FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Western BB Creams vs. Korean BB Creams Vs. Japanese BB Creams

I got this question from the comment section of one of my blog posts and I thought it's a very interesting topic for today's Fan Mail Fridays. Initially, one of my readers asked the difference between Japanese and Korean BB Creams, but I am adding Western BB Creams in the bunch to make this post a lil' more extensive.
Just sharing: This question made me recall how my boyfriend would always tell me that he couldn't see the difference between three, four, five or more varying hues of red lipstick. Just like my bf's red lipstick dilemma, it's hard to tell the difference between all BB Creams (or any makeup for that matter) if you're not a makeup geek-it may be even trivial for some, but it's equally important to know them so you'd be able to make the most out of your purchase. 

In terms of aesthetic and skin care effects, all BB Creams, whether they're Asian or Western, will pretty much do the same thing to your skin, but the differences lie within the overall quality and performance of each brand/product. I will tell you the general differences and unique characteristics of the featured BB Creams after the cut.

Brands such as Estēe Lauder, Clinique, Kiehl's, Lancome, Pond's, and Bobbi Brown

- Western BB Creams have first paid attention to one important factor that Korean and Japanese BB Creams have ignored: Shades (although the latter BB Creams are improving their shade range lately). I never found a shade match in any BB Cream until Western BB Creams came into the picture. Also, if you want a BB Cream that looks just like skin, you will find something that suits you in Western BB Cream brands.

Brands such as Encara, Tony Moly, Etude House, The Face Shop, and Missha

- Into whitening? Then you must go for Korean BB Creams. Not only that, Korean BB Creams also boast of unique and innovative anti-ageing ingredients. In short, if skin care is your thing, then choose Korean BB Cream brands, you must.

Brands such as Fairy Drops, Heroine, Shiseido, and Canmake

- Japan's summer can get freakishly hot just like in the Philippines and I believe this is why their BB Creams are uniformly moisturizing and long- wearing, and packed with hydrating ingredients to boot. Japanese BB Creams have very good coverage too, imo. If you want a BB Cream that covers just like foundation and stays on for hours, go for Japanese BB Creams.

These are just my personal observations on such BB Creams-they're not standards for these BB Cream brands and variants though. For sure, they share each other's unique characteristics, but it's good to know what generally sets them apart from each other!

Have a wonderful Friday! :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! I like how bb creams are light and don't cake as much as liquid foundation does. Though i dont wear base makeup often anymore :)

  2. Most would say that Western BB Creams are nothing but tinted moisturizers. I've tried a few and sad to say, there's a bit of truth in that statement. :)

    Perfection yung Asian BB Creams, it's really revolutionary. Lalo na the Korean ones, just look at their radiant complexion. Iba naman talaga. I haven't tried any Japanese BB Creams though.

  3. I see Western BB Creams more as Tinted Moisturisers ^ ^
    I like that they create a couple of different shades for different skin colours though! ^ - ^

  4. Yey! Now I know. :)) Actually may kanya-kanyang pros and cons ang mga bb creams. Ikaw na lang bahalang maimili depende sa kung anong concern mo. :))

  5. I love BB creams! The first BB cream I ever had was a pasalubong from my best friend who spent a few weeks in Japan. It was a Biorica x Sanrio BB cream with really good SPF. I've also tried Etude House's Anti-Ageing BB cream since then. I love the refreshing feel of that one. In general, I adore Asian BB creams. I've never tried a Western one, but since I'm pretty fair-skinned, I don't think shades will be much of a problem. Some people use BB creams as a base for their entire foundation routine, but I can never imagine doing that myself... the Philippines is just too hot!

  6. Good point! I notice that the best color matches for me--as in the match that simply disappears into the skin--is still by Western BBs, tinted moisturizers, and foundations. Asian skin nga, pero mas hiyang pa sa akin yung colors ng Western brands. I'm not fair-skinned enough to qualify for the Korean ones, I guess. Haha.

    I find that a lot of Korean BBs make me look pasty, though they have excellent high-coverage that's so forgiving on visible capillaries/veins and blemishes.

    Haven't tried a Japanese one yet, so I can't be sure. But it's safe to assume those are probably made to withstand humidity. --Matromao

  7. Thank you for this super informative info. I'm not into BB creams, CC creams etc. since I don't really understand its use. Haha. And I'm okay naman na with my current make ups so I didn't dare try it. I also don't want to go with the hype on such creams kasi baka it won't fit me. I really know little about BB creams, I didn't even thought na may differences between them. Haha.

  8. I'm such a believer of Japanese products but when it comes to BB creams, and face base makeup, I tend to gravitate towards Korean brands more. (The Face Shop, Etude House)But I'd have to agree that most of them offers limited shades. But really does a great job at brightening the appearance of skin.

  9. My first bb cream is actually a Korean Brand. Siguro hindi ko alam ang gamit ng bb cream noon kaya marami akong nailagay! Dumami yung break-out! Yun pala dapat konti lang. I am actually using a Khiel's bb cream and so far so good! I haven't try Japanese bb cream! :)

  10. Thanks for this Ms. M. I haven't tried any Western BB creams yet. Korean BB creams turn grayish white on me. Only Colour Collection BB Creams worked for me. Some I've tried break me out. :( Will start using Heroine Make's BB cream soon.

  11. Wow a very useful information.. Thanks Martha for bringing this up. such a useful information especially for us people who are budgetless to try these brands for curiosity's sake of the BB cream bandwagon.

  12. Thanks for this post. Now I know what's the difference. Another piece of information I can share to my family and friends. Korean BB creams have made my skin better when it comes to clearing zits. But yes, the western brands does have more shades that blend into skin.

  13. Shary: I think that was the case when Western brands were still starting with the BB Cream trend, but lately, they've become more competitive in terms of quality!

    Majorie and Mabelita: You're welcome! :D

    Izatherese: I know what you mean, but I'm glad that most Korean brands came out with better shade options now. :)

    Eddielli: Thanks for sharing! :D I prefer Japanese BB Creams over Korean BB Creams because of the staying power.

    Cath: Yup, Koreans are masters in anything related to brightening. :D

    Abegaill: Same with me. I only try a product when I feel like it or when I really like its concept. :)

    Foodworldme: Yup, Japanese BB Creams have better staying power because their summer can be too unforgiving, just like ours so I prefer their BB Creams most of the time. I just wish that their shade range is that of the Western brands!

    Jessy: Right on! For me, it's either BB Cream or foundation only-my oily skin will kill me if I mix both haha, but sometimes, I get lucky. Good for you because you can find a shade match easily. As for me, sometimes, I have to keep on looking haha!

    Jona: hear hear!

    Paige: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting and for sharing your thoughts! :)

    Hazel: You're welcome. :)


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