Putting Skechers GOwalk to the test at the GO: Snap 'N Bounce Challenge

Last week, our skills, wits, and feet were put to the test at the Skechers GOwalk GO: Snap 'N Bounce challenge. Basically, it's a The Amazing Race- type of challenge wherein the teams had to accomplish certain missions to win a prize. But beyond all that adrenaline- boosting, heart- pounding, and mega fun game, the point of the challenge was for us to experience Skechers GOwalk, Skechers' best- selling walking shoe that's made to provide comfort in motion-now that's a cool way to launch a shoe!

So what's the low-down on this shoe? Skechers GOwalk is an advanced walking shoe that's made with innovative technologies such as the V-Stride, which allows the shoe to follow our natural walking gait, Resalyte Midsole, a proprietary base that absorbs impact from walking, Four- Way Engineered Stability Stretch Mesh for superior flexibility, Integrated Ortholite (exclusive) and anti-microbial sock liner that lets you go sockless without worrying about foot odor, Quick Fit Portal for easy on easy off convenience, and GO Impulse Sensors that optimize every stride. Whew! That's a lot of technologies, but bottomline, it's ultra comfy and light! 

GOwalk has tons of color combinations and comes in slip-on, rubber shoes, and boat shoes designs. I've always thought that comfy shoes equals 'meh' shoes or comfy shoes equals rubber shoes, but GOwalk offers quite a number of options! Here are some of the styles for Women.

Here's some more:

My review on the shoes after the break!

GOwalk has neat selections for men too! There are sporty, smooth, dapper, and preppy styles to choose from!

There were three teams who vied for the grand prize: There's Team Red, Team Green, and Team Yellow-they went all over Glorietta to accomplish the 8 missions.

Team Green won the grand prize and here they are, celebrating their sweet, sweet victory!

Here's me with Team Yellow, the second runner- up! Third runner- up is Team Red. :)

Now here's my honest review on the shoes:

Actually, I got my pair way, way before the challenge and no kidding, I've been wearing this pair practically everyday ever since I got it because it really compliments my schedule: lately, I am all over the place attending Client meetings, events, doing errands for my family, plus squeezing in a little time for the gym, thus I've been doing loads of walking.

Regarding style, I wouldn't say it's trendy, but rather casually cute-it gives my outfit a nice touch of color, a break, or a variation without being over-the-top. I'm in my mid-20's now and I've gotten over the 'being fashionable has a price' idea in dressing up and I just stick to what works and most of all, what's comfortable (but still cute!).

To be honest, the GOwalk Boat Shoes are really nice, but I chose the regular slip-on because of these brilliant holes called the Quick Fit Portal. You insert your finger in it, slip your foot into the shoe, pull the shoe upwards and voila! The shoes are magically and quickly in place! It's perfect for on-the-go girls who have no time to tie shoe laces and inhibits you from squishing the shoe just to get your foot into it, which later on destroys its shape and beauty.

These little buttons here are called the GO-Impulse Sensors-I'd like to believe they're placed all over the bottom to give your feet cushioning however it lands on the ground-they also make great driving shoes because those buttons provide good traction on the pedals, plus I also think they make my walking more stable.

For your appreciation, here's an OOTD because I believe the shoes look better when worn. Another special thing about GOwalk is it's super duper light, as if you're just wearing socks while walking, plus it always feels like the shoes are following my feet's every move and curve. I'd love to get a nude one or maybe I should go for the Boat Shoes-yeah, maybe I should! :D

Of course, this is my experience so I'd suggest that you try the shoes for yourself!

Skechers GOwalk starts at P3,295.00. Please visit SKECHERS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I super love Skechers shoes. it's so comfy, so durable and it comes in different colors. The shoes are very versatile too, I use them both for walking, running, hiking. I agree that it may not be fashionable, but I still love everything about it. I haven't tried this new shoes though. I bet it's better than the previous ones. :)

  2. i love the one you've got ms m it looks very comfty on your soles and i want the purple one (from the four pic above the one lower right)

    and i think it was worth the price

  3. Some of the designs remind of Nike's Flyknits! Huhu I have pretty narrow feet so rubber shoes or sneakers without shoelaces are a big no-no for me because my feet keep slipping out. :( Bummer. These look so good for walking pa naman.

  4. Fashionable styles! I always adore how Skechers perfectly match comfortable with fashionable. :) Perfect for a lazy but comfortably fashionable, classy outfit. :D

  5. Skechers has always been my favorite rubber shoes brand ever since I got the freedom to pick my own PE shoes haha! It's great to see that they're releasing several products to keep up with competition.

    Slip-ons are always one of the comfiest shoes ever, and the sole on Skechers GOwalk is a perfect anti-accident and pro-safety addition. I also think their boat shoes look amazing too!

    Yay for comfy OOTDs!


  6. Mica: Skechers was my very first pair of rubber kicks too-glad to know that they're continuously improving! :)

    Itsmefati: agree! :D

    Jessy: This is a good dupe for the flyknits in terms of style! :D

    Rhain: Yes it is! :D

    Abegaill: You should try it to feel how comfy it is and I guarantee that you'll love its plush feel! :D

  7. Oh, pretty pink shoes too, I fit in size 35, you can size it not? I love the pink shoes, I have a lot and had no intention of stopping the increase in the level of his masters? The shoes are so beautiful, it's very impressive to me, Lovely, Greatly, ..


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