My Plans For 2015

Instead of resolutions, I decided to have plans for 2015. Because resolutions are often treated as temporary and almost always, we don't really get to fulfill them in the end, whereas plans are more concrete and people associate it with the "Do" energy.

So here are my plans for the first quarter of 2015. I hope to do them all! I claim it!

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Thailand trip

- Now this one's 90% sure already as my BF and I have planned our itinerary and searched for hotel and airfare deals already. It's going to be our monthsary trip and for me, a birthday gift.

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Cambodia Trip

- Oh, to see the Angkor Wat and immerse in its glory! Yeah, that's one of my long overdue travel plans and I hope to go there this year!

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Launch my business

- Don't want to spill the beans yet, but here's a clue on what my business is all about this year. I just wish that the first half of the year will be favorable for it!

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Get to 18% Body Fat

- I don't know, but maybe my body fat composition is somewhere around 21 or 20% and getting to 18% is one helluva climb from here. I'm working out in a new gym now by the way, 360 Fitness, for a whole new experience and to hopefully materialize this goal.

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A Car

- I've always been fine with commuting and riding cabs, but due to the rampant taxi- related crimes nowadays and my getting busier schedule, it's high time that I get myself a car. And I don't want it to be just any car-I want a Toyota FJ Cruiser! Yeah! Aim high! :D

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A Blog Revamp

- A major design and interface revamp, that is. I'm currently looking for a designer and preparing the funds needed for it too. :)

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Invest, Invest, Invest

- I guess when you get older, you just learn more and more the true meaning of "Strike while the iron is hot" so for this year, I'll give stock market investment a shot. 

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52- Week Money Challenge

- Aside from investing, I'll also do this on the side. Money aside, I want to do this to teach myself a thing or two about saving.

That's all for now! What are your plans for 2015? Whatever it is, I hope you will all be successful at it!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My plans this year would be to save money and lose weight.
    It's the same as my resolution last year, but this year I actually have a plan! :)
    I enrolled in a gym plus I'm doing the 52-week challenge as well. I also applied for an insurance for the long term saving.. :)

  2. I'm a little late. Happy new year Martha, and I wish you the best for your 2015 plans :)

    - Rae

  3. Most of my resolutions involve finances and saving up, but the rest is all about varying my beauty product collection. I'd love to look into Korean and Japanese brands more. I've discovered a few keepers already.

  4. Super inspiring plans. :) As for me, I also want to travel but around the Philippines lang muna for the meantime. We're planning to go to Batanes and Ilocos this year! If we still have the time and budget, BF and I will also go to Palawan. :D I also have a new saving scheme this year an dso far, it is pretty effective. And I'm planning to buy more jeans as I lack them now, and shoes. :)

  5. Anne 22: Good for you! I wish you all the best in your plans. :)

    Abegaill: As for jeans, try Uniqlo! Inexpensive yet the jeans have really good quality. I think I will buy all my jeans there from now on. :)

    I wanna go to Batanes too and visit the Honesty cafe. :D

    Foodworldme: Awesome! Would appreciate it if you'd share your finds with us. :)

    Rae: Same with you, dear. :)

  6. yay! you'll be travelling this june!!! im curious on what business you'll gonna put up to!!

    and im excited on what your blog would look like before this year ends! been reading your blog since 2009! i will miss the red header for sure!


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