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Here's a review on Happy Skin ZZ Cream.

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There's a show that's going on in my face right now and it's called 'Break Out'-it's currently on its nth season and it's the worst show EVER. I wonder when it will end? I heard that it will when I die lol. :p

So yeah, I'm in breakout season once more and this time, I decided to be a little more careful with the makeups I use-especially foundation-to pinpoint which products are worsening the situation or to not add to the already bad situation, at the very least. I've turned to Happy Skin's ZZ Cream as it claims to be a foundation for acne- prone and oily skin, and true enough, it is as it's gentle and did not aggravate my face's current state!


Happy Skin ZZ Cream is the latest foundation offering of Happy Skin. Made for sensitive, acne- prone skin, it contains Salicylic Acid that help deal with 'face plugs', Yogurt and Licorice extracts that aid in lightening of post- acne marks, and Grapefruit extract that provides antioxidant benefits. It comes in one shade only.


More about this gentle foundation after the break!

ZZ Cream comes in a lightweight, squeeze type plastic tube-the dispenser is slim and it dispenses the product gradually. I also like that the tube feels full to the brim!

Shade is medium beige with a yellow undertone. The foundation's texture is light and consistency is semi- creamy with pretty good spreadability-I can even apply its using my fingers and still come up with an even finish. It has a mild cooling sensation (which I appreciate) and is unscented. Coverage is light to medium and depending on how much you apply, this product can act both as a BB Cream and a foundation. Finish is semi-matte so I wouldn't recommend this to those with dry skin (besides, it contains Salicylic Acid too).


One layer of ZZ Cream

I do not find the shade of this product universal as obviously, it's a little fair on me and the SPF 20 content yields a slight white cast on my skin. It has a sheer texture too so it can't cover up face bumps effectively, but conceals redness well and slightly minimizes the appearance of dark spots, although I would recommend that you use it with a concealer for maximum coverage. 

I absolutely love how this product melts onto my skin-look at it, the foundation looks just like my skin and even brightens it to boot! It feels literally weightless and flexible that I feel I have nothing on whenever I am wearing this product.

TIP: Want heavier coverage? Set this product with a powder foundation and nope, it won't look cakey and feel heavy due to the foundation's natural- looking payoff and weightless feel.

I've been using this foundation quite consistently for a month now and even if I didn't feel that it helped lighten my post- acne marks and heal some of my pimples, it did not worsen my breakout in any way. Oil control is pretty okay, although it fades slightly around midday so I would need to retouch with pressed powder around once or twice per day.

Price tag is a lil' hefty though considering that it doesn't offer too much coverage, but at least you're guaranteed that it delivers what it says because it's Made in Japan (you all know my sentiments on Japanese- made products), you get so much product in the tube, and you don't need to take so much in every use. This is probably one of the gentlest foundation products I have tried so I would recommend it to you if you tend to break out from certain face bases. 


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been hearing a lot of reviews about this product, both negative and positive. What I like about this is the effect on zits, it really is effective in treating pimples. It's lightweight and blendable. But I think it's kinda pricey for such a small product? And what more if you use it as a foundation. I don't know, maybe it's just me. :)

  2. Finally, another review on the ZZ cream! I've been eyeing this product since Happy Skin launched it but I held back and wanted reviews to come in first as it came with such a hefty price.

    I always prefer semi matte finishes and this looks really good!How many hours did it take before you got oily with this? :)

  3. Wow, it's quite pricey ha for a product that offers minimum coverage. Pero it works well naman ata, maybe it is best used for the times you want to look not too made up siguro?

    Anyway, I agree with you that Japan-made products are the best. Their skincare science is miles ahead Western brands. I <3 Japan!

  4. Still have yet to own my first Happy Skin anything. I've avoided the Shut Up And Kiss Me lippies before because I didn't fall in love with any particular shade, and then I ranted about the foundation selection because the shades were limited. Parang ayoko nang umasa na babagay sa akin yang ZZ cream. Hay. :( --Matromao

  5. I am tempted to try this but the price tag is really hefty. I am pretty satisfied with The Body Shop's Tea Tree BB Cream. I think they do the same job.

  6. I think they should come up with a smaller size kahit mga 15 mL lang para ma-try muna. It's very expensive kasi at bagong dinig lang ang zz cream. Nakakahinyaang kasi pag triny mo siya and di siya nag-work well with you. Libo pa man din siya. Good thing that it has salicylic acid na kilalang ingredient for fighting pimples. Ngayon lang ako naka-encounter ng ganyang foundation/bb cream. :)

  7. First off, "Zit Zapper" is such a cute label! Kind of reminds me of one of those fighting games I used to play on the internet when I was a kid lol.

    I do like the concept of a foundation plus treatment being married into one product but I'm afraid that this will just be one of those face base products that I'd regret buying cos it will only make me a lot lighter than I am. Nevertheless, I can always apply a powder foundation of my shade, yes? And this can act as a base instead? But I'm still not sure since it's staying power is only 3.5/5 :)

    I'd still love to try this out though, since I am also in my "breakout season." I just wish it was less expensive than it is

  8. Katrina: Around 2-3 hours. The standard wear time for me is 4 hours or more for me to say that's it's great. :)

    Abegaill: I know right…but at least it works fine! :)

    Cath: Yes, wish that they'd add a morena- friendly shade in the range soon!

    Jona: I know! I would appreciate the 15ml too. Wish they'd come out with that size both for ZZ Cream and SS Cream as I've been meaning to try the latter. :)

    Matromao: YOu can always swatch in any HS counter first though :)

    Shary: Yup, it's just for everyday use in my opinion. :)

  9. Ooh I love the two-in-one kind of product, but this time I'll have to pass because of my dry skin type. :(

  10. Great review as usual! I am also hooked with happy skin although I have yet to try their ZZ creme. On the other hand, I am currently hooked with their SS cream! It works well with my skin considering I also have blemishes and oily skin :D

    Check my review if you want: http://janinestaana.blogspot.com/ much love <3

  11. is there anyone here who is familiar with the expiration date of this product? TIA


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