Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400 The Red Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400 The Red.

Price: 45 SGD++
Bought From: Giorgio Armani, Changi Airport, Singapore
Other Locations: Please visit Giorgio Armani's official website for store locations


Even before Velvet Lipstick became a trend, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics had already released their version called Lip Maestro sometime around 2 or 3 years ago-that's how long I've had this product as I had it purchased for me a few weeks after its launch in Singapore. I lost my original mugshots of this product (including the box) and that's the reason why I didn't review it early on-felt bad about that loss! :p 

Since Velvet Lipstick is becoming huge nowadays, it's high time that I introduce everyone to one of the first lipsticks that acquired this formula.


Giorgio Armani's first matte lacquer has a velvety smooth gel formula that hydrates, plumps, and stains the lips with brilliant color. Formula features a white base that provides truer than true color coverage and it comes in 12 shades.

Product comes in a sleek, acrylic tube that looks mighty luxe. It comes with this long, paddle- shaped wand that's a bit huge for my liking and it just takes up too much lipstick in my opinion. :/

Swatches of this sensual, statement lipstick after the break!

Lip Maestro has a cream gel formula-it's so soft, so smooth, and literally feels like butter spread. It's SUPER pigmented that you can just swipe it once on either the lower or upper lip, press your lips together, and you'll still get an even color coverage.

It yields a satin finish in the beginning and eventually dries off to a semi-matte finish. It is unscented, tasteless, and overall, looks really pretty when worn.


 The Red (400)

- a vibrant, true red.

Application looks a bit messy here, but I just want to show you that this is my biggest issue with the product's wand-it takes up too much of the product, the lipstick clumps on it, and it doesn't really help so much in creating an even finish. I prefer using the wand as a literal applicator and I clean the look with a lip brush.

Incidentally, this photo was taken around 2 or 3 years ago too!

I personally love Velvet Lipstick because it gives you that true vintage look and it's always easy to sport a statement lip with it, and if it's coupled with a great color such as The Red 400, you'll get lips that can pull you to stardom on its own. :p However, Velvet lipsticks tend to make you feel that you're wearing lipstick, if you know what I mean, but I don't mind this caveat because I truly love its finish.

Lip Maestro has really good staying power-it can withstand a meal and a few cups of coffee, and it will stay intact with just a bit of fading. It doesn't really come off completely as it leaves a stain. The thing though is, you have to give this lipstick a few minutes to adhere onto your lips completely so you won't go staining your clothes, fingers, and skin. This is also a bit hydrating and even if my lips will turn a lil' dry sometimes from the formula, it is always bearable.

I haven't tried any other velvet lipstick yet other than this so I can't make a comparison, but what I can tell you is Lip Maestro has a gorgeous formula and finish overall, and it's something worth considering if you want a lip color that spells B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's the problem sometimes with liquid lipsticks. No matter how nice the formula is, the overall experience can be ruined by an applicator that just doesn't cut it. Glad to see that you addressed that bit. It's something I've always wondered about: "How do they get it on so evenly?!" I can barely get it right with a dark lipstick.

    On the drugstore front, there's Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Though I don't know if it's even available through online sellers here. The applicator is similar to GA's, so I'm not sure if it is any good in terms of accuracy.

  2. Despite the wand, I still love it. The redness is so hot and sexy. The color is so pigmented that for everyday use, I think a drop would suffice. :) I wish it would be available in the country

  3. That red tube looks soo classy. But unfortunately my heart and pockets cant take putting out money for such an expensive product. It looks good though.

  4. i think i found a dupe for this which is the MILANI LIP INTENSE IN RED EXTREME (php399 only!) im not much into wearing red lippies.. (i tried but the shade of red on my lips makes me a little bit older, i tried Colour Collection in Queen of Hearts -- yay for my first red lippie)


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