Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes Review

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Artist Brushes.

Price: Precision Foundation Brush S (P2,450.00); Precision Blender Brush M (P1,700.00); Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush (P1,300.00); Lip Brush with Cap (P1,700.00)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Make Up For Ever Greenbelt 3, Pop- Up Store in Trinoma, and SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall


A makeup artist can never have too many brushes-that's a fact and Dany Sanz understands this very well so she came up with 76 professional brushes and called them Artist Brushes. More than a collection and tools of art, I'd like to believe that this collection-with the sheer number of brushes it has-is also Dany's way of celebrating the individuality of each and every makeup artist, whether new or seasoned, on this planet. 


Artist Brushes is currently the broadest luxury brush collection at 76 pieces, all of which are made to appeal to both professionals and consumers. During the creation of this collection, Dany Sanz has consulted with renowned makeup brush manufacturer Raphaƫl and spent five years perfecting the brushes, carefully selecting and testing various synthetic bristles that mimic the softness of natural hair. According to Make Up For Ever, each brush has undergone 25 stages of creation and are all crafted by hand by a manpower of 30.

The handles are made from fine wood with a rosewood hue-it's reminiscent of painting brushes and it gave the entire collection an artistic appeal overall, plus they feel very sturdy and luxe.

More about these favorite brushes of mine after the cut!


I wouldn't suspect that these brushes are made with synthetic bristles if I hadn't read the press release. But even if I know now that these brushes are indeed synthetic, the way they feel and spread color onto my skin sometimes make me forget that they are! The things I like about MUFE's brushes are they do not shed (washed them once and nope, no shedding!), they're extremely lightweight, and the bristles do not absorb and retain liquid products, therefore they don't get really sticky. (The latter is my issue with most synthetic makeup brushes)

So far, here are four brushes out of the 76:

Precision Foundation Brush S

This rounded foundation brush has a medium- sized, rounded tip and it lets me apply foundation on the recessed areas of my face easily, thus resulting to a more uniform coverage. Its roundness helps me buff foundation easily onto my skin too and it works well with any liquid base, whether it's CC or BB Cream or foundation.

Precision Blender Brush M

This medium- sized crease brush is best for creating multiple color gradients on the creases. My MAC 217 is great, but it's a tad too big to achieve the aforementioned effect so when I feel like coming up with a gradient using 3 or more colors, I turn to this brush. I also think that this brush's size is perfect for creating fake creases on those with almond- shaped eyes.

Lip Brush with Cap

The lip brush is shaped just like the other lip brushes I own, but this one feels less flimsy and it makes lip lining much easier. Pardon the look of the brush-I got some bristles stuck on the cap!

Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush

Here's the Gel Liner Brush, which is my favorite brush for eye lining at the moment. See the photo below and find out why:

Look at how this brush creates an even, solid, and cleaner than clean line! I think the secret to this is the brush's almost needle- like tip, plus its compact, semi- triangular body provides a steady base, which also helps in the creation of a clean line.

These brushes are nothing short of fine and wonderful, and I'm looking at purchasing a few more for the complexion and eyes. This collection is something that I wouldn't mind spending on because I am very happy with the quality and performance! And with the creation of these brushes, Dany has proven that there's no more reason to abuse animals for the sake of vanity!


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooof those are really expensive brushes! The handles look luxe though.

  2. Super love the line that it created! :) I have enough brushes na for now so I won't get this. But if ever I'll buy new ones, these would be the first in line. I love good brushes for gel liners and eyeshadows. Those two are my obsessions in makeup so I make sure I use the best brushes when using them. :)

  3. It seems that you really liked the brushes.. so far this has the highest ratings =D

    Hoping someday I can get my hands on these brushes-- would love to own a powder, blush and eyeshadow brush!!!

  4. Pat: IKR haha!

    Melanie: And I'd love to own more foundation brushes from this line! :D

    Abegaill: me too, for eyeshadow, I go for the best brushes because you'll really feel the convenience and see the wonderful effect if you use great brushes to blend eye makeup. :)


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