Heroine Make Eyelash Curler Review

Here's a review on Heroine Make Eyelash Curler.

Price: Around P300.0++
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Watson's stores


Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler-these are some (if not the only) of the most notable lash curler brands locally, but here's a new contender: Heroine Make Eyelash Curler. The fact that it's from Japan, I had no doubt that it's good and truly, it is. :)


This eyelash curler features a wide base to prevent pinching and to suit any type of eye shape. Handle features double coiled rings for a better grip and includes an extra hot pink- colored rubber pad.

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The nylon pad has such a cute, striking color that it's impossible to miss this eyelash curler in your makeup kit, although it feels a lil' stiff at first and you may need to use it for a while to soften it up-don't worry, this won't cause any lash fall because the pad has this 'bounce' to it.

The double coiled handles are awesome: they anchor the curler properly onto your fingers and prevent the curler from accidentally slipping sidewards, which in turn minimizes lash tugging (which is pretty painful, btw). It also has a rounded body (definitely has zero sharp edges!) and sturdy feel.


Before curling

Curled lashes using Heroine Make Eyelash Curler

This curler gives me a soft curl instantly-guaranteed no check- shaped curls! It doesn't pinch, although I find it a little too wide, especially for almond- shaped eyes, the prominent eye shape of most Filipinas (my eyes!)-this caveat is not bothersome though! Overall, this is a pretty good and super affordable eyelash curler that feels quite luxe!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the make up artist in the BDJbox event tried this eyelash curler on me and it did great! I like that it didn't hurt me, as sometimes other curlers feel like removing my lashes. The color is so catchy and girly so i love it. I only use curlers as my lashes are long enough to stay as it is. I don't use mascara and false lashes anymore. I only use mascara minimally. I think I've only used mascara 5 times in my whole life. :)

  2. You can never go wrong with Japan-made eye curlers!


  3. I love the curler's width, parang it's very easy to use even if you're wearing fake eyelashes! How much is it kaya?

  4. Japanese products are almost always (if not always!) the best! Really good for us Asians!

  5. oooggg....how much is it?

  6. OMG! Ang ganda ng pagka-curl ng lashes. It really makes your eyes look so much bigger. :) Please do include the price in the post soon huhu. I've been canvassing for a new eyelash curler because it's high time I retired my Revlon one.

  7. I currently use the Fanny Serrano lash curl since some claim that this is pretty comparable to the Shu Uemura (they also almost look the same!) but is priced sooo much cheaper. I am a strong believer of Japanese products especially their eye makeup so I think they offer pretty good eyelash tools as well.

    I love my FS lash curl but I'd love to try out another one and maybe this will be the next! But how much is it? :)

  8. Would you recommend this sa chinky eyes with sparse eyelashes? I wanna start using eyelash curler kasi but I'm scared na mabawasan pa yng karampot kong lashes hihihi. Pls advise the price of this product na din. Thanks!

  9. nic_aragones@yahoo.comSeptember 20, 2014 at 2:53 AM

    Thank you for posting your review! I have been looking for a pair of curlers that won't hurt my lids. My lashes have no curve whatsoever and often make my already Chinese eyes look small. Most curlers either hurt my lids or are unable to get all my lashes. I like what it did to your eyes and how it got everything! I noticed that Japanese brands often have better quality, too, so this is perfect! Will surely get one myself. (:

  10. Me too. I don't use mascara! I only use it for special occasions. My lashes are naturally long (like I'm blessed tro have long natural eyelash! :)

    I'll try this soon! :) It really looks great on you! :)

  11. Abegaill: Lucky you! I've got pretty long lashes too, but I need volume. :)

    Eddielli: Hope you'll like it as I do! :D

    Nic, Zoe, and Angela: You're welcome and welcome to my blog! :D Japanese products are really good and I've never met anyone who disliked any Japanese product I recommended. :D

    Cath and Shary: It's around P300.00+, I believe, but I will update the post with the correct price. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! It's about 300php+ :)

    itsybeatsybea: hi there and welcome to my blog! :) This is made for Asian eyes so I think yes, this will suit you. Price is around 300php+, I believe. :)

    Jessy: Will do! I just retired my Shu Uemura and Shiseido eyelash curlers last week-they lasted me for a good 3 years!

  12. Pink pads! Cute. Pinay pink-ophiles are rejoicing right now. :)) -Matromao


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