicone pala yung toner (I just found out last night after using it for almost 2 months haha)kasi usually I break out if a product has that but I didn't. And I think this anti-acne spot gel is one of the best that I've tried (and I've tried A LOT).

    Nakakatuwa talaga when local brands are able to come up with products that actually work. :)

  2. Sometimes its hard for me to tell if this products and that product really works specially for acne but I haven't found something that really works do you have any recommendations? thanks ^_^

    1. I use celeteque acne corrector. It is effective but not that fast usually takes 2-3days for my pimples to fade away. And I have a pimple Ive been applying for 6days, it is still not gone

  3. Yay! I just purchased the Belo pore refining toner Whitening toner yesterday, it should have been the Acne Pro toner coz that's my concern- acne! However I was hesitant because I thought that the product is harsh to the skin. :( this post proved me wrong! Lol And I like that it doesn't contain the ingredients: salicylic acid & benzol peroxide despite that it's anti acne.

  4. Yay! I just purchased the Belo pore refining toner Whitening toner yesterday, it should have been the Acne Pro toner coz that's my concern- acne! However I was hesitant because I thought that the product is harsh to the skin. :( this post proved me wrong! Lol And I like that it doesn't contain the ingredients: salicylic acid & benzol peroxide despite that it's anti acne.

  5. I'm always on the look out for anti acne products for the sake of my brother's skin. We would be the one troubled by his skin and acne and he wouldn't do anything about it. I even bought him ProActiv last time. I would ask him to try this for once. Thanks for the review

  6. This product didn't work for me! Medyo lumala siya sa akin! Medyo dumami yung break outs! Althought nakaka-dry siya! :)

  7. I have used Belo products and I'm itching to try this line. Like you Madam, I always(as in like a girl scout)keep in handy spot treatment products.The one I'm using is cheaper compared to Belo, but also a known brand. I think this line it's worth a try, it's affordable:)

  8. I agree with what you said about the pimple gel, it worked wonders for me too! Hehe.. Though it's a bit itchy upon application, just give it a day or two and those tiny breakouts really fade.

  9. FINALLY! a review on the belo acne line :) i broke out badly at ponds i hope this one will work on me :)

  10. Jolly Josephine: Hope it will work on you! Let me know!

    Anne: Oh I didn't experience that itchy sensation though. :p

    Jen: May I know which brand is this? :)

    Eddielli: Awwww :(

    Majorie: You're welcome :)

    Carmela: So far, this and mario badescu have been quite effective on me. It depends on your skin's reaction, really. :)

    Betsy: Salicylic Acid is actually safe because it's naturally-derived, but not benzoyl peroxide. :)

    Ria: I agree with you. Glad that Filipino brand are starting to raise the bar when it comes to product efficacy. Now I'm excited to get to know more Pinoy beauty brands. :)

  11. Hi I am also using this line but my concern is after I use this it leaves small holes on my face. I am really worried about it specially because I never pop my pimples. Any suggestions? It is really a good, mild, and refreshing product.

    1. It only means natanggal na yung root ng pimple mo. Ganyan din sa akin nagkahole then I realized after na nawala na rin ung mismong root or head ng pimple which is a good thing kasi kung hindi lalong lalaki ung zit.

  12. hi ! I've been using this product for 1 in half months na. Nung una,naghesitate akong gamitin 'to but nung nakita ko nga poh yung review moh abkut this priduct tinry ko na rin kasi afforfable naman and I think effective sya. Then, ayun nga ! effective naman kasi nawawala yung mga pimples ko. kaya lang my concern is nagmark na sya kaya lang red sya kaya parang ang tingin nung iba is pimples pa rin. I want to know kung ganun lang talaga sya ? and anoh poh yung mabisang pangtanggal nito. Sana poh ehh mareplyan nyo kasi ang dami ng nakakapansin dahil dun sobra na poh akong nacoconscious and at the same time nahihiya. :( Thank You poh ! :)

  13. I have only tried the Belo face gel wash. What I liked about the Belo line especially most of their facial wash is that it is in a gel form and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry.It is a bit hydrating as well.Glad that this worked out for you. I only have zits usually on my period and this helps somehow on my skin. I would love to try the pimple spot on gel and their toner too!

  14. I just used the pimple gel and it stings and made me itch. :(

  15. Ako din. Tinry ko to. At sobrang kati talaga pag naglalagay ako ng pimple gel. Yung tipong napapatalon ako sa sobrang kati.

  16. Im using this products 2weeks from now. and yes nakakadry sya ng pimples pero hindi sya nakakatanggal ng marks. Tapos sobrang kati pa nung Pimple Gel 😭 Mas lalo akong nagworry nung nakita kong may tumutubong mga pimples nanaman 😭 Pero gusto ko talaga magtiwala kase belo na to e! Ang dami ko ng nasubukan na products pero di nagwork 😭 Ano po bang magandang gamitin para maglight yung pimple marks? Ang puti kase ng mukha ko e. At kitang kita yun. Help me guys pls thankyou.

  17. VLCC Wellness offers various skin treatments and tips; you can pick a treatment that appeals to you the most or book an appointment with our skin experts now. Skin Care Services

  18. Belo Acne Pro First Time userJuly 26, 2016 at 11:02 AM

    it's my second time using pimple gel (last night and this morning), it's really painful you'll want to cry, maybe because my pimples are quite large and many. I used it again this morning and until now, my face feels sore and it's still a little bit painful.
    Observations as of today: DAY 1
    1. The small ones actually flattened out overnight (nice)
    2. but the big ones, they seemed to rapidly "ripened" the one with puss-ish and it's still painful and red.

    I'll continue to update

  19. Hi,

    I've been using this line for almost a week palang. Yes, almost a week palang and I can see na effective siya lalo na yung pimple gel. But still have pimple marks and it sucks. I am thinking if I should buy the belo intensive cream after a week or 2 of using this for my pimple marks. I hope it would work!!! I'll update. :)

  20. I'm using the below acne PR right now .Every time I used the pimple gel it's really sting and itchy but I believe its because of my pimples maybe because itskinda big ..its my 7days using it I was afraid coz some pimples disappear but others new one coming up still believe it will works ..and I hope so.I'll give an update as well.

  21. nakabili na ako ngayun sana effective sa akin


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