Pull And Bear Opens in Manila + Store Tour + My Favorite item at Pull And Bear

Last week, I joined the Press and said 'HOLA!' to Spanish retail brand, Pull and Bear.

Pull and Bear has finally landed and their first location of choice? SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall! Click READ MORE and I'll show you around Pull and Bear's first- ever Manila store, plus my top pick from the brand!


This is what you call Denim Heaven! Men will fall in love with Pull and Bear's denim selections in different washes, cuts, and styles-in here, you can find Denim jeans, parkas, hoodies, polos, jackets, and more.

There are also androgynous pieces that will add a unique twist to any outfit such as these leatherette back packs.

Sneaks for men! I'm totally eyeing that tribal- printed sneakers!

Here's Pull and Bear's latest eyewear collection and they're all good dupes for Rayban's Clubmaster!

Plush, cotton statement tees for men that are so perfect for our weather.

Not a fan of jeans? Here are a couple of pants with matching belts for a look that's casual yet still put- together.


It's already fall-winter for Pull And Bear and in the store, you'll find a couple of knit clothing to stay warm and in trend.

Pull and Bear shoe collection for women. I love their boots!

Jeans for women. Just like the men, women have equally good denim options at Pull and Bear too!

Soft, sheer blazers that you can wear even when it's hot outside.

Leatherette skirts for the funky and edgy.

Cupcake skirts for the romantic and sweet.

Super cute cotton tees that I'd love to wear on casual days and even in the gym!

I totally loved this shirt, but too bad, it's almost sold out and the sizes left didn't fit me properly. :(

Another shirt that I fell in love with, but too bad, no size for me! I had a little conflict with Lady Luck that day. :/

If there's one article of clothing that I would hoard at Pull And Bear, it would be the sweat shirts! The sweat shirts are light and sheer, making them tolerable for our weather, plus they come in awesome prints too. Check out my top sweat shirt picks:

Digging that Harlem style? Check out this sweater with matching sweat pants!

A simple and cute CATLICIOUS sweat shirt.

Fell in love with this one and I took it home! :)

More thoughts on Pull and Bear? Price point is somewhat in between Stradivarius and Zara, and the appeal of the clothes is a little like Zara TRF too, but without the 'too grunge and too street' appeal-it's like GAP who decided to be a little more funky and dressy. Selections are more man- friendly at this point so I'm looking forward to more options for women in the future, but ladies, if you're digging sweatshirts and looking for versatile casuals, you'll find some good stuff in here.

Pull and Bear is now open at the 2nd fl. of SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. Visit PULL AND BEAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been waiting for their store to open. But when they did, I'm quite disappointed about their clothes. It seems like I've seen some of those already from other brands. I only liked some and I ended up buying just one. I like the leather skirt but they don't have a small size for me. Like you, I had a hard time finding something nice that would fit me so I didn't stay long at the store. I hope they'll release more collections soon

  2. The one you took home is cute, like the floral accent! I also like the sweat shirts :O

  3. Last Friday, my sister and I went to Mega Mall and was happy to see Pull and Bear store! I love their sweat shirts and cotton tees!

  4. Abegaill: Hear hear!

    Edielli: The sweat shirts are <3

    Melanie: Thanks! :D

  5. hi Martha! What's the price range for the men's denim jackets? I dropped by the store last thursday and for some reason I missed those!

  6. Hi good to hear that pull & bear opens last two years already in the philippines, I used to shop from bilbao, spain. love it cause the quality is excellent. I'll try to visit P & B @ mega mall someday.


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