Around the World For The Holidays With These New Fragrances

Soon enough, I shall be so rich that I have more than enough money to spend for a grand getaway every Christmas. For now, I'll travel the world through my nose and these fragrances:

Starting the sensory journey with Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold!, a fragrance that speaks of the luxurious French culture to me! Eau My Gold! is the newest member of Paco Rabanne's best- selling Million perfume range and this vivacious, frisky, and lively fragrance is for the young woman who doesn't say no to life's pleasures, whether grand or small.

A whiff of Lady Million Eau My Gold! signals fun and excitement-think of parties overlooking the Eiffel Tower with overflowing champagne, boys in well- tailored suits and with slick hair, drowning in music and laughter, and capping off the night at a French diner with friends. It's all about giving in to enjoyment! The fragrance is a joyous amalgam of Mango, Neroli, Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Violet Leaf, Orange Blossom, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, and Cedar.

Daydreaming of escaping to an exotic holiday with your loved one for the holidays? A spritz of Dolce and Gabbana Escape To Panarea for Women and Discover Vulcano for Men will whisk you away to that lush Mediterranean holiday. Dolce and Gabbana re-interprets the classic Light Blue by adding nuances that bring to mind the mythological Mediterranean landscape. The fragrances recount the story of two lovers on a memorable getaway: The journey begins at Panarea with its sparkling blue waters kissed by the golden sun and colorful streets where the lovers party the night away, Panarea- style. The journey ends at Vulcano, a place filled with myth, magic, and nature where the lovers traverse the rocky island and bask under the sun and on its black sand.

Escape To Panarea is a tangy and feminine mix of Calabrian Bergamot, Pear, Jasmine, Orange, Ambergris, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, and Warm Musk, a fragrance for the chic woman who indulges in her own desires. Discover Vulcano For Men is a bold and dapper combination of Italian Lemon, Ginger, Cypress, Lavender, Haitian Vetiver, Cedar Wood, and Ambrox-it is made for the man of panache and conviction.

These are limited edition fragrances and they're great, unique gifts to give to your special someone for Christmas. Escape To Panarea EDT for Women retails at P3,450.00 (25ml), P4,650.00 (50ml), and P6,150.00 (100ml). Discover Vulcano EDT for Men retails at 40ml (P3,450.00), 75ml (P4,250.00), and P5,750.00 (125ml).

Hey, we've got three more destinations to go: Japan, London, and Fiji! Click READ MORE!

Craving for some peace and quiet? Then travel to the land of the rising sun with Elizabeth Arden's new Green Tea Yuzu EDT. This sparkling yet calm fragrance evokes the feeling of wandering around Japan-particularly Kyoto-and immersing in its serene culture.

Experience solitude with an uplifting herbal accord of Yuzu, Bergamot Zest, Luminous Lemon, Lemon Wood, Petit Gratin, Tunisian Neroli, Yuzu Pulp, Wild Thyme, Mint, Black Currant Buds, Green Tea Leaves, Musk, White Birch, and Ambrette.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu EDT is now available in all Rustan's department stores.

Welcome to London, a city of class, trench coats, and overflowing chic-ness. My Burberry is an embodiment of the timeless elegance of this true- blue London label. Developed by Francis Kurkdjian, this warm and classy fragrance is said to be the perfect accompaniment to the iconic Burberry Trench: It is a regal accord of Sweet Pea, Bergamot Oil, Golden Quince, Freesia, Geranium Oil. Rose Absolute from the precious Damask and Centifolia Roses, and Patchouli. The fragrance campaign features two distinctive beauties, Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss in what else? The signature Burberry Trench.

Of all the fragrances in this blog post, My Burberry is the perfume that truly resembles Christmas for me as it's warm, Golden, and bright. 

Own a piece of paradise with The Body Shop's new Fijian Water Lotus Collection. Every spritz and dollop of this aquatic, exotic floral skin care and perfume range takes you to the magical paradise of Fiji where the earth is always kissed by the sea, and the sky is always bright and blue. The range features a lively marine-floral mix of Fijian Water Lotus and Rose, and is the newest addition to the best- selling Voyage Fragrance Collection.

Prices for the Fijian Water Lotus products are as follows:

Perfume Oil- P695.00
Fragrant Mist- P995.00
Body Lotion- P995.00
Eau De Toilette- P1,395.00
Shower Gel- P695.00
Body Butter- P695.00

Just visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES for more information about this new collection.

Which fragrance is part of your Christmas wish list? :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i've been waiting for the paco rabane scent..luckily this perfume is just on time. sure it is,giving a little pleasure for yourself is not a sin...and with this philosophy i'll surely purchasing this. ;)

  2. Super like your opening sentence. Haha. I wish I could be that rich also. :) Anyway I always love Dolce and Gabbana Light blue so I would definitely try the limited edition variant. :D And i'll try the new line from Body shop too :)

  3. i would check the TBS new line of scent (FIJIAN WATER LOTUS)

  4. Hello Ms. Martha. I missed reading your blog and i am very happy to see this post about perfumes! I want to BUY EM ALL!

  5. I wonder how you come up with very detailed descriptions of the scents you review, Ms. M. I reviewed a perfume once, and all I could say was "flowery". Hahaha!

    I'm eyeing D&G Light blue and My Burberry. It's my birth month anyway so I'll spoil myself a little :D

    As for me, spraying different perfumes kind of influence the mood I'm in, or my attitude for the day. Say for example, I'll be going out with my loving boyfriend, I use a flirty or sensual scent so I become ultra sweet and affectionate (not naman PDA hehe). I also feel very sexy despite my "curvy" body.


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  6. I wish I can afford these perfumes :D I love the packaging of Paco Rabanne, D&G light blue and My Burberry... packaging itself is a winner na how much more the scent!!!

  7. Of all the perfumes, I'm attracted to the new Green Tea the most. Just looking at it makes me feel as if I am relaxed. Aww. I like the design of the Fijan Water Lotus Collection. Blue is my favorite color.

  8. Thanks for sharing your picks, ladies! :)


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